You're at Hogwarts

This is your time to be at Hogwarts! Be in this story!!!


4. Weston Hall

       "Come ON! The train could leave at any minute!"  Those where Weston Halls words as he neared platform 9 3/4. He couldn't believe his parents could be this slow. It's not like it one of his most important days of his life! The day he finally got to go to the finest wizarding school: Hogwarts.

  "Careful dear! Don't run over anyone with your trunk!" Said Mrs. Hall, holding firmly to her son's shoulder. Weston still sped forward. He did not want to be late!

  Mr. Halls grunted. "Ever since my days on this station, I still don't see why we have to go through a muggle platform!" The Hall's were an all Pure Blood family, and proud. They prided themselves on being muggle free, since they all believed( as Weston commonly stated): there's no room for mudbloods!

   "There it is dear! Right in between platforms 9 and 10!" His mother exclaimed. " Now be..." Her words were lost as Weston rushed through the platform, fast as lightning. He didn't need to waste his time on his mother's "be careful" and "don't run!" They were going to be late!

    When Weston got to the other side he stared around in amazement. The red train let out some smoke, and wizards young and old greeted each other. Owls were hooting, a cat screeched, ands toads (though there were few) groaned. It was all amazing to Weston. 

   Weston's hold up in front of the platform caused a great deal of trouble for his parents when they came through. In all this chaos, the latch on Weston's bird cage became loose. The barn owl soared out of the cage and flew about the station. 

  "No!" Weston yelled after his bird."Come back! Come back you naughty bird!" It was too late, the bird soared out of platform 9 3/4 and into Kings Cross. Weston, ready to go out and retrieve his bird, anger overflowing his common sense, was stopped by his father.

  "You're making  a scene," his father whispered in his ear, " The train is leaving soon!" "But, My Bird..." "Just let it go, will get another one." Weston didn't want to leave his bird behind, but he thought that being late to Hogwarts was not the way to start his perfect education. With that he turned around and started to board the train.

  "Here let me help you with that" Weston looked up, it was a girl with whitish-blonde hair with green streaks. "Those can be heavy!" She said as she lifted his trunk up. "Thanks." Weston said. " No problem, I'm Rosetta Blaise and this is my brother Zachary. We are in the best house: Slytherin."

  "Agreed!" Weston said. He wanted to be in Slytherin just like the rest of his family. It was as Rosetta said, it was the best house. "Hey, a lot of Slytherins are sitting in a compartment, do you want to join?" "Sure. Sounds cool."

   " We are right there," Rosetta said pointing to a compartment, "Just come right in." And with that her and her brother walked through the door.

  A sly smile crept up Weston face. He was on the train to Hogwarts and already sitting with the Slytherins! His perfect education was off to a great start.



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