You're at Hogwarts

This is your time to be at Hogwarts! Be in this story!!!


3. Tori and Tyler Bolt

     "We're going to Hogwarts! We're going to Hogwarts!"  The Bolt twins were chanting. They were so excited for they had just gotten their letter to for Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry! They had been waiting for this moment their whole life! They are going to get to go to a magical land and train to be withches and wizards! This was a dream come true!

     "Slow down you to!" Said the twins mother. " You've got to save some of your energy for Diagon Alley." "Can we go right now?" asked Tori. "Yeah, please!" begged Tyler. "I don't see why not." Answered their father.

  The twins raced to their fire place, ready to travel by floo powder. They were followed slowly by their parents. "Okay, now don't forget to speak very clearly" and with that note the Twin's mother threw the floo powder into the chimney. "Go first Tyler, we'll see you on the other side." 

    Tyler stepped into the fire place and yelled "DIAGON ALLEY"  then he felt a rush a he raced across the country at lightning speed. Then he fell right out of another fire place onto the walkway of Diagon Alley. He was shortly joined by his sister and his parents.

    To Tori, Diagon Alley was everything she had ever dreamed it would be. Filled with tons of people, and a magical feeling that seemed to lift you of your feet. All the stones were beautiful and amazing. Everywhere she looked she saw things that made her heart leap.

The Bolts went to every store and got all their supplies. And lastly they went to get their wands. Both twins had been waiting for this moment their whole time in Diagon Alley, and finally the moment had arrived!

As they were about to enter the store they heard  talking to her parents. "Charlotte, do not break your wand again, or there will be punishment." "Fine." she answered. Then accidentally, Tori bumped into the girl. "Hey watch were you're going freak." the girl bellowed at her. Tori quickly scooted out of the way, she didn't want to get in the way of that girl.

    "We'll wait outside." said their father. With that the twins stepped inside. The room was dusty and loaded with wands. Out of nowhere a man appeared. He looked very mysterious and a little ghastly. " Ah, First years" he said as if talking to himself. Then, very fast he started pulling boxes of shelves. He gave a box to Tyler. Tyler opened the bow and lifted the wand into the air. Then all of a sudden Tori hairs stood up on her head. 

   "Perculiar, I have never in my time as a wand maker found a person their wand on their very first try. Well be of while I find your sister a fit." and with that Tyler left the store. Now Tori was left alone with the man.

   " Now Tori, try this one." almost as quickly as she lifted it He took in away. She grabbed another one from the stack. The race was on. Wand after wand till finally Tori held a wand in her hand. 7 inches,  oak, dragon heartstring. It felt perfect in her hand. " This is the one." She said firmly." I believe so." said the man.

    And with that Tori skipped out of the store. Now, she was truly ready for Hogwarts.

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