You're at Hogwarts

This is your time to be at Hogwarts! Be in this story!!!


7. Kasey Morgan

Kasey Morgan was what you looked for in a friend. She was sweet and kind to everyone. She didn't care what house you where in or what your blood status was. Her family was pure blood and she thought nothing of it. If you got to know here better you would know that she was always there for her friends. Maybe that's why she was sitting alone in an empty compartment so that the rest of here friends could sit together. It was no surprise she was a great hufflepuff.

Kasey Morgan looked nice too. She had a pretty shade of brown hair that complemented her eyes nicely. They were blue and sparkling and gave of a calm sense. Her skin was nicely tan and she was average height. She was pretty, but not striking. Maybe that's why she found herself alone on September 1st. With a small girl standing in the doorway asking if she could sit here too.

This caused her to hesitate. She hadn't expected any visitors. But this girl looked lonely and so she said "Sure!" With open arms.

She sat herself down silently and looked nervous. Remembering her first time, Kasey attempted to start a conversation.

"What's your name?" She asked.

"I'm Rose Watch." She replied.

"I'm Kasey. It's nice to meet you!"

Rose seemed to get more comfortable and asked "Can you explain something to me?"

Enlighten by Roses question she replied "Sure!"

"Well, my parents aren't magic. They've never been to Hogwarts. Am I the only one? Will this make me different?"

Kasey had never really thought of it like that. She had known about Hogwarts all her life. She couldn't even imagine going without knowing all about it. This girl had guts to come like this. So right then and there, Kasey decided to help make Rose's nerves a little more calm. She would tell her everything.

"There will be a lot of kids just like you! And you get all the same rights as everyone else! Do you know about sorting?"

Rose seemed to get excited. She was curious, Kasey could tell. Her curly hair seemed to bounce on her head in excitement. She answered, "Only a little. How do they do it? Is it scary?"

"It's not to scary! All they do is put an enchanted hat on your head. Then it will tell you were you belong! It's only a bit nerve wracking. Oh, and all the houses are great! I think hufflepuff the best, but I'm in it so I have to say that!"

Rose smiled wide. She seemed to be more confident now. Kasey smiled to. She knew that this girl's time at Hogwarts was going to be amazing.

And that was the start of not only a great year, but a great friendship too.

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