Time Of My Life

A girl living the time of her life until some people move to town and meets the most charming 5 boys she has ever met.


5. Where's Harry?

Class ended and I packed my stuff up. I walked round to my locker and found that Harry was already waiting for me. I dropped my binder in my locker, spritzed a few squirts of perfume and I grabbed my handbag. I was already half way through the hallway when I realised Harry wasn't behind me or following me. I yelled his name but he wasn't there. I continued walking towards the car park when I saw Harry in his Camaro and opening his window and telling me to get in. I said no and went over to my car and he just gawked in awe. "Keep your mouth shut or you're gonna catch flies." I said to Harry. Immediately he shut his mouth and said, "I have never met a girl who has a better ride than me!". "I know!" I retorted with sass. "Doncha Sass Me Little Gurl!" He exclaimed while I laughed. "Now Get In Harry!" I yelled at him getting into my car. He shook his head and said no. "Fine, we'll stick to our cars but you're coming over to my place!" I said to Harry. He nodded finally cooperating!

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