Time Of My Life

A girl living the time of her life until some people move to town and meets the most charming 5 boys she has ever met.


3. Lunch

We've just finished third and fourth period. Time for lunch!!! As I walked into the cafeteria, I noticed five boys were staring at me. The school jocks. Even on my first day I knew. Immediately, Jess walked to my side, pulling me away from their stare. She told me not to get involved with them. I didn't really care and got to the lunch queue. I was about the 26th person in line when one of the jocks came up to me and grabbed my by the waist, my reflexes reacted and I immediately grabbed his arm and twisted it. After I twisted his arm, the whole cafeteria went silent. The boy just laughed. "My names Harry, babe" he said while sending me a wink. Someone in the cafeteria, yelled "FEISTY CHICK!" I shot a death glare in the direction from where the voice came from. After I shot the glare, Jess came back up to me and said, "You've just been marked by Harry Styles and you've just put yourself into a lot of trouble by twisting his arm." I just shrugged and continued queueing. When I was at the front, the lunch lady said, "Beware, don't get messed up with Harry and his gang." I gave her a tiny smile and proceeded. 


I got to a table and sat on my own. Until trouble headed my way. Harry came and plopped himself next to me. I could tell from his attitude that he was a school jock/ badboy. He snaked his arm round my waist and I just yelled at him "DON'T TOUCH ME YOU ASSHOLE!!!" He immediately took his arm off me definitely taken aback by my language. "Be Mine." He whispered in my ear flirtatiously as he walked off. I have to find Jess. I plopped my food in the bin because I completely lost my appetite. I walked towards her table and sat next to her. I needed to tell her something really important. But that could wait. "Hey, Cassie" she said. I just nodded and pulled her out of the canteen while I gained stares and winks. "What?" she asked. Dammit. "How do I tell you" I thought out loud. "Tell me what?" She asked "Shit. I didn't just say that out loud did I?" I replied. She nodded while I facepalmed. "Errr... I kinda like Harry..." I stuttered. She gasped in shock. "Go and Get him girl. I have a strange feeling that he will treat you differently." she said. I nodded and walked in. 

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