Green Eyes Is My Mate

Annabeth Chase is an ordinary werewolf... well, that's what she thinks. She's the only white wolf after centuries. Since what her father did to her family she hated men. She isn't even interested in finding her own mate, but that only lasted until she sees him. She feels this new connection to this total stranger. His green eyes and messy black hair. Percy Jackson is his name. He's the alpha of his pack.
Annabeth doesn't know how strong she is. She's like the daughter of the Moon Goddess, Selene. She's powerful, but not powerful enough to over-power the ritual. This is her fight and only hers.


4. Rogues

Annabeth POV

Both of us walked through the woods holding hands. I was staring at our hands for a long time now. I still couldn't believe that I would get this type of a mate. I just realized that I'm starting to like being around me. That means I like being around... my father? Nope. I hate him... I never want to see him ever again in my entire life... I won't ever see him. Percy had... killed him for me. For me... never in my entire life I felt like kissing a men. I ever even hugged them. I didn't know how I can do this. Aren't I supposed to be angry at Percy for doing this to my father? Well... I don't want to. I want to celebrate this for some reason. I know I am the worst daughter, but I lived without him for a long time, so I'm fine now. I don't need him at all. We should celebrate this.

I looked up at Percy who was looking at me the entire time. I blushed and looked down at my feet.

"How long were you staring at me for?" I asked not wanting to meet his beautiful Sea Green Eyes. I knew I would automatically fall for those eyes again. I already fell once. It was very hard and I'm not willing to do it again.

"Since we started to walk through the woods... Why aren't you looking up at me? Is the Annabeth shy?" Percy asked. From the corner of my eye I saw him smirk at me. I looked up lifting my chin and raising an eyebrow at him.

"Did you just say that I, Annabeth Chase was shy? Is something wrong with your brain of something?" I asked. That's when I realized I shouldn't have said that. Percy is the Alpha now. He can't really control his feelings in the beginning.

I looked at him and saw that his hands were forming a fist. Oops. Even if I fight him back, there is no way I can win.

"What did you say?" he said stepping forward.

"Percy, I didn't mean to. I was just joking. Please don't hurt me," I said and crouched down wrapping my arms around head.

I heard someone laugh. I looked up to see Percy laughing his head off. What? What just happened? I thought he was going to kill me right now, but instead he is laughing.

"Y-You... should... have saw your... expression!" Percy laughed.

I got up from the ground. Percy tried to reach for my arm, but I grabbed my arm away from him.

"Don't touch me!" I said and backed away. Percy stopped laughing.

"What's wrong? I was joking," he said stepping toward me.

"You don't know how I felt right now. I thought you were about to kill me," I said and stepped backwards holding onto my arm.

"Annabeth, I'm sorry. I didn't mean it. I was just joking. Please forgive me," he said.

I looked into his eyes. They were pleading. I felt so sorry for him. Those eyes were driving me crazy again. I looked away and smiled.

I looked up at him. He was waiting for an answer. I stepped forward letting my hand go. I touched his hand.

"Don't ever do that again. I really got scared," I told him.

He grabbed me by my waist and pulled me closer to him. I was inches away from his face. I quickly pecked his lips.

"That was good," Percy said smirking. "I thought the Annabeth doesn't get scared."

I moved more closer to him. Taking my hand out of his and wrapping it around his neck. I leaned forward against his chest and put my ear against his heart. I could hear his heartbeat loud and fast. Poor him. He got scared when I walked away from him.

"I'm not scared of anything except you. You can do anything to me. Shout at me, punch me, kiss me, have s-" I got interrupted by Percy.

"Shhh... don't say that. Please..." he said and kissed my bare skin by my neck. I shivered at the sudden touch. I moaned softly in pleasure.

"Why?" I asked pushing him lightly away from me and looked at him even though I wanted more.

"Because you make me want you more, than ever. I don't want to do something you don't want right now in the woods and I don't want to do it again yet. I wanted to do it after our marriage," he said smiling at me. He started to play with the curled strand by my right.

"We... are... g... getting married?" I asked. I know it's a stupid question, but some people don't get married. I'm so happy that we are.

Percy looked at me blushing.

"I thought you would like to, so I told my dad and he said that's a wonderful idea," he said left go of my hand stepping back and kneeled down. He stretched his hand out in front of him. "Annabeth Chase. Daughter of the Alpha Dr. Chase. Would you marry me?"

I was stunt when I heard him say that. I did what came to my head. I tackled him to the floor and wrapped my legs around his waist.

"YES! OF COURSE I WILL!" I screamed and kissed him right on his lips hard with all my effort. I didn't even care that I was wearing a dress right now. It was already ripped on the bottom.

I let him go, but sat right on top of him. Percy put both of his hands behind his hand and relaxed.

"That was the best kiss I ever got," he said simply. "I want another one."

I shook my head at him.

"Nope. You aren't going to get another one yet..." I told him.

Percy raised his eyebrow at me.

"Yet?" he asked pulling me closer.

"Yes... not yet..." I told him.

Percy POV

I was hanging upside down from a tree with Annabeth trying to jump up and poke my belly, but I was too high up in the tree for her to reach. It was funny to see her jump up and down. Her dress was going up her thighs letting me see little bit of her skin, but that was it.

"What are you staring at?" Annabeth asked stopping and put her hands on her hips.

I smirked at her and kept staring at her thighs. I went more down and kissed her thighs quick before going back up.

"Percy!" Annabeth screamed and tried to smack my right arm which was dangling down, but I quickly brought it up making me look like a monkey. I was about to slip backwards, but I steadied myself.

"What? I didn't do anything wrong!" I told her acting total innocent.

"You didn't do anything wrong?! Is something really wrong with your brain or something? You were staring at my thighs and just kissed them!" she said trying to smack me again, but this time she touched me sending me to the ground backwards. I fell down hard. "Percy!"

Annabeth ran to where I was. I looked up at her. Anger was boiling inside of me, but I didn't want to hurt her. She was my mate and I was supposed to protect her not beat her up. I had to control my emotions right now.

I saw her kneel down next to me. There was fright in her eyes as well as tears. She really loves me. If she doesn't, she wouldn't be crying because I fell down. I really wasn't hurt. My bones are literally growing right now, because when you become an alpha, your height will change as well you will get more stronger.

"Percy, I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you. I... I'm sorry. P...Please forgive me..." Annabeth cried. "I'm so-"

Someone grabbed Annabeth around the waist.

"PERCY!" she screamed. I tried to get up, but I was stuck. I didn't have enough to shift and break through. There were 5 wolves and 2 people in human form. Rogues. How dare they enter my territory?

"PERCY! PERCY! HELP! I CAN'T MOVE! I..." Annabeth's voice faded away as the wolves dragged her away from me. I clawed the net trying to get out, but it was to tight to move my arms.

The tall human rogue walked up to me smirking and kneeled down beside me.

"You should have listened, but you chose not to. This is what you get now. You give her or you die. What do you choose?" he asked going through my hair with his right hand. I growled.

"You aren't going to get anything from me. Who even are you?" I growled.

"Do you really think we would tell you who we are?" he asked forcing a laugh out. I glared at him.

"Are you scared that I would hurt you?" I asked trying to free myself.

"I feel sorry for him now. He's not going to have a mate any more. She can stay with us until you accept our boss and give it to us until then, your mate will have fun with our boss," he smirked getting up.

I growled and this time ripped the net that surround me and got free. I quickly shifted into my black wolf. I let my wolf control my mind since it's his mate. My wolf growled in anger. The two rogues backed away and shifted into their own wolves. The tall one shifted into a dirty brown wolf and the other one shifted into a dark brown wolf. They were shorter than me, but not all the way. They were Nico's size.

I growled one more time before lunging on the taller one. I didn't even care what I was doing. I had to kill him for taking my mate. My Luna. My love. These guys don't have any permission to touch my love.

I bit the guy's neck with my sharp teeth and ripped his head off and threw it behind me. Other animals would rip the rest out or I will do it myself. As I finished the one under me I saw the other one lung at me from my right side. I dodged him and lunged at him. We rolled down the small hill. When soon hit a tree and he was right under me. I did what my mind told me to do. I ripped him to shreds not even leaving one single piece behind. I felt someone lung at me and pinned me to the ground. My vision started to blur. After a minute I blacked out.

My eyes opened to see the whole pack around me. I tried to get up, but my back was in so much pain. I slumped back down which gave more pain to it.

I looked around me once more to get a better look at the people around me. Everyone was there except for the person I really needed right now... my mate. Without my mate, I don't think I will be able to cure that fast. It will take me a full day to. I know I'm the alpha now, but I still can get injured and whoever did this to me will get in so much trouble when I heal.

"Percy?" my father called from beside me. I turned around to face him. He had a worried look on his face. "Do you remember anything?"

I nodded.

"Yes... my m...mate is g...gone," I said growling under my breath. I got up again even though my back ached like hell, but my father pushed me down.

"Don't. If you do anything right now, then the rogues are going to do something to your mate before you get there. I told your beta, Nico, to go and investigate what they are up to and he had reported that they are forming a big group of rogues from all over the world. They have more than we do in our pack right now. We need more people, so I asked Nico to go ask the Snow Mountain Pack if they would like to join us. They are very close to us. The rogues had attacked them last year and they still want revenge, so I think they will agree. I also sent your cousin Pepper to and ask the Wild Wolves Pack if they would join us too. Both of them didn't come yet, so we are still waiting for the response. Until then, don't do anything. Take a rest since you don't have your mate with you right now," he said looking down.

I nodded even though I didn't want to rest until I get my mate back and rip the ones who had taken her from me.

"Okay... but can I still practice?" I asked. I knew it was a stupid question, but I have to be stronger than the rogues. I have to be healthier as well. I know I'm stronger than them, but I still have to practice since my back is aching like hell.

My father thought for a second before replying.

"Um... Not today though. Take a rest, Percy. There's a lot to do. Please. Your mate won't be happy if she found out that you were practicing without taking a rest. Take a proper rest before you do anything else," he said before getting up and exiting the room without letting me reply.

I looked at the others who shrugged or would give me a pity look before exiting themselves. I sighed. I don't know what I'm going to do now. I missed my little Moon Goddess. I want her back, but I don't know how. I have to do this. I just can't wait for this pain to be over.

I got up out of my bed. My back ached more as I moved toward my window. I looked at the door. It was closed. I quickly opened the window and got out on to the roof. My back ached a little more which made me cry, but I held it in. Not yet. With that I jumped down the roof with a soft thump and started to run. I grabbed the extra clothing I keep in the tree before running faster toward my beautiful Moon Goddess...

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