Green Eyes Is My Mate

Annabeth Chase is an ordinary werewolf... well, that's what she thinks. She's the only white wolf after centuries. Since what her father did to her family she hated men. She isn't even interested in finding her own mate, but that only lasted until she sees him. She feels this new connection to this total stranger. His green eyes and messy black hair. Percy Jackson is his name. He's the alpha of his pack.
Annabeth doesn't know how strong she is. She's like the daughter of the Moon Goddess, Selene. She's powerful, but not powerful enough to over-power the ritual. This is her fight and only hers.


3. Meeting The Pack

Percy POV

"Don't worry Annabeth,"I linked through my mind. "I already know them. They won't hurt you at all. They are my cousins."

"Okay..."Annabeth replied through linking.

My wolf felt her calm down a bit. He went toward her and started to lick her snout. Annabeth started to relax more and her wolf closed her eye lids and sat down on all fours. I stopped licking and turned toward Kara and Pepper. They were leaning against a tree and smirking. Bitches. They thought she was one of my toys. I'm seriously going to kill them if they tell Annabeth. I didn't want my Luna to be upset.

I darted to one of the other trees far away from them so Kara won't see me. I really didn't care if Annabeth did or Pepper because Pepper is a guy as well and Annabeth has the rights to see me naked because well... she already did... uh... awkward.

I shifted back to my human form and quickly slid on some jeans that I always hid in trees, so if I shift back to my human I could get some clothes on without girls ogling at me.

I walked back out of the tree to where they stood. Annabeth was still sitting on the ground staring up at them while Kara and Pepper were grinning at each other.

"Why are you guys here? Aren't you two supposed to be at the house and practising?" I asked them kneeling down beside my Luna.

Kara stepped forward and bowed.

"Yes, alpha, but your father had sent both of us to fetch you," she said smiling, but I saw a smirk playing on her lips.

"I am not a dog first of all, and tell him I will be coming soon. Now go back to the house and tell everyone to gather up in the backyard," I said a little irritated that I couldn't spend time with Annabeth at least with out my father keep on calling me over and over again. I hated that. He always thinks that I'm a freakin' two year old some times. I am the alpha of the pack now, and I know what to do. He doesn't need to instruct me for everything.

"Okay, alpha. I will tell him that you aren't a dog and to gather everyone outside in the backyard," she said bowing and both she and her brother started to run back from where they came before I could shout at Kara for acting like that to an alpha.

"I hate those guys," I said loud for them to hear. They knew I was joking, so they won't be stupid and attack me from behind.

I turned around to Annabeth. She wasn't there. I got up quick and looked around like crazy.

"Annabeth?!" I screamed.

That's when I saw her walking from behind a tree. She was wearing a large shirt of mine that I left with the jeans. She looked totally cute in it even though it was big for her. I laughed a little a shook my head at her as she walked toward me.

She stopped right in front of me and smiled.

"How do I look?" she asked looking down at herself.

I realized she wasn't wearing any pants at all. Now I need to put two sets of clothing in the tree. For me and Annabeth.

"You look lovely," I whispered pulling her into my arms.

She was so warm. I felt like staying here and hugging her the whole time, but my father had called me and I had to go or I will get punished even though I'm the alpha now and he's not.

"Thank you," she whispered against my chest.

I think we stood like that for about 2 minutes now.

"Annabeth?" I called her name.

"Hmm..." she replied still against my chest.

"We have to go now. My father had called me, so..." I knew I didn't need to finish the sentence. She knew what I meant.

"Okay... but after we are going shopping. No matter what," she said looking up at me and smiling showing all her teeth. I laughed quietly and shook my head at her.

"Okay... let's go," I told her.

We headed back from where we came from. I let go of Annabeth's hand and started to climb a tree and found something I was looking for. I jumped back down and landed on my back, but did a quick flip and stopped on my feet.

I opened the bag and pulled out a pair of my jeans which I knew would be big for Annabeth, but I didn't want any of the new wolves looking at my Luna's legs.

I held the jeans out toward her. She raised an eyebrow at me.

"Why are you giving me this?" she asked looking at the jeans and tilting her head.

"Uh... wear it... I don't anyone looking at your beautiful legs of yours..." I said hesitantly. I didn't want to be those mates who won't even let their mate wear whatever they wanted.

"Why?" she asked a smile playing on her lips. She knew what and why I was doing this.

I shoved the jeans at her.

"Just wear it. Would you?" I asked doing my best puppy dog eyes.

"Awww! So cute! Okay!" she said and grabbed the jeans. She ran behind a tree and I saw her lift her leg up and slide her leg inside it.

She poked her head out from the tree. She was literally blushing like heck right now. I sighed and motioned her to come out from behind the tree. First she looked hesitant, but after she came out.

I thought I was about to die from laughing my head out right then. The waste fit perfectly for her, but the legs were too long.

"Uh... you looked.. uh.. very... beautiful..." I told her trying not to laugh.

Annabeth made a weird face at me and put hands on her hips and stared up at me putting her chin up.

"Stop laughing mister! I can see you! Now get going to your dad or you are going to have to deal with some special. Someone who would hurt you," she threatened.

Annabeth POV

Both me and my green eyes laughed the way to the big house. I couldn't walk in those big pants Percy gave to me so he decided to carry me. I had refused, but he didn't listen to me at all. Bad boy isn't he? I know I just met him like yesterday and slept with him even though I didn't even know anything about him, but whatever. This was the first time that I was happy about being around men. I would always regret it, but right now I really wanted to be around him. I was so disappointed when that girl showed up and told Percy that his father had called him. Why can't his father leave both me and Percy alone for a day? We just met and now his father called us...

"What are you thinking about, my love?" Percy asked smirking. "Is it that I'm so hot that you are daydreaming about me right now?" he asked carrying me through a bunch of broken branches.

I smacked his arm hard as I could. I hope that hurt him.

"You hot?" I asked. I acted like I was going to vomit. "You make me vomit like hell!" I said covering my mouth like I was going to really vomit.

Percy pointed to his right.

"That way please!" he said and dropped my very hard on the ground.

"AH!" I screamed as I landed on the ground with a thud. "PERCY JACKSON!" I screamed. He had dropped me into the mud and now the clothes Percy had lent me was muddy.

I got up and started to run through the branches even though the jeans were making my trip, but I managed a little. I was angry all right. I don't care if he did it for a joke. If people saw me like this they will laugh at me and I will really hate him for my whole life.

"Annabeth wait!" I heard Percy scream from behind me. I didn't dare stop though. I had to wash myself or not even go to meet the rest of the pack. "Annabeth" Percy had already reached me. He stopped right in front of me. With out realizing I bumped right into. I was going to fall again, but Percy caught me quickly. I was lucky, but I didn't care if I fell right now, I didn't want him to touch me at all.

"Leave me alone!" I screamed. (A/N: I know right? Leave her alone Percy! Joking! Annabeth gets different mood swings! Back to the story) I tried my best to push myself out of hands, but failed. Grr! I hate not being strong.

"You are sexy when you try to be stronger than me," Percy whispered in my ear.

Yummy! His voice was so sexy that I wish I could just... wait! He is brain washing me right now!

"Don't try!" I screamed trying to kick him, but I think I missed. He was holding me from the waist.

"What's wrong baby? My sexy baby shouldn't be angry," he said in a seductive voice. My wolf and me had a thought of just leaping right at him and just kiss him, but I had other thoughts... Oh I was evil!

"Baby?" I whispered trying to be a little sexy. I never like doing that. It feels awkward. I don't know how those sluts even do that... wait... they are sluts.

"Yes? What's wrong?" Percy asked. I could hear him getting eager now. Both him and his wolf. I smiled to myself careful so he won't see it.

"Kiss me," I told him wrapping my arms around his neck and turning my body around so I was literally facing him.

"Oh..." he blushed. Oh My God! I made him blush!

He leaned in toward me. I count to 3 and when he was closer I pushed him very hard that he fell down and I rolled off of him. I got up quickly before he trapped me again.

"Ha! That's how you do it in the Anna Style!" I screamed and started to run through the branches. As I ran I heard Percy laugh and chase after me.

"You are going to see Percy Style!" he screamed from behind.

I started to run faster and use all my strength. I climbed a tree quickly. I felt some thorns poke me, but I really didn't care. I was busy laughing my head off and climbing the tree.

When I reached the top of the tree, I leaped to the one right beside it. I was about to slip, but I eventually caught the next branch. I started to climb that. When I reached the top I saw Percy'a father pace the backyard while the others were talking among themselves. I saw them stealing glances at his way.

"I'm coming!" Percy's voice came from close by.

I quickly jumped down the tree and into the raspberry bushes. I didn't fall that hard, but it did hurt a little. I pushed through the branches trying to get out of it before Percy got me. I saw an open space so I pushed myself out. I fell right on the ground hard face first. That hurt alright. I got up slowly to see everyone look at me. I saw some of the girls laugh from the side. Percy's father came forward. I quickly got up from the floor and looked down at my feet. I bet we are in so much trouble.

That's when Percy emerged from behind the bush.

"Annabeth!" he screamed and ran to my side.

That's when he noticed his father and everyone else look at us.


I looked at Percy. He looked at his father with terror in his eyes. I looked back at his father and stepped forward.

"Sir. It was my fault that Percy was late to come. I wasn't being a good mate. I'm so sorry that I of all people were his mate," I said lifting my chin up and looking at him. "I will get the punishment if you want. Even though it was neither mine nor Percy's fault. We were just having our time as being new mates. The first time around each other. Getting to know each other, but whatever. I will just give myself a punishment. I wouldn't see Percy until you tell me to. I will live with my mother and brother until then," I said and with that I turned to leave. I really didn't like it when people showed to much attitude toward other people even if they are the alpha.

I felt someone grab my arm. I turned to see Percy pleading with his eyes. I turned around to Percy.

"Sorry, Percy. I have to do this. I'm not one of those girls who stand by the side and listen to a male screaming at someone who didn't even do anything that wrong. I'm someone who fights back. I don't fight back all the time, but sometimes. This time I have. Please listen to me and your father. Until your father says that we can see each other again don't come and see me," I told him. I was about to leave, but I heard someone clap. I turned back around and finally saw everyone clapping except for me and Percy.

Percy's father was smiling proudly and walked toward me.

"I am very proud that my son has a mate like you. A brave young woman. You are the Luna the Luna that our pack needs. I was really testing you. If it were the others, they would be scared and nearly start to cry, but you were being brave and didn't even care that I was the alpha. You spoke the truth very clear," he said patting my shoulder.

"Thank you sir. I appreciate it very much. I would be a good Luna for our pack and try everything I can do to make this pack strong and a brave on," I said smiling. I looked toward Percy who was literally grinning like an idiot at me.

"Call me Poseidon, honey," Percy's father whispered to me before going to the group. "WELCOME OUR LUNA!" he yelled. I swear I heard a lot of people whistling and cheering at me.

"RESPECT YOUR LUNA OR YOU KNOW WHAT SHE WILL DO! TEAR YOU TO PIECES!" Percy yelled. I rolled my eyes at him. Bad boy.

"Don't listen to him. I will not tear you up so don't be afraid of me," I said to the crowd.

Everyone started to cheer again. I saw people literally laughing and some of the boys were fighting for fun. I met new people like Percy's beta, Nico di Angelo. And I met his mother and his friends. I also met one enemy. Her name was Clarisse la Rue...

Percy POV

I really got scared when my father screamed at me. Everyone was looking at me with pity in their eyes except for the bitch... Will Solace. He was smirking the whole time when my father screamed at me. He looked like he knew everything in the world. The weird thing was that when my father started to compliment Annabeth his expression was still the same like he knew this was coming.

Annabeth was with my mother and my friends who were literally patting her on her back and taking pictures of her. I feel so sorry for her that she got into my cousin. Piper McLean. She doesn't like make up at all, but loves to put it on other people. She was taking Annabeth to her room I bet. I smiled to myself and walked over to Will.

"Yo!" I punched Will's arm. "Why were you smirking at me? Is was like you knew this was about to happen."

Will started to laugh.

"Obviously Perce. Your father had told me and Nico. Nico was hiding behind the tree the whole time when your father was screaming the fuck at you because he couldn't stop laughing. Your expression was hilarious bro. We should have took a picture of that but I was trying once to be nice," he said wrapping his arm around his mate. Angela Bruno (A/N: OC!).

"Bitch. Whatever..." I sighed and looked back where my mom was. Annabeth wasn't there. I knew she was with my cousin, but I miss her a lot. I really can't stay away from my mate for so long. I felt like a half of me was broken off. I felt empty without my mate beside me.

"I really can't believe that your mate was that brave to talk to your father like that. I thought she might literally run away and hide," Will laughed. He leaned down and kissed his mates stomach. He straighten up and looked at me with a smirk again. What's with him and smirking? "When you and your mate were... um... what's the right word? Doing love... I found out that my mate is pregnant. 2 pups baby!"

I stared at him.

"Congratulations!" I said.

"Percy!" a voice called from behind me.

I turned around and saw Annabeth run toward me. She was wearing something different now. She was literally wearing: A red silk dress that matched her skin tone with matching high heels. Her hair: her bangs were straighten and was clipped making a little puff in the front, in the front there were two strands of hair from both sides of her head were beautifully curled, the rest of her hair was pulled into a neat bun which was literally made out of braids, there was also a red rose on her hair. I'm not those people who say: Those things make you look so beautiful! I'm someone different.

"Ooh! Your mate is here! Go and do your thing!" Will laughed and everyone walked away to their family.

I turned around to face my beautiful mate. I just couldn't move my muscles. I bit my lip as I saw her run.

Annabeth stopped right in front of me. She spun around 2-3 times. She literally looked like the moon goddess herself. So beautiful.

"How do I look?" she asked biting her lip as she stopped. She blushed rose red like the one on her hair.

"I don't have words. Nothing could match how you look right now. It's you that is making all these items beautiful," I whispered taking her hand into mine. She smiled at me looking through her eyelashes. "I'm so glad that you are my mate." It was really true. I was really proud of her. Our pack's Luna.

"Thank you. You're cousin did all this for me. I never really like all this, but I think I'm starting to since your cousin is doing it," she whispered back. "I never ever wanted a men's help in my entire life. I never really liked men, which means I never loved one. I thought I was never going to meet the one for me, but I was wrong. I met someone finally. You. I don't think anyone can match you. I can be a little impatient some times, get angry, get depressed easily, but I really never fell in love. You really changed me. Not fully, because no one can do that, but you did. Half of me. Made me nicer than before. I hope I get along with the men here," she whispered back smiling.

"You will do fine, my moon goddess," I said quickly pecking her on her lips. I leaned back before I felt someone tug my shirt. It was Annabeth.

"Give me a full kiss. I want one right now," she ordered me pulling me closer.

I did what she ordered me to do. I wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her closer and kissed her with all my emotions and feelings for her together. She started to deepen the kiss. I heard a few people cheering at us, but nothing mattered to me except her...

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