Green Eyes Is My Mate

Annabeth Chase is an ordinary werewolf... well, that's what she thinks. She's the only white wolf after centuries. Since what her father did to her family she hated men. She isn't even interested in finding her own mate, but that only lasted until she sees him. She feels this new connection to this total stranger. His green eyes and messy black hair. Percy Jackson is his name. He's the alpha of his pack.
Annabeth doesn't know how strong she is. She's like the daughter of the Moon Goddess, Selene. She's powerful, but not powerful enough to over-power the ritual. This is her fight and only hers.


1. Meeting My Mate

Annabeth slipped into the dress her mom had laid out for her.

She’s a little nervous. She’s going to meet her mate today, who would take care of her no matter what… well that’s what she expects. She thought of that for a second before looking at herself in the only mirror in their house. She knows she’s going to regret this but this is the only thing she could do right now. The only thing she wants to do.

Annabeth pulled down her dress which ended up showing half of her thighs. She shifted foot to foot feeling uncomfortable wearing this. She never wore dresses before. Today is the only exception because today she wanted to look beautiful and wanted to make at least someone like her.She never liked men because of what her father had done to her family a few years before. She wasn't interested in getting my mate today, but I had to do this for her mother and her two brothers who are just 4 so they don't know how to survive in the wild.

Annabeth bent down and looked under her bed. There were a few ants and a couple of other insects in there.

She stretched her arm out and pulled out a box. It was covered by pictures of her childhood since her father didn't leave her mother for another woman, Jessica. She is the reason why her family is a wreck. She ruined her old house and now her family is living in a one room apartment.

She opened the box and took out a picture of her best friend. Piper McLean. She already found her mate. What’s his face? She doesn't know, but she knows that he is keeping her safe and respecting. He knew what Annabeth  would if my friend complained about him.

She smiled at the picture.

"Annabeth, dear," her mother, Athena smiled walking into her small room. "You look beautiful."

She turned around to face her and smiled before looking down at her bare feet. It took her mother 6 hours to wash her out and pluck all those unneeded hair on her body and polish her skin. Her mother did her nails as well. The only thing she has to do is her hair.

"Thank you, mom," Annabeth smiled.

Her mother turned her around so she faced the mirror. Her mother untangled Annabeth’s hair carefully. She started to French Braid it. She left some hair by her ear. When she finished braiding her hair she took those pieces and clipped them with a pink rose. She straightened Annabeth’s bangs by going through them with her fingers.

She finally took Annabeth’s hand into hers.

"Annabeth dear," she whispered. "When you reach the palace, don't fight with them. Be respectful. I know they will be rude at some point but remember what they could do and they won't be afraid to do it. Be patient. It will take a few minutes before they call you," she smiled before letting her hand go. Britney felt like someone put 1000 kg of flour on her head. She doesn't know if she could be patient and respectful. This is going to be very hard for her.

"Okay, mom," Annabeth whispered looking down.

She leaned in and kissed my forehead.

Someone knocked on the door.

She backed away and smiled. "Good luck"

Annabeth held back a tear and ran out her room and opened the room


Annabeth sat down on the chair one of the servants brought for her. She looked around and saw people looking at her. She looked behind and found out that they weren't looking at her. They were looking at another pack. The alpha from the pack walked to the front with the others behind her. He was the one who arranged this because he’s the only one wearing a red cloak.

Behind him a guy with sea green eyes looked Annabeth’s way. She didn't know who those eyes belonged to but felt a connection to it. She got up without thinking. Her legs brought her through the crowd without her permission. She walked up the stage receiving a few glares burn through her dress. She tried to stop herself but she just couldn't. The connection was getting stronger.

Annabeth started to walk faster before the guards could grasp her arm. She pushed them off the stage before continuing to go toward those attractive eyes.

One guard got hold of her arm, but he made a wrong decision. He didn't know she was a street fighter.

She grabbed his arm flipped him over. She started to run toward those green eyes.

Finally those green eyes came to better view.

It was a guy with messy black hair and a hot six pack. His blue shirt was sticking to his abs which made it look sexy. Did I just think that? I'm going to smack myself when I get home.

The guy stepped forward and stretched his arms out.

Annabeth started to run fast. She lunged herself at him and locked him down onto the ground pretty hard. She wrapped her legs around his waist locking him from escaping.

"Mine!" she growled.

Someone clear his throat. Annabeth looked up to see the alpha of the pack walking toward us. She got ready to attack totally forgetting about what her mother had said.

"Looks like my son had finally found his mate!" he announced to the crowed.

I looked back down at the guy under me. Both of us locked eyes. Stunning green eyes and… startling grey eyes.

I leaned in and looked at his lips. I gently kissed them. I felt an arm wrap around me pulling me closer. The next thing you know she felt someone carry me.


A strong smell hit Percy’s nose. He looked around to see who the smell was coming from.

He saw some sluts in the room as well, but his eyes didn't stop on them. It kept going looking through many girls and guys in the room. He finally met those eyes. Those grey eyes. Sharp. Stone grey.

Percy moved a little closer to those pair of eyes. He felt a hand on his arm. Turning around he faced his father. Poseidon. His father, who’s the Alpha of the back. Percy’s the next Alpha of the pack now. His father would be announcing it to the whole group who is here.

Poseidon raised an eyebrow at what he was doing. Percy looked at both of them before realizing he was at the edge of the stage and would fall off it if his father hadn't stopped me.

Percy turned back around not caring what his father thought. I had to go see who those eyes belong to. Those stone grey eyes.

Percy looked around to see those eyes again, and this time they were already looking at him. Both of their eyes met. His bright sea green eyes and those stunning grey eyes. His wolf kept screaming in his head to lung himself at the girl. He didn't listen to his thoughts though. He kept himself together and kept looking.

Someone in front of me moved to the side so I could get a better view of who the owner of those stone eyes was.

A beautiful young girl stood five metres away from Percy, but he saw her clearly. She was perfectly tanned. She wore a cream colour dress that ended up a little on top of her thighs. He could perfectly see those curves from her body. Her blond hair was pulled into a French Braid which was hanging over her shoulder. Her bangs were straight and were covering her eye. She totally looked like the moon goddess; the Luna of his pack. He was already dazzled by her beauty.

The girl got up and started to walk toward Percy. A smile tugged in the corner of his lips. He knew she couldn't stay away from him. He couldn't stay away from her either.

As his eyes wandered down her body and up he saw her coming closer. A few guards tried to get hold of her, but she was stronger and faster. She pushed past them and kept walking toward Percy.

Another guard came and grabbed her arm, but she judo-flipped him. He landed hard on the floor. Percy was stunt when he saw that. She would be the perfect Luna.

She started to run now. Percy couldn't control himself any more. He started to walk toward her. The girl lunged herself at Percy and landed right on top of him. She pinned him to the floor so he couldn't move at all.

"MINE!!" she whispered in his ear.

Someone cleared his throat. Percy’s father stepped in front of them.

"Looks like my son had finally found his mate!" he announced to the crowed.

Everyone started to cheer and most of them shifted into their wolf form.

Percy looked back at his Luna. Both of their eyes met. He felt a shiver go down his spine when she leaned in and gently kissed him on the lips. A growl escaped his lips without his permission.

Percy got up with the girl in his arms and he carried her all the way to his cabin.

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