Green Eyes Is My Mate

Annabeth Chase is an ordinary werewolf... well, that's what she thinks. She's the only white wolf after centuries. Since what her father did to her family she hated men. She isn't even interested in finding her own mate, but that only lasted until she sees him. She feels this new connection to this total stranger. His green eyes and messy black hair. Percy Jackson is his name. He's the alpha of his pack.
Annabeth doesn't know how strong she is. She's like the daughter of the Moon Goddess, Selene. She's powerful, but not powerful enough to over-power the ritual. This is her fight and only hers.


2. Green Eyes

Annabeth POV

I woke up as the dawn sunlight hit my face. I yawned loud enough for those green eyes to flutter open. I was suddenly tensed. I had just slept with a guy I don't know. I just mated with him. What if he’s just like my father? Would he ditch me if he found someone else that was better than me? I don't know. I don't even know this guy.

"Good morning beautiful," the guy said trying to sit up but failing. A smile tugged in the corner of my lips.

"Good morning," I said blushing. "Um... who are you?" I asked scared I asked a wrong question in morning.

"Your mate," he smiled. It was a trouble smile. Something I get when I realize someone is going to do something to me, or something to hurt one of my loved ones. I was once again scared he was going to leave me like this.

I rolled my eyes at his comment and forced a laugh laughed.

"Nice joke, but seriously. Who are you?" I asked kindly as possible. I was getting impatient by the minute. This guy was driving me insane.

"Why the hurry?" he sighed getting up. I gulped as I saw his other half. I looked away. I saw him smirk from the corner of my eye. He quickly pulled the blanket over that half. "Let’s go hunt and I'll tell you everything. You also have to be careful. You can't train for a month okay?" he said.

"What? Why?" I asked surprised. No one saw me just sitting there watching other people train. I always get into fights on purpose so I could get stronger every day. What did he mean by not training?

"I'm sorry. I heard about you. You get into fights and you would also street fight?" he asked raising an eyebrow. I gulped and looked down. How did he find out?

"Uh... how did you find out?" I asked scared he might not let me do that anymore.

To my surprise he laughed. I blinked a few times before looking up.

"I saw you once when we were around ten years old. You always get into fights and when you win, you always start screaming and you would do anything for someone to clap for you," he smiled. Oh. I blushed. I didn't know he knew me and I didn't know him at all. How can that be?

"How do you know?" I asked looking everywhere except at him. As my eyes wandered the photos framed on the wall by a door something caught my eyes. I squinted to see what it was. I finally saw that it was a drawing. It was so beautiful. I wonder where they bought this. I want one of this.

I felt the bed groan while the guy moved closer to me.

"I did that painting if you are wondering," he whispered in my ear making me shiver.

He did this beautiful painting? But how?

Like right on cue he went on. "I know you don't believe me, but I'm telling the truth. I did this painting for my mother before she died in that war that happened between your pack and mine," he paused. I turned to look at him. He was looking at me with anger in his eyes. I knew it. Something is going to happen to me. Right now. "I have been waiting and waiting to get an opportunity to rip the person who killed my mother for a long time now. And I succeeded," he finally finished. There was another emotion in his eyes now. Was it pity? Why?

"What do you mean?" I pushed the words out. I felt like someone had put spiders in my stew and when I ate them I turned into a spider myself. I shuddered.

"I hope you aren't angry at this... but I killed your father. Sorry. I couldn't help it. It was him who killed my mother, but I didn't kill him for that. I killed him because he had ditched your mother for that cruel lady and left you and your mother poor and nothing but a stupid old apartment which contains a lot of spiders, ants, and insects that can kill you when you touch it accidently. The minute I saw you I knew you were special. That's why I started to follow you and found more about you," he stopped again and looked at me. I was stunt to even speak. He killed that jerk for me?

"I don't know what to say," I whispered. That's when my stomach grumbled. The guy beside me chuckled softly. I blushed again. I just noticed that I was blushing a lot today since I woke up. "Um... sorry. I have a question. What do I call you? What's your name?" I asked looking at the ceiling while I still lay down on the bed not even wanting to move a single bit.

Green eyes smirked. "Call me... BABY!" he said before jumping out of bed and running out of the room naked. I groaned. Seriously? Baby? I knew that he was trying to irritate me because well... I am irritated right now. I got up still naked and looked for my clothes and my eyes landed on my clothes which were ripped. I shook my head and ran out of the room. I didn't know where Green Eyes went but I didn't care. I had to find clothing. I wandered the hall still in my naked form.

As I walked I felt arms wrap around my waist pulling me into the bathroom which was open already. I tried to pull myself out, but failed.

"What's wrong, Annabeth?" green eyes whispered in my ear. He knew my name? How? I'm confused. I really don't understand how he knows me well, but I don't know him at all. I was just surprised.

"How do you know my name?" I asked. Trying to let myself free from him, but it wasn't working. He was stronger than me. I stared at his arms. "Open sesame!" I said like a three year old, but the only thing I got was a laugh from Green Eyes. Not funny.

"You really think that's going to work? Seriously?" he asked amused at what I said. I just shrugged.

"I at least tried my best you know," I said. I finally got an idea. I bent low and gently bit his hand.

"Now what are you doing? You think if you bite me I will let go of you? That's not going to happen," he whispered.

He led me into the shower and closed the curtains.

Percy POV

We finished showering and Annabeth had borrowed a white short-sleeve shirt from me. The shirt went until her thighs. It was very hard focusing on something else rather than her legs. I tried to look straight, but I could still see her from the corner of my right eye. I looked at my left side which was easier for me, but my freakin' wolf won't shut up. Keep on telling to pounce on her right now. I kicked him using my imagination. Luke can be annoying some times.

I heard her stomach grumble again. I chuckled softly as she started to blush like wild.

"I should show you how to hunt now. Looks like you will die if you don't eat anything right now," I laughed.

"I already know how to hunt," she said looking insulted. How is that insulting? I just told her that I was going to show her how to hunt in our territory because it isn't very easy to hunt in my territory. My father would rip us to shreds if we did something wrong. My pack has a way of hunting where we don't disturb anyone from what they are doing right then. If Annabeth did something wrong, my father would really rip her to shreds not even caring that she is my mate and when he kills her I would commit suicide. I don't want to live a life without my mate. I just wanted to live happy with my pups. I really can't wait until my love gets her pups. I first wanted to see her shift. I didn't know how she looked like in wolf form. I only saw her in human form when she was street fighting with random people who were wolves or either a bad ass.

"What's your wolf's name?" I asked all of a sudden. Luke was eager to know her wolf and go out with her. I know right? Wolves going on dates... Awkward... It was weird that could happen. How could they go on dates? If I was going on a date I would like to go to someone's house and party. That's me. I don't like those dates where the guy brings the girl to a restaurant and they order food and do those stupid things. You can't even have privacy. People are there staring at you and they say "Awww! They are sooo cute together!" Fuck them!

"Why do you ask?" she asked casually as we reached downstairs. I saw her smiling from the corner of my right eye.

"My wolf is annoying me right now. He is getting eager to meet your wolf," I said casually walking toward the door and opening it for her.

"I'm not telling you until you tell me your name. You know mine, so I want to know yours!" she said stepping out of the door with her bare feet. "I'm going to shift into my wolf behind that tree. No peeking or... you don't know me," she said and walked off toward a tree with broken branches on the end. She went behind it and started stripping down her clothing. I sighed and walked over to another tree and stripped my clothes off. The moment the cool morning breeze hit my body, my bones started to crack and in minutes I was in my wolf form. I had black fur that was always messy and I had my original green eyes. I was bigger than everyone in my pack, but shorter than my father.

I came out of my little hiding place where I shifted and looked for Britney eagerly.

My eyes wandered around and landed on a beautiful white fur wolf. She was gorgeous.

I crawled toward her. I nudged her softly and licked her snout. Yummy! Uh... that was weird.

"Annabeth?" my wolf linked toward her. She looked up at me and tilted her head asking me what's wrong. "My name is Perseus Jackson. Everyone calls me Percy.”

"Oh! Wait! Aren't you that guy I beat up when were around 9 years old?" she said. I nodded. "Oh..."

"I know it's weird, but I started to like you since then because of your bravery," I told her. "Now would you tell us your wolf name?"

"My name is Kate," her wolf replied. Kate... A wonderful name...

That's when I heard twigs snapping. My eyes snapped and looked around getting ready in my attacking position.

I heard twigs snapping again. I was about to lung myself at whoever it was but stopped when I realized it was Kara and her brother Pepper. They were in their wolf form. Kara was massive but not bigger than me. She had silver and black short thick fur. She had blue eyes as well. Her brother was smaller than his sister, but a little bigger than the rest of the pack. He had russet-brown shaggy fur, lean legs and golden eyes. Both of them came walking toward us. I was surprised that Kara wasn't with her mate for the first time.

Kara and Pepper are my cousins. We love teasing each other a lot, but only limited because Kara has short temper.

I moved forward, but I felt someone nudge me. I turned around to see Annabeth feeling scared.

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