For SarcasticMockery's Competition For All: December Theme 2
There used to be a thing called the sunset, but it ran away.


1. The Sunset

There used to be something called a sunset, but it ran away. Mum said that all the stars run away after a few decades, and that's why we've always got to be ready to immigrate to another planet, where the star hasn't run away.

When Mum was a little girl, she lived on a planet called Earth. I know she's telling the truth because we learnt about it in history. They called their star 'The Sun' and named the planets near it 'The Solar System'. They got really attached to their planet and didn't want to go. Mum was so little, that she didn't know what was happening, and thought it a big adventure. Grandpa remembers Earth too. Grandma forgot when we moved here. The doctor said it was because Dystosia, our planet, is too close to the big star, so we get nasty rays which give you cancer. That's the reason we can't stay in the gym at school for too long either - there's not much protection against the nasty rays in there.

I don't like going to school. My teacher said I have to go to the secondary school because there isn't enough room in the primary school. I just sit at the back and read my textbook. There is only one textbook for all my subjects, and my eyes hurt when I read the small writing. At meal times I go home and have stew, because food's really expensive and stew makes it go further. Papa gets pieces of paper from the governor's office which he gives to the farmers. The farmers give us food then. The farmers sometimes put flour and water in the milk. Mum says that never happened on Earth. I don't believe her. I can't imagine anything that unlike Dystosia.

I can only hope we can find a new Earth.


Diary Entry of Sierra Madan, aged 8 and 1/2

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