A Long Story (Niall Horan/ Harry Styles fanfic)

Summer and Bri meet One Direction through a radio contest and when they meet they all started friendships or something more. There will be Love and Heartbreak Read more if you want to find out


1. The Characters

Summer Robertson: An 18 year old girl with Ash Brown hair and blue eyes. She is shy before she gets to know you. Her Best Friend is Bri Taylor and is a huge Directioners but not the one where they will faint or not talk if they ever meet the boys. She has a sweet spot for Niall.

Bri Taylor: 17 Years old with Light Brown hair with big brown eyes. She is the opposite of Summer personality wise anyways. She can be shy but other than that she is outgoing and loves to laugh. Summer’s Best friend and is a Huge Directioner. She has a soft spot for Harry.

Niall: 20 Years old with dirty blonde hair and ocean blue eyes. 1/5 of the biggest boy band in the world, he is loud and really funny and loves to sing and play guitar. Loves his fans and is still looking for his princess in the crowd.

Harry: 19 years old, dark curly hair with piercing green eyes. Also 1/5 of the biggest boy band in the world, he is known as the cheeky flirt but is really a cool guy. Loves his fans with all of his heart and is still trying to find his girl.

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