A Long Story (Niall Horan/ Harry Styles fanfic)

Summer and Bri meet One Direction through a radio contest and when they meet they all started friendships or something more. There will be Love and Heartbreak Read more if you want to find out


4. Chapter 3: Concert, rehearsal, and Backstage

The next morning the boys had rehearsal for the concert that night while Summer and Bri were hanging out at their apartment trying to decide what to do to pass the time until the concert.

The girls actually decided to go out and do some shopping since it was only noon and the concert was at seven that night and they had nothing better to do. Before they went to the mall they stopped by Starbucks to get coffee and a snack.

The boys were on break so Niall and Harry were on twitter and listening to music while Liam, Louis, and Zayn were texting their girlfriends or goofing off. Niall tweeted….

@NiallOfficial: rehearsal for the show tonight. Missouri you ready?? He got instant replies and he followed some fans and retweeted some too.

Then Harry tweeted something as well…..

@Harry_Styles: I can’t wait to meet and see all our Missouri fans tonight. Gonna be a sick show

Then they got back to practice else where the girls were walking around the mall while tweeting and texting too. The saw the boy’s tweeted and the got even more excited since they get to meet them in only a couple of hours. After shopping for most of the day besides some stopping to get someone thing to drink or eat every so often; they decided it was time to go back home to get ready for the concert since it was now six o’clock.

*At the concert*

Summer’s POV

Bri and I were in our front row seats watching the opening act perform their last song; when the song was over the lights dimmed and the screaming got louder than before. The music to Midnight Memories started playing and Bri and I started jumping and screaming along with the other girls in the arena. When the boys came on stage my smile stretched a mile wide; as I watched them I got even more excited because I knew I would get to meet my idols at the end. I still can’t believe I get to meet them; I have dreamed about this since I first heard about them three years ago and I get to meet them with my best friend as well and that just makes it even more worthwhile.

Niall’s POV

As I looked out into the crowd of our fans I smile; we could not have done this without them every single one of them. They are incredible and I wish I could tell them that one by one.

As we started our next song witch was Best Song Ever; I looked into the front row and looked everyone in the eye; but one person stopped my wondering eyes.  It was one of the girls we get to meet backstage; I looked her in the eye and smiled but she looked away as if making sure she was the one I smiled at. When she turned back to me she blushed because I was still looking at her; I had to move to the other side of the stage but before I did I winked at her.

When I got close to the side I was on I whispered in his ear to look in the front row because I saw the girls we are meeting tonight; as he walked over there he did as told and found her friend and did the same thing I did to her friend and looked over at me with a knowing look.


Bri’s POV

When the concert was over Summer and I went backstage to meet the boys; I was nervous I mean come on when do you ever get to meet to meet your idols. Ya I think you would be nervous too but anyways when we got backstage Paul told we had to wait since the boys where changing. While waiting I had butterflies in my stomach a bunch of questions were going through my head like whenever something big or important is about to happen to me. When I was thinking I zoned out but was brought back to reality by the boys coming back to the room. They all came towards us and stated a conversation about how we liked the show…..

Louis:So did you enjoy the show ladies?
Summer: Yes we did it was really cool. And our first concert so thank you
Liam: Oh. So what are your names?
Me: I’m Bri
Summer: And I’m Summer

After that everyone kind of split into different conversations; Niall and Summer talked over by the snack table while Niall was getting food; Louis was bugging Paul about something; Liam and Zayn were talking about who knows what and then there was Harry and I. We were talking and getting to know each other and if I must say we were hitting it off…..

Harry: So are you from Missouri right?
Bri: Well I am originally from Indiana but my step-dad and my mom thought it would be better for work for them so we moved out here when I was 12.
Harry: When did you and Summer meet?
Bri: Well she moved to Missouri from Indiana too around the same time so we just kind of became fast friends.
Harry: Oh okay. So how old are you? If you don’t mind me asking
Bri: No I don’t mind I am 17 but my birthday is next week
Harry: Oh the big birthday that says you’re  an adult what are you going to do for it? Any big plans?
Bri: Yepp I’m excited but I don’t think I’m going to be doing much.
Harry: Okay well the boys and I will be for two more weeks so maybe we can hang out and do something.
Bri: That sounds like fun; I would love that.
Paul: Okay boys we need to get going.
Harry: Okay can I have your number so we hang out or something?
Bri: Ya sure.
Harry: Okay well I will text you later bye Bri
Bri: Bye Harry

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