A Long Story (Niall Horan/ Harry Styles fanfic)

Summer and Bri meet One Direction through a radio contest and when they meet they all started friendships or something more. There will be Love and Heartbreak Read more if you want to find out


2. Chapter 1: Tickets and Backstage Passes

Summer and Bri are in their shared apartment in St. Louis Missouri; listening to the radio and cleaning the place up a bit since they just let it go for the past week. The Radio Host started talking about a contest about One Direction so Summer and Bri’s ears instantly went to the wide alert.  He says….

                Radio Host: Hello everyone… now all Missouri Directioners best be listening right now. You could have the chance to win tickets to see them here and meet them backstage; all you have to do is call in and answer a question about them and you will get the tickets and backstage passes for two.

Summer and Bri looked at each other with the same expression and dived for their phones. Then the host spoke again….

                Radio Host: Hello first caller what is your name?

Bri looked at Summer; Summer ushered Bri to answer his question so she did as told…

                Bri: My name is Bri

                RH: Well Bri your question that you have to get right to win those tickets is who picked the band name One direction?

                Bri: Harry Styles

                RH: And…… That is RIGHT! Bri you and one person of your choice are going to see One Direction live and in person. Who are you bringing with you?

                Bri: My best friend Summer. I can’t wait. How do I get the tickets and backstage tickets?

                RH: Good enjoy the show and you need to come down here to the station to get them.

                Bri: Alright thank you.

When Bri got off the phone she turned to look at Summer and she was frozen in place. Summer had a huge smile on her face a mile long. When Summer was back to normal they started freaking out and got ready to go get their tickets and backstage passes from the radio station. All they could talk about was that they get to meet their Idols and boys of their dreams.

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