Yeah, I'm Gay || Hiatus

James was 15 when he first felt feelings towards another boy. The problem was that Alex, the boy he liked, wasn't gay. James didn't tell anyone about his secret, he was terrified that he would be cast out from society.
Eventually, he told his best friend Mitchell. He supported him so much, and James wondered why he hadn't told him sooner.
Unfortunately, not everybody was so happy about his sexuality.
Author's note.
I felt like I needed to write this, as there are not enough non-fanfiction stories out there with an LGBTQ main character. I realise that this is a touchy subject for some people, so I'll try my best not to accidentally and indirectly insult them (e.g. Make James say something like 'Oh my gosh Mitch you're so out of sync with all the gay boys. Like, look at this fabulous little munchkin puffball, his name's Troye Sivan, ain't his booty cute?').


1. Prologue

'Mitch, I-I- I need to tell you something.' James stammered.

'Mate, you can tell me anything. Just spit it out.' Mitchell replied.

James looked straight into Mitchell's glossy brown eyes. He studied his face for any hints of dishonesty. Mitch's mouth curved into a worried frown as he tussled his dark hair.

'Uh, James?' He asked.

'Sorry...' James mumbled, lost in thought. He rubbed his neck quickly and leaned forward. 'I'm gay.'

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