Yeah, I'm Gay || Hiatus

James was 15 when he first felt feelings towards another boy. The problem was that Alex, the boy he liked, wasn't gay. James didn't tell anyone about his secret, he was terrified that he would be cast out from society.
Eventually, he told his best friend Mitchell. He supported him so much, and James wondered why he hadn't told him sooner.
Unfortunately, not everybody was so happy about his sexuality.
Author's note.
I felt like I needed to write this, as there are not enough non-fanfiction stories out there with an LGBTQ main character. I realise that this is a touchy subject for some people, so I'll try my best not to accidentally and indirectly insult them (e.g. Make James say something like 'Oh my gosh Mitch you're so out of sync with all the gay boys. Like, look at this fabulous little munchkin puffball, his name's Troye Sivan, ain't his booty cute?').


11. Hospital

James' eyes blinked open slowly. He heard a loud beeping in time with his heart. He took in his surroundings curiously. There were white walls around him, large windows with the curtains drawn shut, lots of strange equipment and wires all around him. Some of them were attached to his head, and there were some tubes stuck in his nose to help him breathe.

His head rolled to the side as he heard shallow breaths. He saw Mitchell asleep on a chair next to him, with bags under his eyes. He looked older than James remembered. James noticed Mitchell's hand on the bed and held it lightly, causing him to stir.

'Mitch?' James strained to find his voice.

Mitchell slowly woke up and his eyes rested on James.

'James? Oh my God, you're awake!' Mitchell engulfed James in an awkward hug. 'Hang on, I'm going to call Kayla and my parents... You remember them, right?'

'Yeah, I remember right up to the 'accident''

'Good. Hey, Kayla, James is awake! Yes, now hurry up! No, I'm just about to call them.' Mitch ended the call and dialled his mum's number. 'Mum, he's awake!'


'James!' Kayla said before hugging him tightly. She looked older too- and her hair was shorter.

'You cut your hair... Both of you look older. How long have I been here?' James wondered.

Mitchell and Kayla looked at each other worriedly.

'Guys? How long has it been?'

Mitch's parents walked into the room and Mitchell and Kayla released a breath.

'James, oh my goodness!' Mrs. Birch said.

'Hi Mrs. Birch.'

'Have you, um... told him yet then?' Mr. Birch asked.

'He's asked, but we wanted to wait for you two.

James, it's not 2014 anymore. It's 2017. You've been... You've been...' Mitch shook his head. 'I can't do it... Kayla...'

'You've been in a coma for three years, two months and six days. Mitchell sat here with you and slept here everyday for six months. He said he wanted to be there with you when you wake up... I only stayed overnight for the first week or so. We told Mitch to come home because we thought you would be out for longer. We thought you were going to die.' Kayla started to cry and hugged me again. 'I came out, but my parents took it better than yours. '

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