Paint is thicker than blood

John Watson has gone missing, and murders are occurring, all linked to John. Sherlock tries to solve the mystery of who's framing John but what if he can't because...because he's not being framed....


4. The trail

I've been running for a while now. A month or two. Men keep turning up, following me then disappearing. I read online that I was on the police's most wanted list. And then I read the reason why in a report filed by a local paper.

Doctor John Watson, former aqauintance of renound investigator, Sherlock Holmes, was reported to have murdered Carl Penton last tuesday, owner of Penton Industries. Mr Penton was shot in the head with a handgun, photographic evidence has been supplied from Sherlock Holmes against his former friend saying 'I have no affiliation with this man's actions and I take no responsibility.' The relationship between the team seams to be at an end, as may be the relationship between the two investigators. John Watson is still missing; a search is being conducted.

I'm not a murderer, I'm a doctor. I don't kill people. I didn't kill that man. And I'm not gay! Why does everybody think I am gay?! There is no 'relationship' between Sherlock and I, although I thought he was my friend. He's clearly going out of his mind. He deserves it. He's getting a taste of what I had to go through when he left.
So I'll play along. I have to stay hidden now that there's a price on my head so I have to think like Sherlock. If Sherlock is looking for me, where is the last place he will expect me to be?

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