Emmie Weasley

I am the daughter of Hugo Weasley's and Sarah Blunt.. I have triplet brothers and they are identical and I have identical twin sisters.


2. the letters

I woke up on a stupid rainy day. Mum is calling us to have breakfast. I get dressed and chuck on some shoes. Its my birthday. I grab Axle's lead and harness and follow him down stairs to breakfast. everyone is coming down the stairs. The boys are putting there pets away so they can go to the toilet and drink and eat while the boys eat. My sisters are putting the cats outside. Mum is putting plates of food on the table. I am walking out the back. I pat Axle and tell him "Go toilet." wwhile I take off the harness. I walk inside and sit on my favourite seat. "Mum Tales stole my toast." cries Harry. "I did not you little pig." yells Tales. "Shut up all off you Emmie needs the quiet." yells my Dad. Mum places a really big plate off food in front off me. "Emmie there is some milk, 3 saugase,, 2 apples 2 eggs and some bacon and 4 pieces off toast." says Tayla sitting next to me. "thanks Taylla." I smile.

"The poast the poast." Dad says. I get up and fill Axle's bowl with food and find my wway to the front door. I walk outside and grab the post.

"One for Tales, one for Taylaa and one for me!" I yelled running upstairs until I hit my door. I shut the door and read it.

" 54 Malianga ST

room underneath the attic.

I rip it open. And read out loud

"Dear Miss emmie Weasley

we would like to imform you that you arre a witch and will go to Hogwarts school off Witch craft and wwizardry. We would like to await your owl on the first of September.

From Head Mistress Minerva MC'gonagall."

I just sat on my bed and stared out the window. I was a witch. Mum new so did Dad. I New I didn't need to read the rest so I put it back in the envelope and layed down on the bed and had a nap.

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