Emmie Weasley

I am the daughter of Hugo Weasley's and Sarah Blunt.. I have triplet brothers and they are identical and I have identical twin sisters.


1. My ffamily

yes my name is emmie weasley. I live with my dad Hugo and my mum Sarah. My identical triplet brothers Josh, Harry and Timmy are 8 years old.. My identical twins Tales and Tayla are a month younger than me. I am blind and have a guide dog called Axle. My sisters have cats called Mimmy and Ninny. My brothers have rabbits called flumpers Bumpers and dumpling.

That is just my normal family. The triplets have blonde hair and blue eyes. I can just see a tiny little bit. My sisters have long red hair and for some odd reason I have black hair. The twins where the same clothes and the boys where the same clothes. I don't no how I can tell them apart. I can tell the difference betwween my sisters by there songs they like to sing. And the boys wwell they are always hold there pets.

So thats a bit about my family.

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