Emmie Weasley

I am the daughter of Hugo Weasley's and Sarah Blunt.. I have triplet brothers and they are identical and I have identical twin sisters.


3. diagon Alley

I woke up a day before Hogwarts and lay in my bed. I smiled to myself. I would miss Harry And the lot. At least I have Tales and Tayla. Axle nips my ear. "What have they left?" I jump out of bed and put on my dress... I put on my best high heels and dance around my room brushing my hair. I squeal as my sisters come into my room and told me we were going. I grabbed Axxle's lead and walked down stairs with my sisters. I could sence the boys fast asleep . I reached the bottom of the stairs and then I looked around. I saw a pot of green dust and new what we were travelling by. "floo powder." we all shouted. "Yep girls ready to go?" Mum asked us. we nodded. "Diagon Alley." the girls said and they disappeared. Me and Mum threw powder on to the fire and said "diagon alley." We span round and round passing heaps of fireplaces. Then we got out at Diagon Alley and found the girls. We went into the caffe and had breakfast. "Can we buy a wand first?" asked Tales. "ok then." Mum said. "Can wee get our robes next?" I asked. Mum nodded. We left the caffe and went to Ollivanders. I waited for my sistters to get there wands. "Miss Emmie." the man said. I walked forwards. The man put a wand in my hand and I gave it a flick. A part of the roof fell of. This was dun until I reached 10 and a half inches withh unicorn hair. It fitted gratefully. We put it in our bags and left the shop. I loved my dress robes. I got all my books and quills and ink wells annd ink. "Mum can I go look In the animal shop and get an animal since Axle can't leave me?"" Mum said yes and I walked off. I walked inside. Axle pulled me towards a black and white kitten. The cat smiled at Axle and I. I walked up to the bench and payed for my cat Oli. I ran out off the shop holding AAxle's harness and Oli. I found Mum and we went home. I took my bags upstairs and lay down on the bed practicing spells. I had dinner and went to bed.

Please comment I need people to be my friends at Hogwarts.

Thanks Sunnyjma

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