The Earthling

She was the light. He was the dark. They weren't happy with the two. Who's the end and who's the start?


1. The Earthling

The Earthling

We live in a world with good and bad, nice and mean, as well as justice and illegality. But most of all, we live in a world surrounded by right and wrong. But really, what is the right, and what is the wrong? She who had thought so deeply for so long wasn’t able to comprehend such things anymore – such things that have no answer nor end. As there was no answer to life, there wasn’t one for rights and wrongs either. Right actions can be backed up by wrong intentions and wrong moves could be done out of the right reasons. Figuring wrongs and rights were hard enough, but choosing between the two was something else.

She who once lived in a world of light couldn’t accept the ridiculous rights – ending her up enclosed in a world of grey matter where everything was completely uncertain, completely closed up. The heart’s depth can no longer be reached and thick clouds of dark in invisible to all. How could anyone possibly live in such a space, much less along with seven billion of them?

He, though, lived a slightly better life. He was able to do anything productive he wanted, as he was the leader of all. Had he drown a man, the rest will drown some too. Nothing was right in his life, everything was wrong. But then again, his ‘right’ was to do the ‘wrong’. But how come is it that he couldn’t face himself for it?

The clashing of the souls couldn’t have created a larger reaction. Pillars of light blinded the eyes, where as the dark balanced to create blinds. They could feel it right away – the feeling of comforting uneasiness. None of the two great souls could tell, but they could.

As she glanced at him, the obnoxious creature that was as different from her as it can get, she felt trouble as well as comfort. He had dignity and care – the two things no other of his kind would even consider at all. Yet, she still refused to believe his genuine intentions. Was he really nice, or was it all an act?

He couldn’t believe his eyes or his heart when he first laid them on a certain lady. His eyes could’ve deceived him by a lot, but his heart was there to confirm his doubts. He could easily tell she wasn’t a pure grey – she had the glow of the white. But as to why that glow was extremely faint, he couldn’t seem to phantom. Though he knew such a woman was the most dangerous to interact with, he held his ground high. How is it that she had such control over the silver reigns? Why was she even here in the first place? Is it for revenge, or termination?

They knew that if things kept on rolling without interference, the bounding net would crash down in the matter of seconds. They can’t weave it all over again, that’ll take ages and would cause a whole lot of catastrophes. Then again, they shouldn’t have chunked her away so carelessly either. They should’ve known such things were possible even with the slightest chances. What are they to do now?

His and her souls bounded together, completely manipulating the golden net. The translucent couldn’t see it – much less predict it – but they knew things were already out of their hands. There’s nothing left to do – they had to endure their last moments in the unknown. Time passes and they’ll be gone, replace by better qualified people to stay in the deepest abyss.

She fell – that’s all there is to conclude. The bad part is that she fell down the wrong hole. She had no more of that glow, and her soul was no longer only tinted. It gradually became a pure grey, and later on kept on darkening into a deeper shade. Her life was clouded, that she knew, but she had all she ever wanted.  What for is light?

Icarus died because he flew too high. Would he too? It was hard to believe he was actually using the last remaining evidence of him as the black king just to be able to see her face, and she couldn’t even see him. Was it all really worth it? Of course it was. She was the only thing that helped him hold his ground and sanity, things that he had never got the chance on looking out for. He couldn’t hold out long in the presence of the sun, but what for is the dark when what he seeks is in the light?

They may be white, but there was no guarantee their hearts were as pure as their colors. They had to put an end to this madness. Who are they to care if the black gets obliterated in the process? It was their aim all along. Everything shall be white – dark will only create more troubles. Soon, they all swore, everything will fall into place.

To even befriend an opposite kind was a true, torturous sin – yet she fell in love with him and even committed the worse crime of all history. She was beyond help, but she didn’t need any. All the statements of wrong and rights no longer exist in different sections in her mind. Who was anybody to judge what is right and what is wrong, when every single truth was hidden in one another?

He had to leave his throne – the worse act a king could do. His men would be left a huge turmoil, but he couldn’t care less. He knew three-quarters were after his throne since birth, they should be able to take over the vacant spot. He was titled ‘wrong’. But was he, really? He was chasing the woman he loved for the very first and last time – something everyone had the right to do. If so, why was he the only one wronged? Shouldn’t everybody be shunned? If nobody deserved this, so did he. Was he not a part of ‘everybody’?

They have stealthily launched their plan. It doesn’t matter how many lives were going to be sacrificed – if he and she were one then they were going to be nothing. They were not prepared for that. She had to sacrifice herself for them instead of the other way around – they were too selfish to think for anybody else. If they didn’t have their slice of happiness, neither should she. She was the lowest of them all – why would she deserve the best?

She couldn’t find a way out of the trouble. He was in grave danger, but she wasn’t prepared to leave him. He was going to be broken. Never to be fixed. Hiding was no use – the dark may hide from the light, but the light blinds the dark. She was also carrying another weight. It was not a burden to her, but it was another sin into her mountain of wrong doings. Why can’t they just accept the fact that they were in the wrong, now? Not everything they do is right. Can they not see that?

He felt something terrible was up. He could tell she had something to do with it, but she kept her mouth shut and just sobbed an endless stream of ‘sorry’. What exactly she was sorry for, he had no clue. He had to find out the hard way – the way where she left him with minimal explanation and a request for him to hide. He cannot hide without her presence to assure him, but he knew he had to hide. She left him for his own good that he knew, but how will she cope with all the trouble?

They headed closer and closer to their destination. Hiding it not a matter for them – they’ll sniff those two out of hiding. They raked every inch of every possible place, sent all obstacles that obstructed their view to oblivion, and mindlessly collected countless souls, until they finally set their eyes on him. Finally, the chase was half over – and the killing has just started. They brutally sliced his heart open with a titanium sword, a sacred sword made for the sole purpose of exterminating the bad. Was he the bad? Yes. Did he deserve the pain? Yes. Should he die? YES. He was bad thus he deserves the pain, and following the pain he shall die in the hands of the good. What more explanation is needed? They slashed him multiple times until no more blood could ooze out, and left him to dry. With effort or not, he will eventually die.

He lay on the ground waiting for the end. He couldn’t fight back; he wasted all his energy in worrying for his woman. He was indeed disappointed for her to not accept his help in this. But what more could he have done? Just him being with her causes both of them to be in danger, and he didn’t want that. He may be the most selfish man in the universe but love is still love. She who dared leave him for his own safety couldn’t have left him to leave her efforts in vain. The pain he persistently tried to deny was not helping him think any clearer. He was losing his grip on his soul, he could tell – the grip that he had easily maintained throughout his life until now. He wearily smiled up to the sky that will never accept him as a friend, the sky who blinded him for so long. He kept staring at the white fluffy ornaments that decorate the blue background while losing all of his senses, one by one. His legs were numb. So were his arms. Soon, he could feel nothing at all, leaving his body to stay as it was eternally. He quickly shifted to a black powdery state, peacefully being blown away by the serene wind blowing around him.

“Good bye, Angel.” He had spoken the farewell word for the first and last time; aimed to the one and only woman that stole his merciless heart.

Thus, with such a farewell, he disappeared from the face of everyone. Silent whistles carry his dust remains away, shifting the ground to an empty void space, never to be found alive by anyone. This was his end.

She could feel the chills the God of Wind was giving her – the sparkles she constantly seen weren’t helping her heart reassure her that he, who she had left alone to defend himself, was indeed fine. The final whisper she heard for the day kept her frozen on spot for so long she didn’t even realize the existence in her arms was crying for help. Seeing so, she stiffly went home to hide from the world – hide from the terrifying hunters who claimed to be the right. She hastily hid her precious possession, and hid herself as far away as possible from that possession of hers. As much as she was prepared to die, she was not prepared for that possession of hers to fall in the hands of the good wrong. Who knows what could’ve happened if it was used wrongly – this world of grey matter would be left to exist in anarchy for the rest of their lives.

They swore they would find her, so they did. She was stubbornly hiding under her bed, a space so small no one was able to reach, but enough for her to hide in. No one could bring her out, so they had to use something very simple; brute force. They forcibly stabbed her with a spear, earning a painful gasp from the petit woman. With her body stuck on the spear, they pulled her out of hiding and tortured her to no end. Over and over again, they struck the blade of every weapon they had their hands on all over her body, in aim to cease every inch of her from the sight of the innocent world. They’re the right; they shouldn’t be committing the wrong. But as to now they are not wrong to do the wrong – they are doing what looks as wrong for the right outcome. That’s what they are doing, aren’t they? She was involved with the wrong, and she had the knowledge about it, thus she was also wrong and deserved to be wronged by the right.

She cried in pain for the last time before those eerie cries were replaced by whimpering wails, and soon reduced to nothing. She took one last sneaky glance to her possession before fully closing her eyes, slipping to the world of abyss she never knew of. She died as the right – it was all she needed. She, for once, was not principally wrong, and that was all she needed to know before leaving her wretched body behind to fade. As she did not belong to the uncertain world in the first place, she would not leave a trace when she finds comfort with the God of the Wind once more. Shiny, stony chunks drift away as glittery matter, illuminating the world with its shine.

“Farewell, Little Devil. Don’t go just yet, Demon, we have things yet to be settled.” She whispered for the very last time with the Wind God’s help.

And that was her – the woman who bravely stood up love for safety and change, for hope that’ll last. She, being the brave being she was had took the last sentence. This was her end.

They left her as she was, not caring if they have left evidence of her death back in the shabby cottage. They may have done the wrong, but they were not wrong. So what if a life shatters? It was for a price of more, and no life is more precious than others. They have yet to realize they were treating others as lower beings, and could not comprehend that there were better beings than they were. Foolish beings they were – they didn’t even know they were simply mirrors. They do not shine, and was much less the light, yet still claims to be the best of the best. True foolish people they were, they didn’t even eliminate their worst enemy – light.

Little her woke up and was beyond confused. Where was the woman who accompanied her for so long? Did she just leave? As she sniffed the black and glittery powder around the air, she immediately understood the doings of the worst. She rolled over from her basket and reached the floor, steadily standing up and running out of the door. The sight of the triumph mirrors enraged her quickly, making her point a dangerous finger to the lot.

“εκλείπω!” she demanded.

And with that one word, a blue explosion broke out, absorbing all the bodies around it. Screams and squeals broke out, but the force was nothing small. None of them made it out alive – none of the billions of them – to see the true light they thought they were. A last zip was heard from the explosion before both the army of men and the blue smoke vanished to thin air, leaving the world as peaceful as it was before.

Silence came as the little her needed it. While she looked across the boundless night sky, a little white light neared her figure, softly telling her to tell her story.

“Why couldn’t she be with him?” Little her asked without taking her gaze off the sky.

“The answer was simple; she was the Tainted Angel and he was the Demon Lord. What more explanation is needed? She was the right and he was the wrong – two polar opposites that should not have even met, much less fall for each other.” The light replied with ease.

“But then, how was I created?” Little she asked again.

“That isn’t a difficult answer either,” the light heard to grin, “Because a world without light is an abyss, and a world without dark is blinding. They realized that, thus here you are.”

“What am I?”

To the question, the faint light lowered its head and peacefully smiled.

“You, are a combination of light and dark,” it gazed up as well, “A being meant to be both.”

“What am I?” Little her repeated.

But no avail, the answer did not come to her ears. In fact, when she turned her head to the mysterious presence, it was nowhere to be found. She stood up and recalled the little light’s words. She was the light and the dark. She was both the good and the bad. What does that make her, then? Light is white. Dark is black. Was she grey? No. That can’t be it. If she were so, that light would’ve lightly told her. It leaves only one conclusion; she was black and white. Yes, that was definitely it – she wasn’t the light or the dark – she was both. She was meant to rule both sides of the dispute, being the only one able to do so. She could choose a side, but she’d be constantly reminded of the other. She’d do good as well as bad deeds. She would live in the deranged world grey people once called home, which have been reduced to void as per now. She’d start the new life the two sought, one who could determine themselves the truth of being right and wrong. She strolled across the free lands, plans forming in her head.

Little she, who was made of white and black, good and bad, as well as wrong and right, started her new life and mission, as the one and only light and dark being.

The Earthling.

And this was her start.

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