You Didn't Listen - Larry Stylinson One Shot

It's a simple One Shot, but I have the most readers on Wattpad on this story, so I thought why not post it here aswell? ;) I'm working on a second part! Because of the many comments on wattpad for it soo... :D Hope you like it because, you guys are like amazing on my story "Why Not" so maybe I thought it would be cool that you guys did it on here too :D
Enjoy! Much Love Yasmine! xx


1. One Shot...

'When you watch this I will be dead already’ came out the speakers of the laptop

Louis was on the screen and Harry was watching it..

‘I was tired of hiding, tired of trying to confess you this would never change’

A tear stream down on Harry’s face

‘You were keep on telling me that it was gonna change but I know it doesn’t’


‘Baby,it will change! We need to do it now! It will be to late’

Louis was begging Harry

‘No! It’s gonna be better! Not on this way!’

Harry was mad, or he looked mad

‘Please Harry! I’m tired of hiding us! Our love, the thing we have!’

Louis was crying, he was right but Harry didn’t believe him

‘NO! That is the last thing I ever said about this!’

Harry yelled at Louis,who was crying very hard now

End of flashback

More tears came down Harry’s cheeks

He was wrong! He knew he was wrong!

On the screen; We didn’t hear anything, we just saw Louis wiping his tears away.


We were lying in bed

‘Are you mad?’

Harry was in a touchy mood

‘I’m not mad I’m disappoint’

Louis turned his back to Harry’s face

‘It will be all okay, we just have to wait’

Harry kissed the crook of Louis’ neck

They both ended lying with their backs to each other

End of flashback


After a long time off silence Louis took a deep breath

‘Harry tell my mom and dad I love them, tell the boys I love them! I love you Harry, Goodbye’

Harry was crying really hard now and he lays down on his bed

Louis and his bed!

Sobbing really loud

Niall came inside

‘Again?’ he asked

Harry nodded his head slowly and buried his face in his pillow


Niall came closer and hugged Harry really tight

‘It’s gonna get better Harry, I promise! Me and the boys are here for you!’

He said while lying down with Harry

Some more sobs came

Zayn entered the room

‘Again?’ he mounted to Niall

He nods

Zayn lays down next to Harry on the other side

‘Harry, you need to stay strong!’

‘I know’ Harry says

He is trying to stop crying and sobbing but he can’t

‘Guys it’s time’ Liam says on the door

‘Get dressed Harry’ Niall says soft

‘I’m gonna change in the Bathroom’

The boys nod and leave Harry alone

In the bathroom the craving to take the razor and slide down his arm is big!

But he remembers what Zayn told him

Stay Strong”

‘Harry? Almost ready? The boys are in the car!’ Niall Yelled

He nods his head and comes out the bathroom

‘I don’t think I can do this’

‘Harry,you are strong you can!’

Niall takes Harry’s hand and go’s to the car

‘Everyone ready?’ Liam asks

And start driving

Harry sits on a window he looks outside

But his thoughts are slowly trebling away


‘What are you doing?’

‘I’m getting ready’

‘For what?’

‘I’m going out’

‘With who?’


‘You are getting this tight up for Eleanor?’


‘Why? Do you have to go?’

‘Well yeah, I have to go because you still don’t want to come out to our fans’

‘Louis, please!’

‘I’m going,see u tonight’

End of flashback


‘Are we there already?’

Niall nods his head

We get out the car

‘This way’ Liam says

The boys follow him

When they are almost on stage

Harry stops

‘I  can’t do this!’ He says

‘Harry we are here for you!’ Niall says

‘Stay strong’ Zayn says

We walk on stage

Niall and Harry walk to a microphone

‘Hi’Harry starts


‘Harry I need to ask you something’


‘Could you go out tonight?’

‘You wanna get lost of me?’

‘No don’t see it like that,I wanna be alone that’s all’

‘We’re do I have to go then?’

‘Go to Niall and have fun, I know you will together with him’

‘okay then’

Harry stands right and wanna walk to the door


Harry turns around and Louis kisses him deeply

‘I love you Harry’

‘I love you too’

They both share another smile and then Harry walks outside

End of flashback

‘I need to say something really importing’

‘Me and Louis loved.. LOVE eachy other! We are together I’m sorry but I can’t’

He runs of stage

The boys are coming after him and see him sitting backstage

With tears in his eyes

‘You were really brave Harry’ Liam says and smiles a little

Harry smiles back

‘Guys they are asking about Louis, what do we need to say?’ Zayn says

‘That’s Simon’s job’ Liam says

‘I wanna see him’ Harry says

Zayn and Liam are looking worried at each other

‘Harry It’s kinda late’ Niall says

‘Please I wanna see him’ he begs

‘Okay, Niall you take him we will take care of the fans till Simon comes’


They were going back to the car and driving to the hospital

‘Do I need to come with? Or you can handle it?’

‘I can handle it, thanks Niall’

I’m walking in the hospital hall and stop by room 224

I slowly walk inside

I sit down on a chair next to the bad were Louis lays and I take his hand


‘Baby,it’s 3 weeks now. You are in a coma for 3 weeks. I come here every day and I talk with you, the doctor says you understand me but doesn’t have the power to answer me. I think they are lying just to make me feel better. Love please wake up! I need you and I promise I will change and I will take care for you! I love you Louis! And I’m sorry cuz I know it’s all my fould!’

Tears streaming down his face..

‘I’m sorry Harry’


Louis says soft  

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