The love of a brother.


1. What I do for her.

"You know what will happen if you don't go Justin" my mom told me. "Mom please. Please don't make me go. I don't want too." She knelt down in front of me, and put her hand on my shoulder. "Sweetie, I know you don't. But If you don't I could go to jail. And you and jasmine will both be stuck there. I know you don't want that." I looked down at the ground. I went to speak, but I was interrupted by my sister as she ran down the stairs. "Mommy, I can't find my ___. I can't leave without it." She stood up and walked over to her. She grabbed her hand and walked back up with her. "Don't worry, we'll find it before you have to leave." I let out a sigh. I walked into the bathroom and got my insulin from the bottom cabinet. Lucky me, I have diabetes. I injected it, and squinted at the second of pain. I have to take it everyday. If I miss it, I can go into a coma. Or worse. Only a few moments later, Jasmines laughter filed the room as she neared me. "Let's go Justin!" She smiled. I don't see how she can be so joyful all the time, I don't know if she understands but I hope she knows the sacrifice I make for her. My mom walked to the front door and opened it. "You both ready?" She forced a smile. She knew my answer. Of course jasmine was excited. She doesn't know what he's really like. "YAY, let's go to daddy's house!" She exclaimed. She skipped to the car. "Be careful Jasmine, I don't want you to fall!" My mom called out. I walked past her, following jasmines footsteps. I turned around and looked into her eyes. "That's not what she should be worried about." She knitted her eyebrows together and looked down. "I know sweetie." I shook my head. "No you don't. You never will. You'll never understand what he does to me. What I do so she doesn't have to go through what I do."

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