What she left me❤️

My wife died in a tragic car accident and she was pregnant with my daughter. I didn't know at first but when the doctor came to me with the bundle of love wrapped in a pink blanket I knew that I have to do everything to protect her, my Aliyah❤️


5. The Interview

"Okay Aliyah. Time to get up and go." I patted her back to wake her up. She started giggling at the sound of my voice. "What so funny?" I picked her up and let her decide what to wear. She pointed at a pink floral dress and white flats. "Good choice." I replied. I quickly dressed her and handed her to the one of the boys who were in the hall. "Eh Harry? Is it alright if I brush her hair?" Zayn asked as he held her. "Sure! Just be careful!" I shouted from my room. I put on some black jeans and a white button up shirt. "How's This?" I spun in a little circle in front of Aliyah. She smiled and blew a silva bubble. I take that as a yes. "Let's go. Don't wanna be late." Liam announced as he zipped up his jacket. Danielle was hot on his heels. "Are the girls coming with?" I asked as I held Aliyah. "Someone that you trusts has to watch Aliyah during the interview." Louis pointed out. True. We all got into the car and I placed Aliyah inbetween me and Niall. "Can I strap her in? I haven't done it yet." Niall pouted. I nodded and pulled out her bottle and blanket. "Her you go, beautiful." I positioned the bottle and blanket.

We arrived at the interview place. "Niall is it alright if you can take her out and hand her to me?" I asked as I got out first. He nodded and unbuckled her and handed her to me. The fans behind us started screaming. I kept Aliyah's head down and hidden with the blanket. "TRASH OF A DAUGHTER!", "SHE ISNT WORTHY!" What the hell is wrong with these so called fans?! I kept walking and Aliyah started to cry. I rocked her and quickly jogged into the interview room. Aliyah looked up at me with sad eyes and wrapped her arms around my neck. I sighed and hugged her back.

"Alright. So Harry I've heard that you have a ... Baby?" The interviewer asked. I nodded. "At such a young age?" She tisked me. "I'm 20. It's perfectly normal." I growled. She nodded and went on to Niall. "So Niall how is it like to have a new member in the band?" She giggled. "I love Aliyah with all of my heart." He smiled. I held back tears. I pulled out my phone and texted Perrie; "where's Aliyah?" A few seconds later she texted me back; "crawling towards you. She kept crying for you." I nodded and looked for Aliyah. She appeared behind the interviewer and saw me so she started laughing. "Come here, Aliyah." I held out my arms to her. She crawled faster and bounced up into my arms. I kissed her forehead and ignored the stares from the interviwer.

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