What she left me❤️

My wife died in a tragic car accident and she was pregnant with my daughter. I didn't know at first but when the doctor came to me with the bundle of love wrapped in a pink blanket I knew that I have to do everything to protect her, my Aliyah❤️


10. I'll Keep You Safe

I laid in the recliner staring at the ceiling. What was I suppose to do? How am I going to help her? The Chem is so much money I can barely afford it. "Daddy.." Aliyah cried from the hospital bed. "Yes baby?" I quickly jumped to her side. "I love you." She gave me a tight hug. Her little arms wrapped so tightly against my neck. She's so smart for an almost one year old. She can say a lot of things. "I love you." I held her tighter as tears escaped my eyes. "I'll protect you my little Aliyah." I kissed her cheek as she laid back down. "Do you want some juice?" I grabbed one of her juice boxes. She gave me a tiring nod. I smiled at her and handed her the juice box. "Mr. Styles?" The doctor called from the doorway. I nodded at him and gave Aliyah one more glance. She smiled at me. "Yes?" I asked as I closed the door behind me. We stood in the hall way. I was t very crowded. Two or three people would walk by but that was all. "It seems to me that we caught the cancer early. It won't take a lot of Chem and she'll be healthy again." He told me with a smile. My heart began pounding in my chest. "I'll do whatever it takes, doc!" I shouted with excitment. I ran back inside the room and swung Aliyah in my arms. She began giggling; unsure of why I'm so happy. She wiped my tears away and kissed my cheek.

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