What she left me❤️

My wife died in a tragic car accident and she was pregnant with my daughter. I didn't know at first but when the doctor came to me with the bundle of love wrapped in a pink blanket I knew that I have to do everything to protect her, my Aliyah❤️


7. Felica

I stared at Aliyah's sleeping face. She looks so angelic. "So, that girl?" I turned around and saw Louis at the door. "Yeah.." I ran a shaky hand through my hair. "Maybe you should give her a try?" He laid his hand on my shoulder. I glanced at my daughter. "She seemed to accept her." Louis nodded to Aliyah. "You're right. Okay." I fixed my shirt and dialed her number. I walked out of the room so I wouldn't wake her up. "Hello?" A cheery voice answered the phone. "Hi. Um this is Harry. From the resturant?" I began. "Aw, you called." I could hear the smile in her voice. "Yeah. Ha... I was wondering if you'd like to catch a movie some time?" I waited nervously for her answer. "Yes. That would be lovely." She giggled. We said our goodnight. I went to bed cuddling with Aliyah and a smile glued to my face.

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