What she left me❤️

My wife died in a tragic car accident and she was pregnant with my daughter. I didn't know at first but when the doctor came to me with the bundle of love wrapped in a pink blanket I knew that I have to do everything to protect her, my Aliyah❤️


9. Aliyah?!

I couldn't sleep at all. Izzy ran through my mind like crazy as the annervisary of her death crept closer and closer. Well at least there's a little bit of happiness in it. It's Aliyah's first birthday. It's already been a year. Crazy about how time flies by so fast. My mum and Gemma are suppose to come and finally meet my Aliyah. It's been about a week since I last talked to them. But their curtain that their coming. "Harry!" Liam impatiently called me. I put down my phone book and followed Liam's voice. I located him in mine and Aliyah's room. Aliyah was laying in the middle of the best breathing heavily. "What's wrong?!" I nearly shouted rushing to her side. She leaned into me taking in a shaky breath. I rubbed my thumb on her cute cubby cheeks. "She has a really bad fever. We need to take her to the hospital." I nodded at Liam's words. I gathered her in my arms wrapping her in a blanket and rushing out to the car. We drove up to the ER and they quickly gave us medical attention. They took Aliyah out of my arms and rushed away with her. Through the whole time I could only hear my heart beating.

Two hours later the doctor came out into the waiting area where Liam and I stood. "Which one of you is the baby's father?" He asked staring down at his clipboard. "I am." I stepped forward. "I really don't want to tell you this but your daughter has leukemia..." The doctor gave me a pat on the shoulder and left. I fell to my knees crying. My Aliyah has cancer?! I was suppose to protect her!! I yelled in pain as Liam tried to pull me up. Tears streaming down my face I punched the vending machine. She can't have cancer!

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