What she left me❤️

My wife died in a tragic car accident and she was pregnant with my daughter. I didn't know at first but when the doctor came to me with the bundle of love wrapped in a pink blanket I knew that I have to do everything to protect her, my Aliyah❤️


1. Aliyah

I felt a tear roll down my already wet face as I waited in the hallway of the hospital. My feet carried me to the window. Different possibilities ran through my mind. I saw her motionless body laying in the hospital bed. The doctor looked up at me with sad eyes as he held a little baby in his hands. He handed the baby to one of the nurses and began walking out towards me. "Mr.Styles... I have some bad news... Due to the car crash your wife wasn't able to make it.... But your daughter survived perfectly." He patted my shoulder and walked away. I fell to my knees as It sunk in... Izzy is dead.... I let a scream out as I punched the wall. This isn't right. Izzy and I were suppose to make a family TOGETHER! I ran my hands through my messy curls. "Where is she?" I whispered to the closest nurse. She lead me to the baby room. She laid there in the pink little blanket. She looks like she just came down from heaven. She's beautiful just like her mom. She's my Aliyah. Izzy wanted her name to be unique. Aliyah was the first name on the list... To this day I will protect my little girl from any harm. My heart filled up with love as the pain, hurt, and loneliness disappeared.

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