My Second Life, with Our2ndLife


1. The Dirty Locker

My shoulders slumped down as I looked at the clock just one more time. Three hours into my first seven hours of school was sure going well. I tried really hard to focus on Mr. Cloud's lesson on Shakespeare's play Romeo & Juliet but all my eyes and ears could think of is he has some jiggly chin.

"Miss Jazel may I offer you the a chance to learn and not become a hobo for the rest of your life" Mr. Cloud's voice woke me up from my day dream of jiggly chins and unicorns.

"Y-Yeah" I stuttered as I felt my cheeks flush.

The bell, thank god, saved my little moment by the second. I let out a small sigh in happiness.

Making my way to my locker I gave a little hum to the beat of the shoes echoing around the halls. In all my four years of being in High School I was still not used to the lockers. Since I was a senior I didn't really need to worry about a locker but I was a lazy bum and my books were to far.

As I finally appeared at my locker I saw a small group of people laughing their bum's off about something going on. What was so interesting about a locker of a normal senior girl? I don't know, why don't you ask God? Oh the sarcasm.

My eyes brimmed with tears as I saw the word LOSER pasted on my locker. Not only that but the smell was unthinkably disgusting.

"Look it's the loser!" Someone cried pointing towards me.

I let out a choked sob and pulled my body away from the crowed and onto the parking lot.

"Hey," I heard someone call. "You all right?"

I turned to face a boy with a boyish face (no duh) and a skinny frame.

"I'm Connor, and I saw that scene and I just wanted to know if you're all right. The boys and I were worried about you" he lifted his hand so I could take it.

"Jazel" I greeted lifting my hand with his and walking along.

When we made it to our destination, we were in front of a old pickup. Six other boys sat on the hood of the old pick up talking and having a good time.

"Guys this is Jazel. Jazel, that's Kian, Ricky, Jc, Sam, Trevor, and Ricardo." He pointed the boys out. I gave them a small shy wave while they did their boyish head nod.

"We're sorry." Ricky spoke. " About the locker thing, you can hang out with us if you want"

And then it hit me, these boys were Our2ndLife the most popular boys in school and I, Jazel Green, the most uncool outcast in school was going to be their friend. Oh snap.

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