First 28

To say Veronica's life was a mess was a total understatement. In a swift move of her best friend's boyfriend almost committing suicide and her best friend leaving him with a small "freak" in her mouth her world turns upside down. The next day he's dead. But that doesn't mean the devil goes for her friend in attempt to apologize for causing a death but Veronica instead. Not only that, but, she is forced to go back in time and save him from killing himself but the problem was.... she only had 28 days to do it.


1. Not the Happiest Couple Alive

         I was in big trouble. And what better way to whine about it than to you, a stranger, the reader of a book, of this book. Let us start from the very beginning where God gave me his job and the Devil punished me for something I didn't do.



        It was Wednesday, a cold breeze hit my face in a tickle and nipped frostbite onto my nose. I sat on the side walk waiting for my best  friend and her oh so amazing boyfriend to arrive. In a mist, as if they predicted I was just thinking of them, they arrived, Jenny clinging onto her boyfriend. "Veronica!!!" she squealed, releasing her guy and rushing (as fast as she could in heels in the snow) over to me in excitement. "How are you darling?"


    "Alright Jennifer and you?" I said politely. She gave her hair a flip. "Amazing thanks for asking!" she cried exaggerating. I couldn't forget about her boyfriend of course. "What's up John. How are ya?"


    "Alright. I guess." he said quietly. You see, I never understood what was wrong with John. He was the most popular guy at the school but was the shyest person I had ever met.




     Later that day, it happened. I was walking to the girls bathroom in attempt to rush to the bathroom before I pissed my pants when I heard it. Okay, more like him. Now my mom would murder me if I went into the boy's bathroom but the moans and soft cries distracted me from whatever my mom would say. "Hello?" I asked, totally forgetting about my full bladder.


    "Veronica? Go away." he muttered. So it was someone I knew, I thought. Perfect. He was in the stall. I opened it with an uneasy look. And I almost wanted to shoot myself.


   John, my best friends boyfriend, the most popular boy in the school, the star quarterback, wanted to die. Along his arms was marks of defeat and sadness. A rope hung loosely along his neck. I couldn't believe it. I stood there flabbergasted not saying a word staring at his face. "John... why?" that was pretty much everything that my throat let me say.


    "I hate myself." he began. "I don't want to be the most popular boy alive with a drunk stripper mom and an abusive dad who always fight. I don't want my little sister to become like neither one of them. I don't want her to end up dead because of the stuff they do to her. I don't want to die. I don't want to make myself like those monsters. I... I just don't want to live.

    Do you know how hard it is to pretend to love your friend. I know she doesn't love me either. I was so stupid for ever hating you. For bullying those guys by force. For every time I let peer pressure take over me. I was so stupid and God wants me to pay for those things. And I want to repay him by going to where I belong... Hell." he finished sobbing. I stood there shell shocked.


     "Look John, if God wanted you to pay for those things you did you would have already been killed by a train. Please don't ever say that. So what if you don't love Jenny. You have me right? We're now best friends and if you want to leave your new best friend than I suggest you start thinking positive about yourself. Or I won't bake you anymore cake." I said strictly.


   He chuckled. "Yes ma'am." I even cracked a smile at his chuckle. "Ok now let's get out of here before I puke at your guy's bathroom it reeks of crack and shit." I said.



   I laced my arm through his and we walked out of the bathroom both a happy smile on our face in pure silence. That's when Jenny walked towards us, a disgusted look her face. Maybe she was jealous, I thought. "Ew," she began. "Attention everyone, John Legend is a total emo. He cuts himself and everything how gross and loserish is that" she cried. Those last moments with John Legend were horrible. The people stared, the laughed. The next day, he was dead.

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