Angel of Death

[Cover made by Secrets Unfold]
Yuki Fushijima is a Junior at Christopher Ayres High School when a mysterious red head comes into his life and turns everything upside. Now demons are after him controlled by the fallen angel Lucifer who wants him destroyed to carry out his sinister plans for a new war against angels. Now Yuki must decide who's side he's on and stop the world from chaos.


12. Yuki, Yami, and Jun

"Yuki and the others follow Michael out of the house and onto the cemetery. Michael raises his hand in the air and suddenly a light shoots up into the sky. Immediately the ground around them began to shake beneath them.

"Woah! What's going on?" Levi yelled.

"Everyone grab onto me. It's almost time!" Michael said.

The men held onto Michael as the ground continued to shake. Instantly a light had fell upon them and with a loud crack of thunder, they were gone.


Moments later, the group appeared but in a completely different world. There was nothing around them except complete darkness.

"Where are we?" Yuki asked in awe and confusion.

"This is a place that lies in between Heaven and Hell. The void between space and time. This is where souls come and are judged, the keeper deciding which place is more fitting for each soul. This is Purgatory."

"So this is what Purgatory looks like. I always thought it would be more.... crowded. Well I know one thing, there's no way any angels or demons will find us." Andre said.

"Exactly. But there's always an exception. If they have a strong will, we could be found so it's very important that we remain vigilant. Alright Yuki, are you ready?"

"Yes. What is it that I have to do?" Yuki asked.

Michael reached into his pocket and pulled out a necklace. The necklace was a clear circle jar. Michael put the necklace on Yuki.

"I will send you deep into your psyche where your soul resides. There you will meet youru demon half and your angel half. You must face them and make peace with them. Once you make peace with each one they will enter this necklace. Once they do, you may return. Now I will warn you, the angel might come willingly for a good reason but the demon give you more trouble. If possible try to meet with the angel first. He might be able to aid you with the demon. Do you understand, Yuki?"

"Yes, I understand."

"Alright. Here we go." Michael put his hand on Yuki's forehead and light began to flow from his hand. Yuki closed his eyes and felt himself drifting farther and farther away from consciousness until he was completely gone.


Somewhere off in the distance, Yuki could hear the sound of birds chirping and water moving across a shore. Yuki opened his eyes to find himself on a beach.The sky was clear of cloudsas the sun beamed down on Yuki. Yuki walked toward the shore, the soft sand building up under his feet. As Yuki made it to the shore, the ocean was clear blue, so clear that Yuki's reflection showed on its surface. Yuki waved at his reflection and it waved back.Suddenly a wave came in, distorting his reflection.

"Huh?" Yuki said as the water began to calm once more. He noticed that his reflection had changed. It was a still mirror image of him but his clothes differed. Yuki was wearing a navy blue sweater and white t-shirt underneath with black pants. His reflection on the other hand, was wearing an all white suit, his complexion somehow lighter than Yuki's. Yuki tried to wave at his reflection but his reflection merely stared at him. Suddenly Yuki's reflection reached his hand out to Yuki. Yuki reached his hand towards his reflection. All of sudden Yuki's reflection grabbed his hand and Yuki shouted, reflexively pulling his hand back, which in turn pulled the reflection with it. Yuki fell and landed on his back but quickly raised himself up. His reflection was now standing in front of him. His reflection smiled.

"Hello Yuki." His reflection said.

"Hi." Yuki said nervously, still not comprehending the fact that he is currently talking to his reflection.

"My name is Jun. It's about time we finally met." Jun said.

"So I assume you know why I'm here then." 

"Of course. You need to unlock your power and in order to that you need Yami and I? But what for? I'm afraid I don't know."

"It's stop a rebellion caused by Lucifer." 

"Oh. Is that so? I figured he was going to do it sooner or later."

"Hey um, who is Yami?"

"Yami is the demon that resides in you."

"Oh. So Jun, will you help me?"

"I want to but I can't."

"What? Why not?" Yuki asked. Jun turned his head from Yuki.
"I cannot dare be near that monster, Yami. He sickens me. There's no way an angel and a demon should be near each other." Jun said, his arms crossed over his chest.

"Woah woah. Wait a minute." Yuki put his hands on his head. "Are you seriously saying that you won't help me stop a rebellion of demons and the devil because of your pride? Yuki said, bewildered. Jun looked away.

"Are you kidding me? You rather watch millions of people die instead of just working together because you're too selfish to think about anything else than your pride? What kind of angel are you?" Yuki yelled.

"Lower your voice when you speak to me. Remember I am inside of you and I can very well destroy you." Jun glared at Yuki. Yuki was taken aback. He sighed.

"Alright. I'm sorry. But really, it's not like you and Yami were in a relationship or anything serious like that." Yuki said. Suddenly Jun's eyes widen and he lowered his head, his face fully red. Then it dawned on Yuki.

"Dude, really?" Yuki cocked his head to the side and put his hand on his hips.

"Shut up." Jun said, blushing even more.

"But aren't you guys basically me? Like don't you look the same as me? Isn't that kinda weird."

Jun shook his head. "No. None of us look the same. The only reason I look like this was to make you more comfortable."

"Oh." Yuki said, dumbfounded. "Well I'm comfortable so I guess you can look like yourself." Jun closed his eyes and a flash of light came off his body. When the light dissipated, Jun's clothes were the same but his physical look was completely different. He had brown hair and greyish green eyes. Yuki's mouth dropped in awe. Jun blushed.

"Please don't stare at me. That's a little weird." Yuki immediately fixed his face.

"So what did you guys fight about?" Yuki asked.

Jun shook his head again. "I just can't stand him sometimes. He's so insensitive and childish. I hate it."

"I mean he is a demon..." Yuki said, scratching his head.

"That what he said! But you don't understand. We're the only two here. The least he can do is try to be a little loving. If your mom can do it, why can't he?"

Yuki sighed. "Okay, so if I help you two make up and get back together, will you help me?"

Jun looked at Yuki for a moment and sighed. 

"Yes I suppose so. But I doubt he'll listen to you."

"Alright then, where is he?"

Jun pointed to the forest behind Yuki. "He lives in a cabin in there. Also be careful, he might try to attack you so take this." Jun walks over to the shore and puts his hand in the water. When he lifts his hand, he is holding a small blue stone that sparkles like a diamond.

"Take this with you. It'll help protect you against Yami." Yuki takes the stone.

"Thanks." Yuki begans to walk away when Jun calls out to him.

"Good luck!"

"I'm gonna need it." Yuki thought as he continued to walk towards the forest.


As Yuki took his first step into the forest, he noticed how densely packed it was. Yuki continued to walk through the forest, his view of the beach getting smaller and smaller. Yuki noticed that the deeper he went into the forest, the more it was becoming difficult to navigate through. Yuki continued on, stepping over large branches and rocks that covered the ground. Suddenly there was a whistling sound that carried throughout the forest. Then in an instant, the whistling wind brushed passed Yuki's face.

"Ow." Yuki criedout. He then noticed his cheek ws bleeding from a fresh cut.

"What the hell?" Yuki said. Immediately the whistling came again but this time it was below Yuki. Yuki felt a sharp pain go across his leg and saw a slash in his jeans. Yuki began to run. The whistling continued to chase after him, this time followed by the shaking of tree branches and grass. Yuki could Jun's words ringing his head. "Be careful. He might try to kill you. Take this." Then Yuki remembered the stone in his pocket.

"But how could use this if I can't see him?" Yuki thoughted. Suddenly Yuki felt as if the wind had been knocked out of him and flew into a tree. Yuki groaned in pain as he tried to regain his breathing. 

"Well well well, look do we have here?" a young but deep voice said. Yuki looked up to see a slim but muscular figure standing over him. The figure had pale phantom like skin with black hair and yellow eyes. But the area around his eyes, which in humans is white, was black all over. The figure was wearing all black, effectively blending in with the darkness of the forest. 

"You must be Yami?" Yuki said. The figure kicked Yuki in the chest.

"Yep." Yami laughed. Yuki coughed aggressively.

"Look, Jun sent me here to talk to you." Yami's eyes narrowed.

"Liar. Who are you trying to fool? I'll kill you for that." Yami raised his leg, prepared to make a fatal kick on Yuki's heart. Yuki tried to scramble to his feet.

"Wait wait! I can prove it." Yuki said, holding his arm up. Yuki used his other arm to reach into his pocket and help up the stone in front of him. Yami's eyes widen in astonishment and he lowered his leg. Yami took the stone from Yuki.

"Where did you get this?" Yami asked.

"Jun gave it to me. Like I said, he sent me here to talk to you." Yuki said. Yami continued to stare at the stone.

"This is the stone from off the ring I gave him." 

"Oh." Yuki said a bit awkwardly.

"Why did he send you here?"

"He said he wanted to talk to you. He said you've been insensitive and childish and he doesn't like you. He wants you to love him more."

Yami sighed and sat up against a tree next to Yuki.

"I try to be loving as much as I can. But I'm a demon. It's hard for us to feel any type of pure human emotions such as love or compassion. But I love him very much. Yeah, I admit that sometimes I just don't give a damn or I like to play around with him but that neber meant that I didn't love him." Yami sighed.

Is there anything else that you did that would make him upset? Be honest." Yuki looked at Yami. Yami scratched his head awkwardly.

"Well, I kind of did cheat on him a little." Yami said, looking away. 

"What? How? I thought you couldn't leave my body."

Yami chuckled. "Who told you that? We can leave whenever we want to but we have to come back because we're linked to your soul. If we don't come back, you'll be destroyed. Well spiritually anyways. Maybe a little mentally too."

Yuki sighed. "Alright. Well you need to come back with me to the shore so that you can apologize to Jun. That's the only I can think of making peace with you two."

Yami growled slightly then sighed. "Alright whatever. Let's go." The two got up and began to make their way back to the shore to go see Jun.


The two boys made their way out of the forest and back to the beach. As the two made the journey back, the two talked about Yamia and Jun's relationship and ways that it could be improved. The conversation continued, eventually leading to the discussion of Will and Yuki's relationship (which he wasn't really up to talking about but Yami persisted) and how Yuki felt about Levi, which he wasn't quite sure about. Yuki wanted to be near Levi and always felt strange when he was around him but Yuki wasn't sure if that was love or not. The two made it to the beach, where Jun was dipping his toes into the clear blue water. Jun looked at the two approaching and stood.

"Hey Jun." Yami said, scratching his head awkwardly.

"Hi Yami." Jun said, also feeling the awkwardness of the situation.

"Look Jun. I want to apologize to you. I know that I've done some things that I shouldn't have and the way I have hurt you. I know I don't deserve it or you but if you give me another chance, I promise I'll do better."

Jun shook his head. "No. You have hurt me too much for me to forgive you. You'vd done some horrible things and it's just too much for me." Jun said, his voice becoming slightly hoarse and his eyes filled with tears. Yami kneeled before Jun and grabbed his hands.

"Please give me another chance. I'll try to do better. Just please don't let it end like this. Please." Yami said, his yellow eyes filled with tears. Jun stared at him for a moment, then sighed.

"Alright. One more chance. That's all I can give you. Please don't abuse it." Yami stood and hugged Jun tightly as the two shared a deep passionate kiss. Yuki scratched his head awkwardly as he watched the intimate moment.

"Um, so will you be able to help me now?" Yuki asked, a little awkwardly. The two released each other. 

"Of course. A promise is a promise. Yami, we must give Yuki our power so that he may fulfill his duty." Jun said.

Yami raised an eyebrow. "What duty?"

"Lucifer is raising a rebellion and I must be the one to stop him."

Yami sighed. "I guess that's kind of important. Alright, let's get started then."

"So what is that you want me to do?" Yuki asked.

"Grab our hands Yuki, and we will transfer our power to you." Jun said. Yuki walked over to the two and joined hands.

"Alright Yuki. Close your eyes." Jun said. Yuki closed his eyes. Suddenly the two boys began to glow, Jun a soft white and Yami a harsh black. The energy began to flow to Yuki, making his body a glow a light gray. As the energy continued to flow to Yuki, he could feel himself getting stronger and sharper with each minute that passed by. Finally the transfer was done. Yuki opened his eyes, no longer grey but now a crimson red. Yuki was oozing with power and the two boys could clearly see that.

"Alright Yuki, now that you have your power, we're gonna send you back. Please do good by us and others who need you and use what we gave you to complete your mission faithfully."

"Thank you, both of you." Yuki said.

"Yea yea yea, now go back already." Yami said, slightly annoyed by the compliment. Yuki closed his eyes once more and soon faded away, back to those who is waiting for his arrival. With his new power and his faithful friends, Yuki felt that he is finally ready to defeat Lucifer.


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