Angel of Death

[Cover made by Secrets Unfold]
Yuki Fushijima is a Junior at Christopher Ayres High School when a mysterious red head comes into his life and turns everything upside. Now demons are after him controlled by the fallen angel Lucifer who wants him destroyed to carry out his sinister plans for a new war against angels. Now Yuki must decide who's side he's on and stop the world from chaos.


3. Winter Ball

    Winter came pretty early in Maine. The skies turn to its darkest gray as white specks begin to fall from the sky, clumping onto objects. And with every winter season came the Winter Ball. The Winter Ball was a masquerade dance held on the winter solstice, December 21. The fun thing about the winter ball is that everyone is a mystery. You could never guess who was behind the mask, so it could turn out pretty good or horribly bad. That's what made it so entertaining for Yuki. He loved seeing jealous boyfriends get angry at their girlfriends for kissing another guy or vice versa. Lucky for Yuki, Will stood out like a sore thumb because of his golden blonde hair.

   Levi has been going to Ayres High for about two weeks now and since he had literally every class with Yuki, they just decided to walk together, which was not okay with Will. Will was the jealous type so having another man trying to get his was not going to happen. Its bad enough that Levi is handsome, but he's a scholar just like Yuki and they have a lot in common as well. Whenever Will would see Yuki and Levi together, he would deliberately kiss him just to earn a satisfactory look of resentment from Levi.

    Yuki and Levi were on their way to English when a girl with soft brown hair and hazel eyes approached them, holding a piece of paper in her hands. Damn. Not another one. Yuki thought.

  "Yuki... um. Will you go to the Winter Ball with me?" her voice was soft as a whisper so that only Yuki and Levi could hear. Everyone in the hall knew what she asked and stopped to see Yuki's response. Yuki scratched the back of his head awkwardly. He hates rejecting girls but he never particularly liked them. They were fun to hang out with but going to balls and stuff like that was like a date to Yuki and Yuki doesn't date women. He almost felt bad for her stupidity because the whole school knew he was homosexual and yet she still had the guts to ask him out.

   "I'm sorry but-" Yuki couldn't even get the full sentence out before the girl began to cry. Fuck. Yuki instinctively looked at Levi for some kind of help, but who Yuki saw was not Levi. Levi's eyes were narrowed and his mouth curled up in disgust.

  "Why are you crying?" Levi asked, ice in his voice. The girl's bloodshot eyes looked up at Levi's cold stare.

  "Did you really expect him to say yes? How stupid and pathetic are you? What makes you think that you're so special out of all these other girls? To me, your just another slut looking for a man to fuck over. Now if you don't mind, Yuki and I have a class to get to." Levi's cold stare was like storm and his words just rained hail all over the girl's heart. The girl let out a large sob and ran away. Yuki stared In disbelief at Levi. This is a side of Levi he's never seen before. With each new day, Levi would shine more light on his character and so far, that person is scary. Levi turned to Yuki, replacing his cold stare with a dazzling smile. "Shall we go?" Levi bowed his head to Yuki and they went on to class.



       It was now sixth period and Yuki was super ready to go home. His day has gone bad to worse ever since Levi told that girl off. When they made it to English, they saw the same girl being comforted by her friends. When he sat down, the girls gave him a dirty look the whole class period. Then in fifth period there was a substitute who kept trying to make a pass at him. Oh yeah, by the way the sub was a guy. In the end Yuki snapped and told the sub off and was sent to the office. The principal was going to suspended him for a couple of days but lucky for Yuki he manages to charm the principal into letting him off with just a few dententions. Now he was in his Journalism class, going around the school taking open pictures with Levi who occasionally puts his hands on Yuki's forbidden areas. Finally Yuki had had enough.

     " Will you stop it already!" Yuki turned to Levi, his eyes glowing with anger. Levi smirked.

     "You're so cute when you're angry." Yuki made a disgusted noise and walked away, with Levi at the same pace.

    "Hey, you know what would be great?" Levi said, now walking next to Yuki.

     "What?" Yuki said still angry.

      " If you go to the ball with me." Yuki stopped in his tracks. Levi stood in front of him, a widening grin showing on his face.


"Because I love you and having you in my arms while we dance into ecstasy has always been my dream." Yuki blushed all the way to his ears at Levi's blunt statement. How can he just say 'I love you' so easily? Those words are suppose to be sacred. Why is he using it as if it means nothing? Levi must have read Yuki's mind because he said, " Yuki. I truly find the words 'I love you' special and I would never use it in vain. Not even now."

    Yuki's heart beat uncontrollably. He felt like jumping in his arms and screaming out, "Hallelujah!", but there's one problem.

    "Wait. I was going to go with Will. What about him? I can't stand him up."

  All of sudden, Will came running up to Yuki. By the time he made it to the boys, he was huffing and puffing with perspiration running down his face.

   "Gosh Will! Looks like you just ran out of Hell. What's the matter?" Yuki said, putting his hand on Will's shoulder. Will shrugged his hand off and regained his breath.

   "Guess who just asked me to the Winter Ball?!" He paused waiting for them to answer. "Well guess." He added.

     "Who?" Yuki asked.

      "Jade Garcia. The most popular girl in school." Levi said, distaste in his voice but showed no signs on his face. Yuki became puzzled. 

      "Who the fuck is that? You know what I honestly don't give a damn who the hell it is but what about me?" Yuki said, anger flooding his voice. Will was taken aback, utterly shocked by Yuki's foul language. He never cursed before.

"Well I... I thought you could go with Levi."

"So that's it huh? Send your boyfriend off with another guy while you go play grab ass with a GIRL! What kind of boyfriend are you? Certainly not mines. So you go ahead and have fun with Jade while I go with Levi. Also don't bother talking to me the next day, the day after, even the week after the ball! Because I swear if I see your face, I'm gonna make sure no one wants you. Let's go Levi." Yuki stormed off with a grinning Levi and a stunned Will.





    It was the night of the Winter Ball and the Ayres High's gym was flooded with gowns, tuxedos and masks. Yuki was waiting at the entrance wearing a white jacket suit with black trousers. He checked his watch for about the fifteenth time, not changing a single minute. Yuki looked around frantically, finally the man Yuki's been looking for had arrived.

   Levi made his way through the flowing crowd of people. He was wearing an all black tuxedo and a big white smile on his face. Yuki couldn't help but return the smile. Levi kneeled on one knee and took Yuki's hand.

    "Shall we go, my love?" Levi kisses Yuki's hand, making Yuki's ears turn red. Levi stood and chuckled. "So cute."

   Yuki and Levi put on their masks and headed into the gym. When they went in the auditorium, it was like a dream. The whole room was covered in blue and white. The left side of the room had a table with food and a crystal bowl with blue punch. The right side of the room has a large portrait of the Ayres's mascot, an angel. EXO High was founded by a powerful archangel name Bach Bumick. Hanging on the ceilings were crystal chandeliers, rocking back and forth slowly as the light on the bulbs shined beautifully on them.

   Levi and Yuki walked to the punch bowl when they saw two familiar figures, a tall guy with blonde hair and a smaller girl with long brown hair. The two boys approached them. When Will saw the two boys, he avoided eye contact with Yuki but Jade did not seem to care.

"Hi Yuki. Its a shame that you turned me down but luckily your boyfriend was nice enough to bring me. Isn't he such a gentleman?" Jade smiled arrogantly. Yuki flashed her a fake smile, trying not to grab her hair and drown her in the punch bowl.

"I guess that little act in the hallway was suppose to gain sympathy from Will. Luckily for you, he's all yours. I'm mean, I'm sure your used to taking other peoples' trash. Have a good night to both of you." Yuki and Levi both flashed them a smile then left the punch table, leaving Jade with her mouth open and Will with his head down.

  When Yuki was sure that they were out of Will and Jade's view, Yuk let out a depressed sigh and slumped his shoulders. Levi came up behind him and put his hands around Yuki's waist. He whispered in Yuki's ear, " Don't worry. You have me now. I'll be your everything." Yuki wanted to cry at his loving words but he knew he couldn't cause a scene so he decided to do something better. Yuki turned to Levi and kissed him. It was a passionate kiss. It was sweet like honey and it filled every area of Levi's mouth. Levi felt as if he was going to melt with Yuki. He let himself indulge for a while longer then pulled away. As the two separated, they looked into each others' eyes and sparks flew.

   "Why did you..." Levi began hesitantly, breaking eye contact with Yuki. Yuki smiled brightly at the flustered Levi.

   "Because I feel more for you in two weeks than I've felt with Will in 6 years." Yuki said.

     The two boys smiled at each other. "So shall we dance?" Levi held out his hand. Yuki took Levi's hand and they made their way to the dance floor. They danced all night, completely oblivious to the eyes that were watching them. If only they knew that today would be their last day of bliss.  

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