Angel of Death

[Cover made by Secrets Unfold]
Yuki Fushijima is a Junior at Christopher Ayres High School when a mysterious red head comes into his life and turns everything upside. Now demons are after him controlled by the fallen angel Lucifer who wants him destroyed to carry out his sinister plans for a new war against angels. Now Yuki must decide who's side he's on and stop the world from chaos.


1. The Corpse Boy

~~                                                                   Chapter 1: The Corpse Boy


      The halls went quiet whenever he arrived. Everyone went to either side of the wall to avoid stepping in his way. Girls stared in lust as they mentally undressed him yearning for every inc h of his body. Guys watched in envy at his smooth stride and indifferent attitude towards others. He was the most popular guy in school, he just didn't know it. His ash white hair and cool grey eyes made his teachers (male and female) hearts reace to its maxium speed. On the plus, he was a scholar, ready to seek his teeth into any kind of new information that he could get his smooth hands on. Yuki Fushijima is in his third year of of high school and people had already gave him a name. The Corpse Boy. Not the kind of name for a guy who makes even custodians drool. But that was his name and there was a reason behind it. Every so often he would go to the Mongolian Cemetery and sing to the people living under the grass. It might look strange for whoever watched but he felt for some reason that that was the least he could do to end the pain and suffering of the dead.

      Yuki made his way to his locker, ignoring the hungry eyes that continued to follow him, even while his back was turned. He put the combination into the lock only for a flood of love letters to spill out all over the hallway floor. Yuki sighed. He was getting so tired of this. Yuki only went to his locker once a week and everytime he did, there would be thousands of letters from girls, guys, and teachers. There once was a love letter from his math teacher, Ms. Angel that said she wanted to see him after school for "extra credit". Yuki nevered showed up to the pedo's invitation and he ended failing one of his math test because she wouldn't allow him to finish and wouldn't let him make up. After that experience Yuki concluded one thing: Life is a bitch and there is nothing you can do to change it.

        As Yuki was picking up the letters, someone came up behind him and smacked his butt. Yuki whipped back and was going to yell at the person but he was stopped short with a soft deep kiss on his lips. Yuki resisted for a while but eventually gave in and let him indulge himself in the sweet heat and shivers that ran through his body.

"Ah...." Yuki moaned softly. He could feel everyone's eyes on the two, but he didn't care. He was on a hormonal high right now and was not about to let that go because of some bystanders with venom in thier eyes. The person released Yuki's lips and made their way down his neck while their hands rested on his bottom, squeezing tightly.

"Will.... stop it. That's enough." Yuki said. Will released his grip off of Yuki's butt. Will is a 5'11 with golden blonde hair and crystal clear blue eyes that sparkled like relflected water. Like Yuki, he was wearing all black, except a white shirt under his black cardigan.He flashed a bright sparkling smile at Yuki.

"Hi angel. I missed you. What have you been up to since I was gone?" Will had recently left the previous summer to Australia where he visited a sick uncle who had suffered a stroke at the age of 55. "Nothing much. How's your uncle?'

"He's fine now. He just needs to stop smoking so many cigars before he ends up six feet below the ground. Do you wanna have lunch with me later?" Will was born and raised in Britain and came to America when he was nine..Even though Will has been in America for six years his British accent was still quite heavy but nontheless it was the sexiest accent Yuki has ever heard and it made his heart jump to the sound of it. Yuki met Will at the Mongolian Cemetery where Will's father was buried after he died from a hit and run by a drunk driver. Will visited his gravesite every weekend to bring him flowers. Yuki was there singing to an old veteran that died during the war. Will had noticed Yuki's singing and asked if he could sing for his dad. Yuki agreed to it and sang to Will's dad. Afterwards, the two boys became really good friends, going to the cemetery and singing to the dead. They found out that they had a lot of common. They were both loners. Yuki's father was an alcoholic and his mother was being abused. Will's mother was a drug addict, so CPS took him away and now he's living with his aunt and her husband George.

"Yeah. I'll eat lunch with you but can we at the Burger Combana?" Yuki asked. Will smirked at his angel. "Alright love. We can go." Yuki wrapped his arms around Will's neck and gave him another deep kiss. "OK. I'll see you later." Yuki and Will parted ways and headed for their classes.


Yuki's favorite class was English. He loved to see read the literature that was assigned to him. For the past month, they have been reading The Crucible. Besides, it was this last class before he got to go home in a good mood. Since today was a half day, he was even happier. The bell signaled for the final day, telling the students to go home and lay off the coffee while the teachers grade the cavemen and the machines papers.

"Wait a minute everyone!" The English teacher, Mr. Jones, said and everyone stopped in their tracks. "Tomorrow we will be having a test on The Crucible. Also we have a new student transferring from Egypt tomorrow and I want you to treat him with the upmost respect. Alright, get out!" The hallways flooded when it was time to leave, but there was still hungry eyes that stared at Yuki and at every move he made. Yuki always met Will at their usual spot at the library. They all always met at the autobiography section for no apparent reason.

     Yuki arrived at the library at noon. He knew Will would pissed at him for making him wait since they got out at eleven but didn't get there to noon. When Yuki made it to the autobiography section, Will was agitated, tapping his index finger impatiently on the bookshelf, turning his finger redder with each hard tap. When Will finally noticed that Yuki was there, he blew up in anger.

"What the hell took you so long?! Were you frozen in time or something?" Yuki couldn't help but giggled which made Will more pissed. "What the hell's so funny!? I'm freaking starving here!" Yuki wrapped his arms around Will's waist, burying his head in his shirt.

"I'm sorry." Yuki looked at Will and his eyes glittered. Will blushed immediately and scratched his head awkwardly.

"Whatever. Let's just go. I'll pay."

"OK!" Yuki said cheerfully and they left the library.


Yuki and Will pulled up at the Burger Combana parking lot in Will's gray Toyota Charger. The Burger Combana was always bustling with teens when school was out. Teens kissing in the corners, slap-boxing, and guys hitting on chicks, hoping to find a new girl to score with. That's what these teens did. And this is where it happened. Yuki hated everyone here but the food was pretty good so he managed to ignore the other factors.

"Babe, what do you want?" Will said, his arm wrapped around Yuki's shoulder. Yuki looked at Will, whose eyes were so clear that they almost became water. Yuki was always enchanted with his eyes. He always thought that if he stared at them long enough, that he could be completely enveloped in them, riding the stream that could take him away from this world.

"Um, I'll have a veggie burger and potato chips with a bottle of water." Will looked at him. "I'm trying to stay in shape." He added.

"Alright then." Will said, then to the cashier," I'll have a Double Decker, no mayo. extra pickles, a large fry and a Coke." Yuki slapped Will's stomach when they went to their booth. "OW. What was that for?" Yuki flashed a bright smile.

"You're a fatty." Yuki said, chidding in a child's voice. Will stared at him in disbelief.

"Do you not see these abs!?" Will said as he lifted up his shirt, exposing a full eight pack.

"DUDE!" Yuki said bewildered, trying to pull Will's shirt down. His shirt had been up for a while and people were starting to stare. Will laughed and pulled his shirt down back over his waist.

"Relax. You know I only have eyes for you." WIll said, wrapping his hands around Yuki's waist, leaning in for a kiss. Yuki turned his head and Will's lips brushed Yuki's neck. That sent chills up his spine. Yuki pushed him away when the cashier called out their order.

    The two boys gathered their food and sat outside on one of the tables. As Yuki was eating his food calmly and Will savagely scarfing down his like a starving orphan, a group of guys dressed in black and white sat at the table in front of them. The guys were play fighting and arguing. Yuki continued to watch them when he notices that one of the guys was staring at him. He had short maroon hair with one eye that was light blue and the other dark green. He was wearing an all black shirt that drooped at the chest, white pants and  white shoes with black angel wings on them. Yuki has never seen someone so handsome as him. Well except Will. But this guy had something mysterious and exotic about him. Will was bubbly and optimistic but didn't have a serious bone in his body. But there was, something was off about him.

"Hey! Babe! Are you listening to anything I'm saying?" WIll said irritably. Yuki realized that he was staring intently at the guy that he forgot that Will had started talking.

"Oh I'm sorry. What did you say?" Yuki said apologetically. Will scratched the back of his head, clearly irritated. Will turned to the table in front of them and saw the guy, who was still staring at Yuki. Will looked from from Yuki to the guy and back to Yuki. He quickly blew a fuse.

"Hey man! What the hell are you staring at?" Will shouted. Yuki's eyes widen as the guy walked smoothly to their table. He stood there for a moment then smirked.

"Hey." His voice was seductively low like a host who has been in the business since he was eighteen. Yuki felt as if he was gonna melt right on the spot but he kept his composure, for if Will saw any signs of yearning he'll lose his whole head.

"Hello. Who are you and why are you looking at my hon'?" Will said each word slicing the air like a knife, trying to intimidate the guy, but it seemed to have no effect on the him.

"Me? My name is Levi and the reason why I was looking at your 'hon'," he put up quotation marks with is fingers,"was because he was looking at me first."

Damn. Will looked at Yuki for answers and Yuki sighed.

"The only reason why I was staring at him was because YOU were staring at me." Yuki pointed at Levi. Will werved his head back to Levi. Levi put his hands up in surrender.

"Alright. I guess you caught me." Levi said easily.

"So why were you looking at him?" Will asked again.

"It's plain and simple. I think he's sexy." Levi grinned. Will shot out of his chair like a rocket and put his hands up like a boxer ready to fight.

"You wanna go!? I'll whoop your ass right here, right now!" Will became exremely agitated.

"You humans are something special. No I don't wanna fight you, but believe it or not I'll have him all to myself soon enough." Levi said. "Well goodday Will and Yuki." He added. Levi began to walk away but turned around slightly to look at the two. Leaving them with a wink, Levi and his friends left the Burger Combana. Will was infuriated but Yuki was mystified. He had never seen a guy like that before and he was even more mystified by his leave. They didn't even tell them their names. Who is he and how does he know them? Whoever he might be, Yuki had a feeling that this wasn't the last time they'll be seeing Levi.

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