Angel of Death

[Cover made by Secrets Unfold]
Yuki Fushijima is a Junior at Christopher Ayres High School when a mysterious red head comes into his life and turns everything upside. Now demons are after him controlled by the fallen angel Lucifer who wants him destroyed to carry out his sinister plans for a new war against angels. Now Yuki must decide who's side he's on and stop the world from chaos.


11. Story Time

       It became extremely hot and muggy inside the tomb as the two waited for the fight to end. The smell of the newly dug up corpses were making Yuki gag with disgust and the intense body heat coming from Levi was not enhancing the situation. The world outside the tomb had grown quiet and for a moment there was only the sound of thier breathing that remained in the still air. Suddenly a violent tremor shook the sturdy tomb and the large marble door opened. Yuki and Levi stepped out of the tomb and onto the disarrayed cemetery. There were tomb stones scattered everywhere, large broken oak trees leaned over like mothers' consoling their crying children. Levi made a slight whistle. 

"This is definitely going to need some fixing." Yuki rolled his eyes and saw Michael limping away, trying not to draw attention to himself, but ultimately failed when he tripped over a tombstone and landed face first in the dirt.

"Dad, where did you think you were going with those injuries?" Yuki said, standing over Michael with a daunting smile.

"Hurry up and help me up, you smart ass." Michael grumbled. Yuki giggled softly and helped his father up. 

"Come father, let's go to the house. It's time for story time." Yuki said.

"Story time?"


Once inside the house of Andre, Yuki placed Michael on the couch and Andre immediately went to attending his wounds. Yuki plopped himself on an armchair and crossed his legs.

"So father. You ready for story time?" Yuki said.

"What the hell are you talking about 'story time'?" Michael asked then cringed in pain as Andre applied alcohol to his wounds.

"This is the first time that I've seen you in sixteen years and I want to get know about you and mother since I never got the chance to until now. Don't you think I deserve at least that?" Yuki said, his face showing a mix of sadness and hopefulness. Michael stared at Yuki for a moment, a look of despondency plastered on his face.

"You're right. That's one of many things that you deserve. Alright, listen up son. It started in 1990. That was the first time I ever met your mother and that is when our story truly began."


February  14, 1990

Cambridge, England



 It was a cool summer day. The spring had left the city of Cambridge with in a watery debt from the constant storms and flooding.It was now summer and it was time to break out the warm clothing and open the pools for the summers were hot and unforgiving in this type of setting. Michael was making his way to a small coffee shop to meet with Uriel about a new assignment that God wishes for Michael to attend to. Uriel wanted Michael to come to Heaven and discuss the matter but Michael wished to do it the mundane way and meet with him on Earth in a semi secluded location. Michael loved the way the humans have shaped the Earth with their new innovations that would allow them to adapt and make themselves a comfortable life. As Michael continued to walk down the sidewalk, he noticed that he was getting quite a lot of stares from the women who passed by him. Who could blame them, really? Archangels are beautiful creatures with no imperfections. Althought Michael was only wearing a red flannel shirt with black jeans that had holes in the knees, his long raven hair tied back into a ponytail and his blue eyes shining brighter than a diamond under water, he was the very paragon of perfection. Michael finally arrived at the coffee shop, small and quaint with boothes against the walls near the entrance and the exit. In the center of the coffee shop was six tables with two chairs on each table while the bar was in the far back. There were not a lot of people in there, maybe around seven or eight patrons sipping a cup of tea and chatting away as mundanes do. Sitting at one of the boothes near the exit was a blonde hair man with glasses wearing a white button down shirt with charcoal dress pants, drinking a cup of tea and reading The Daily Express. 

"Uriel!" Michael said, bubbily. The blonde man looked up from his newspaper and smiled. 

"Michael! Come on over here." Michael made his way to the booth and plopped down on the seat.

"Hello Uriel. I feel like it's been centuries since I've seen you. How are you?"

"I've been well. Heaven is busier now than ever since Earth was created. How about you? Are you having fun living the mundane life?"

"My gosh! The humans here are so strange and exotic. The way that they interact with one another is very entertaining. I've been to one of their churches. You should see how they worship Father! They love and worship him almost as much as we do. I believe that they are God's greatest creation. I am really happy that he made us the protectors of these wonderful creatures."

Uriel chuckled at Michael's compassion for the humans.

"Well speaking of protecting mankind, let's discuss the assignment God has prepared." Soon Michael's loose demeanor became more rigid and serious.

"What is it?"

"There has been a recent outbreak of missing women. Over the past two weeks, twelve women have gone missing. God believes that demons have kidnapped these women so that they can breed anitchrist children into the world."

Michael sneered in disgust. "Do you know who the demons are?"

"It seems that the demons are subordinates of two female demons, Gorgon and Hecate."

"And what is it that you want me to do?" Michael asked, taking the white envelope that Uriel had produced from his back pocket.

"He wants you to track down their hideout. The ultimate goal is elimination of the two demons."

"And what happens to the women?"

Uriel went silent and lowered his head. MIchael's eyes widened in shock. 

"No.... you don't mean it. They're going to be..."

"Yes. The women will have to be cleansed." Uriel said with finality in his voice.

"But Uriel, you know if the women have an antichrist child inside of them the cleansing will surely kill them. It'll rip their insides apart as the baby is incinerating inside of them! Is there really no other way?" Michael said with the desperateness of a man about to lose his child.

"Michael, in order for the women to be pure in the eyes of God, they must be cleansed. That is the only way they will be accepted into Heaven. These women have suffered a great injustice and have been denied the right to go to Heaven because they were victims of a demon's yearning. Don't you think they deserve justice in the eyes of the Lord?"

Michael heaved a sigh. He knew there was no way around the cleansing. The women must be cleansed unless they want to get into Heaven. It is one of many Archangel duties that brought him great discomfort but he was a loyal son and supreme Archangel. He is obligated to follow the rules, the ones that must never be broken.

"Alright. Where is the hangout located?" Michael asked. Uriel wrote the address down on a piece of paper and slid it towards Michael.

"They're located in London at a place called the Gentlemen's Club."

Michael raised an eyebrow, questioningly. "Wait, isn't the Gentlemen's Club a-"

"Yes, it's a strip club."

"Ah, well alrighty then. I guess I'll be on my way." Michael and Uriel stood and walked out of the coffee shop. 

"It was great seeing you, Uriel. I really hope we'll be able to hang out again like we used to." Michael said, a seductive smile widening across his face. Uriel blushed a crimson red.

"Of course. I hope it'll be soon." The two men shared an embrace.

"Goodbye Michael." Uriel said as the two men let go. Then in the blink of an eye, he was gone.

Michael smiled up at the sky and at his friend who has now returned to Heaven and began to make his way to London.


Michael arrived in London later that evening. He could have made it to London at the time when Uriel left but again, he decided to do the mundane way and use the train instead. Michael felt that the mission wasn't going to take up that much time and it should be over within mere minutes. But he still brought all his weapons just for the precaution that things might not be as simple. Soon after arriving in London, he quickly made his way to the Gentlemen's Club which really wasn't that hard to find, giving the electric sign with hot pink LED lighting. As Michael approached the door to the club, he sensed a powerful presence behind him. But before he could even register the figure, he was kicked in the back and sent flying through the club's door and landed on a glass table which shatterd underneath his weight. Michael groaned in pain as he lifted himself to a seating position. Standing in the door frame was a dark female figure. Her chocolate colored skin and green eyes were a stark contrast to her flaming red hair that flowed as if it had a mind of its own.

"Well well well, if itsn't the archangel Michael." The woman purred.

Michael smiled slightly. "Gorgon. I see you're doing well."

"Ugh, please don't call me that horrid name. Call me Gora."

Michael smiled as he stood. "Well, I guess that's somewhat better."

"Now what brings God's right hand man to our humble little club?"

"'Humble' is the last thing it should be called. I heard your subordinates have been kidnapping women and impregnating them."

"Yeah, so?" Gora said with an indifferent tone.

"And so you honestly thought God would overlook you harming his children?"

"Ugh. Why is that you and Him must always interfere with our work? Well that ends today, and it'll start with your head on a spike." Gora said as she charged at Michael, knocking him into a bar with a loud crash. Michael groaned but quickly rose and pulled out his sword.

"So you want to sword fight, huh Mikey? Alright baby, let's fight." Gora said, brandishing a large emerald colored scythe.

The two rushed toward each other, their swords locking on impact. Both pulled back as Gora swung her scythe at Michael's head. Michael ducked but the scythe cut the tie that was holding his hair and his black hair spilled across his back. 

"Ooh sexy. If only I didn't have to kill you. We could'e definitely had some fun in my bedroom tonight." Gora, purred, licking her lips.

"I'll pass." Michael said with a wink.

"Suit yourself." Michael swings his sword at Gora multiple times, each one she effectively dodges. Michael swings once more, slicing deep into Gora's side. She screamed in agony and jumped back, putting her hand over her wound to stop the bleeding.

"Bitch!" Gora yelled. Michael shrugged carelessly.

"Oh there's something that's been bugging me. Where's your partner, Hecate?" Michael asked, looking around to see if she would pop out at the sound of her name.

"Ugh, don't even mention that little two-faced whore! She turned her back on the plan, claiming that it was wrong and that we should let the women go. We're demons! We don't have morales to live by! So I chained that little bitch up with the other girls in the basement." Gora growled in disguist.

"Well that's unfortunate for you. Anyways, I'm sick of this. Let's end this." Michael said.

"Yes. Let's." Gora and Michael once again charged at each other. Gora jumped in the air and landed a kick on Michael, who had his arm up to block the blow. Gora, jumped in mid air again from off of Michael's arm and prepared for another attack with her sword. But she was too slow and Michael plunged his sword in her chest mid-air. Gora yelled in pain as she bled out, slowing deepening the sword in her chest as her body sunk.

"" Gora choked out as the light went out of her eyes.

Michael lowered his sword and allowed for the Gora's body to slide off his sword. Michael sheathed his sword and went through a door of the club opposite of him. As he went through, the stairway was pitch black. Above Michael was a string connected to a lamp that gave the stairway light after he pulled. As Michael walked down the steps, he could hear the sound of women crying around the corner. Michael finally made it to the bottom of the stairways and the room he was in contained multiple jail cells, all with women chained to walls inside of them. The ladies cried out in fear as Michael entered further into the room.

"Ladies, you are all safe now. The head leader is dead and I am sure that her subordinates will know she's dead. There's no need to fear anymore. Soon you will be with God." Michael raised his hand and a blue light began to flow out into the room and bathe the women in its light. When the light faded, so did the women. All except one. Michael walked up to the cell that the last woman in it.

"So you must be Hecate, then." Michael said through the gate that had separated him and the woman. The woman had long white hair that shimmered and light grey eyes that sparkled as if dancing to its own rhythm. But these things were a sharp contrast to her black lace dress that seemed to make her skin a ghostly white. Although she was a demon and a horrid creature to angels, she was stunning in Michael's eyes.

"I am." Her voice was as calm as the ocean. "And you must be Michael. I suppose your going to kill me. Or take me prisoner. If so, do it now. It will be better than being a prisoner under Lucifer's wrath once he knows what I've done."

Michael stared at the fierce woman who was unshaken by his presence. He did not wish to kill her since she technically aided him in an indirect way. She also helped stop the kidnapping of many more women and showed a sign of humanity, which is something most demons are incapable of doing. But he also couldn't take her to Heaven as a prisoner. Because she is a demon, they would kill her on the spot. After a moment, he let out a large sigh and opened the gate that was between them.

"I will not kill you nor will I hold you prisoner. Instead, I will bring you home.... with me."

"What?" Hecate said bewildered. "You're going to take me to Heaven! Are you daft, man?" 

Michael smacked his forehead in embarassment. "Oops. I guess I should have been more clear. I meant my home here on Earth." Michael chuckled.

"I still don't think that's a smart idea. Can't the archangels track our presence? That will certainly raise suspicion."

Michael smiled softly and put his hand over Hecate's forehead. Hecate moved back slightly, startled by the gesture.

"Don't move." Michael said. Suddenly a white light began to spout from his hand. The light flashed and then it was gone. Then suddenly Michael's body began to glow bright white. The light on his body flashed and soon was gone.

"There. Now both Heaven and Hell won't be able to find us. We'll be safe." Michael said and began to walk.

"Hey, wait! What if... what if I try to kill you?" Hecate said. Michael turned toward Hecate and then stared at her for a moment.

"You won't. At the current moment, you are at a weaken state and it will take a while for you to regain full strength. And if you do so happen to try and kill me," Michael smiled coldly, "I'll kill you instead."

Hecate froze in silence at his sudden coldness. Michael reverted back to his warm self and smiled while holding Hecate's hand.

"Shall we, m'lady?"


"Then after that I took Hecate back to my house in Cambridge. She had stayed for a few weeks but we had gotten so close that I didn't want her to leave, so she stayed. We ended up dating for about three years and then in 1993, we got married. And then around 1997, you were born." Michael sighed an looked at Yuki. "I loved your mom so much and I still do, very much so. And she loved you. More than anything in the world. She said her happiest moment in life was when you were born. And it was most certainly mines as well."

Yuki's eyes swelled up with tears. "Where is mom now? Did she get out of Hell with you?"

Michael lowered his head. Yuki turned away. "I'm... I'm sorry. You don't have to tell me. I understand."

Michael sighed. "Your mom is the younger sister of Lucifer. There's no way Lucifer would allow his sister out of his sight, especially after being with an angel."

"Wait! My mom is Lucifer's sister!?"

Michael sighed. "Yeah. That's a story I'll save for later."

"Umm, I have one more question." Yuki asked.

"Shoot, kid."

"Why did you name me Yuki?" Yuki asked. Michael smiled and laughed softly.

"One time, your mother and I went to Japan for the winter. We learned that 'yuki' was the Japanese word for 'snow'. And then when you were born, you were so beautiful but very pale. You're skin is white like snow. So we named you Yuki."

"Now I have a question." Levi said, who had been leaning by the window, listening intently to the story. "Why is it that Lucifer is after Yuki? What's his motive?"

"I don't know what Lucifer's motive is but the reason why he's after him now, is that Angel is at the peak where he can unlock and fully use the potential of his power. I also believe that the seal on Yuki that has supressed his power is starting to break so his power is starting to leak out."

"So what do you think we should do, Dad?" Angel asked.

Michael stood and paced the floor. "I guess it's time for you to unlock the power you have. You have a demon and an angel inside of you and you must have them coexist with each other."

"But if I have to unlock my power, won't the demons and angels sense me?" Yuki asked.

"I'll take you to a place where no outsiders will be able to sense you. But I will admit that this journey to use your power is a dangerous journey and if not handled well, it could destroy you mentally and spiritually. Do you understand?"

"Yes sir. I understand." Yuki said with a determined tone.

"Andre and Levi you will have to come with us. I am a little weak from fighting Gabriel so I will need your help to monitor Yuki and keep a look out for archangels and demons."

"Yes of course." Andre said.

"Anything for my angel." Levi smiled, winking at Yuki, causing him to blush slightly. Michael smiled.

"Alright then. Let's go."

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