Angel of Death

[Cover made by Secrets Unfold]
Yuki Fushijima is a Junior at Christopher Ayres High School when a mysterious red head comes into his life and turns everything upside. Now demons are after him controlled by the fallen angel Lucifer who wants him destroyed to carry out his sinister plans for a new war against angels. Now Yuki must decide who's side he's on and stop the world from chaos.


8. Michael v. Gabriel

~~   As Michael shut the tomb door, he felt the heat of an intense light on his back. Michael turned around and saw a man with light brown hair and lime green eyes. The man was wearing a white toga with silver breast plates. His white wings spilled from his back.

"Well hello there, Gabriel." Michael tilted his head slightly and smiled.

"Hello, little brother. How was Hell?" Gabriel said arrogantly. Michael just smiled.

"I didn't know angels could be assholes too." Michael said as Gabriel landed roughly on the ground, causing pieces of Earth to crack.

"Michael, I didn't come down here to quarrel with you. I'm looking for a boy." Gabriel said, his eyes scanning the area.

"What boy? Maybe I've seen him." Michael said, calmly. Gabriel turns to Michael.

"I'm looking for that bastard son of yours." Gabriel said with venom in his words.

"Well, I definitely haven't seen him." Michael sneered.

"I sensed his presence here and it has a stronger wave length than you, Hecate, and all of Heaven combined. He could destroy all of Heaven if he wanted to." Gabriel let out a sigh.

"Just out of curiosity brother, what exactly are you going to do with him IF you find him?" Michael said, eyeing Gabriel with suspicion. Gabriel smiled.

"That's Heaven's business, not yours." Michael clicked his tongue.

"That's MY son so it is MY business."

Gabriel just shook his head. "Fine. If you must know, they're going to bring him in for questioning, then God will decide if he is a threat or a blessing. If he is a blessing, than God will allow him to be an angel. But if he is a threat, God will send him to Hell for eternity, no matter WHO'S son of the angels' he is." Gabriel spat out those last words as if there was sand in his mouth.

"Well Gabriel, he's not here. So why don't you head back there and leave this peaceful cemetery be. You are causing souls to stir." As Michael said, the soil in the ground began to sift and souls began to rise and surround the two men.

"And how have you been, Michael?" Gabriel said.

"Excuse me?" Michael was a little thrown off by the sudden change in topic.

"Well after being thrown out of Heaven straight into Hell, losing your son AND your wife, I'm sure your having some certain... feelings. Resentment, anger, sadness. Those types of things towards me or Heaven."

Michael gritted his teeth. "The only thing I resent is not being able to protect them better than the way I could have. But I know, that everything happens for a reason. For good or bad." Michael's face brief showed a hint of sadness, but it quickly faded.

"Ah Michael. The loyal right hand dog to God. I wonder, if God would call you right now, would you go jump to his leg?" Gabriel smirked.

"Wouldn't you? Oh yeah, that's right. You could never be God's favorite after that incident. How unfortunate." Michael shrugged. Gabriel gritted his teeth.

"You know, if I wasn't here on official business, I would throw you farther than the naked eye could see." Gabriel growled.

"Ooh, I'm so scared." Michael said, waving his hands. Gabriel turned red in the face from anger.

"You know what Michael. You are still childish as ever. Tell me, when are you going to grow up?"

"I've been grown up. It doesn't hurt to let loose every once in a while. Now back to all seriousness, I must ask you again to please leave." Michael starts to walk away, but feels a sharp pain in his back. He turns his head a little to see a dagger in his back. He pulls the dagger out and points it at Gabriel, the tip is smeared with blood.

"Now for an older brother, that was very childish of you." Michael said.

"I know you know where he is. Give him to me. Now." Gabriel said. His voice echoed throughout the cemetery, causing more souls to rise.

"Then why would you ask me all these questions, if you knew that I already knew?" Michael smiled slightly.

"I thought that you would just be a good boy and just give him up."

"I don't give up my blood." Michael stared at him intently.

"Well I'll have to get it out of you by force." Gabriel growled.

He lunged at Michael with half force, but Michael dodged it. Gabriel turned to Michael and they began a full on combat.

Gabriel swung his fist at Michael's face, as he moved back, grazing his chin. Michael took the opportunity and knocked Gabriel over. Gabriel landed on his back with a loud thud, Ripples of pain ran through Gabriel's back.

"Alright. Enough playing around. Either you tell me where he is or you'll go on trial for harboring a fugitive and you will wait for your punishment." Gabriel said, the rage in his rang loud and clear.

"What are they going to do to me? Throw me in Hell?" Michael giggled a little.

Gabriel smiled dryly. "Or I can just take care of you right now." Suddenly Gabriel began to glow a bright yellow. His power had reached its maximum. As the light glowed, everything in its path vanished into nothingness. The souls that were at rest there the growing light. The ones that could not flee were destroyed, vanishing with nothing left of them.

"Do you see what you've done?! You have destroyed harmless souls! You have robbed them of the afterlife they were meant to have and sent them to Purgatory. How could you!?" Michael snarled at Gabriel, who simply just smirked.

"They are not my concern. I am an angel. It is not my job to care for the lost. If they would have just moved on, instead of wandering, they would not be where they are now. Besides, some of them weren't going to a rather nice place anyways." Gabriel said, his voice showing no emotion.

"It IS your job to care for ALL. Lost or not. That only shows that you are NO true angel. And that is why you will never be His favorite!" At those words Gabriel snapped. He lunged at Michael and threw him at a tree. Michael let out a painful groan as he rose.

Suddenly Michael began to glow a bright blue. His power was much more intense and stronger than Gabriel's. The same moment the light came, it vanished. And there stood Michael, his white toga and black hair made him look heavenly. Michael's gray wings pierced out of his back. Gabriel's eyes widen but then he smiled.

"Gray? I guess God is starting to forgive you. He misses his puppy. I wonder how happy you feel." Michael smirked.

"Something you'll never feel." Gabriel frowned. Then the two men charged at each other with full force. As the two wave lengths of their power entwined, the battlefield turned into ruins, with only a few tombs standing. The men continued to battle each other. Gabriel tried to punch Michael, but Michael caught his hand and jabbed his foot in Gabriel's stomach, sending him in the air. Gabriel landed on the ground but quickly rose. Gabriel rushed Michael with his shoulder, driving him back as Michael pushed forward. Then Michael knocked Gabriel in the face with elbow, dislocating his jaw. Gabriel hit the ground again, sending pieces of earth in the air. Gabriel tried to stand but felt a sharp pain in his side. A broken rib from hitting the ground. Michael slowly walked over to Gabriel, who was doubled over in pain. Gabriel looked up at Michael with pure hatred.

"Well, are you going to finish me?" Gabriel said weakly.

Michel shook his head and offered a hand to Gabriel, but he slapped it away.

"The last thing I want from YOU of all people is help. Now get away from me." Gabriel said as he tried to get up again.

"Gabriel!" Suddenly a loud voice called up from the sky and out came a man with blonde hair and glasses. He was also wearing a white toga and his white wings shimmered in the light.

"Uriel..." Michael said in awe. The named Uriel first looked at Gabriel then to Michael. His eyes widened in shock.

"Michael..." The two men embraced each other with affection. "Thank Heavens, you're not down there anymore."

"Heavens, it's be ages since I've seen you. Thank you for helping me back then." Michael gave him a bright smile. Uriel blushed and moved his glasses.

"What are you doing here, Uriel?" Gabriel said, who managed to put himself  in a seating position.

"I was going to ask you the same thing. God sent me to come get you." Uriel said, glaring at Gabriel.

"He wanted to take my son, Yuki." Michael said, glaring at Gabriel as well. Uriel gasped in shock and cocked his head towards Michael.

"He's alive? This is wonderful!" Uriel said, obviously happy about the news. Michael stared at Uriel in confusion.

"Why is it good news that he's alive? Sixteen years ago, I was sent to Hell because he was alive. They said he was dangerous and had to be eliminated." Michael said. Now it was Uriel's turn to be confused.

"What? Dangerous? Your son is-"

"Why did God send you to get me?" Gabriel butted in. Uriel turned to him, since he was interrupted.

"Oh yeah. You are in trouble. God wants to talk to you personally." Gabriel and Michael were in stunned silence.

"Why am I in trouble?" Gabriel said, worried.

"I know. I was a bit in shock too when he said you were in trouble. No archangels have been in 'trouble' since Michael and..." Uriel cleared his throat and moved his glasses.

"Lucifer." Michael said, voicing what everyone was thinking.

"Apparently, you left Heaven without any permission and you had no authorization to come and detain Yuki. Also, He has noticed that you've been sneaking around recently in places out of his jurisdiction and He is quite suspicious of you right now. He's hoping that you don't have another 'incident' like the one before." Michael glared at Gabriel with brief surprise and anger.

"So you were going to take my son and do what with him if you have no authorization to come here?" Michael turned to Uriel. "You might want to take him."

"I will but first." Uriel motions for Michael to lean closer. "God wants to talk  to Yuki personally but that will be on a later date. You have to be present with Yuki when He calls for him because He wants to talk to you too. But also, I want to talk to you about your son next month on the 17th of December. But that's for later. Excuse me, while I go take Gabriel to Raphael to get fixed up so he can look presentable." Uriel walked past Michael and went to Gabriel to help him up but Gabriel just shooed him away and got up by himself.

Michael nodded and began to walk away when Gabriel called out to him.

"Hey Michael. We're not finished yet." Gabriel said, as he entered the light with Uriel and vanished into the sky.

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