Angel of Death

[Cover made by Secrets Unfold]
Yuki Fushijima is a Junior at Christopher Ayres High School when a mysterious red head comes into his life and turns everything upside. Now demons are after him controlled by the fallen angel Lucifer who wants him destroyed to carry out his sinister plans for a new war against angels. Now Yuki must decide who's side he's on and stop the world from chaos.


10. Michael In Paris

Notre Dame de Paris

Paris, France 1837


There was something about the wind of Paris that made Michael feel so serene. Michael made his way down the cobblestones through the Parisian winter night to stop for some cocoa. He had yet another argument with Gabriel that has caused every other argument these past years. It always comes down to one thing: Humans. And yet Michael was not sure why Gabriel hates them. Their Father had given all angels an order and that was to love and protect the humans. And to be quite frank, Michael found the mortals to be very entertaining. He was amused at the different emotions that they perceive and how trivial they can be. But he also loved the way that mortals care for each other and manage to look at the bright side even when life has not been good to them. Although the human race have done lots of unspeakable and horrid things and there was more to come, he could not bring himself to hate them. For they are only human.

But Michael refused to let the human race or his jealous brother get to him. Michael had recently been given an order from Father saying that he was to patrol the Notre Dame de Paris, a historic cathedral that was constructed in 1163 but wasn't opened until 1345. Michael saw this as a blessing for cathedrals and churches were his very favorite places to visit. This order, though, only added fuel to Gabriel’s fire of jealousy. But again, Michael couldn’t be concerned with Gabriel’s trivial feelings and he prepared himself that night to patrol. Of course, Michael wouldn’t just stand in front of the cathedral like a soldier with a stick up his buttocks. There were certain measures to be taken. Vampires have a large basis with churches and cathedrals so many attend there to feed on the nuns who have a sinful appetite of sexual pain. That is why Michael has taken the notion of carrying silver stakes sealed in holy water for security reasons. And on some off chances, a demon or vengeful spirit happens to appear, Michael has brought with him a canister of salt, his Bible, and his holy cross as well. One can never be too careful.

As Michael continued to walk, the cathedral gradually began to show. Michael approached the cathedral with an awe face of a child witnessing his first magic show. The cathedral stood at a staggering ninety-six meters. The cathedral itself was ancient, unique, and beautiful. It gave Michael such a nostalgic feeling, he had to retain a few breaths before entering the cathedral. When Michael finally stepped in, he became immediately overwhelmed. The outside did not even compare to the inside. The inside was grand, two separate columns of chairs covered both sides of the vast room and down in the middle were several large bells on top of marble slabs. Suddenly, Michael noticed that it was eerily quiet in the building. Oddly enough, there were candles lit, indicating someone had been here before him. Maybe it was Mother Michelle. Mother Michelle was in her late seventies and was the cutest old lady that Michael had ever had the pleasure to meet. Mother Michelle had soft grey eyes that showed much love but also showed that there were many horrors that she had seen in her years, and those horrors reflected on her face. As Michael thought this, he heard a loud bang come from the back of the cathedral.

“Aaah!” Out came Mother Michelle running down the hallway, blood gushing from her neck. She began to speak to him in quick French.

“Michael! Dépêche-toi! You must leave quickly! It’s a monster! He will kill us. We must leave at once! Dépêche-toi!” Mother Michelle’s once calm eyes are now wild and frantic.

“Shh, Mother Michelle. Please calm yourself. Are you injured?” Michael said calmly. Mother Michelle only briefly noticed her wound and fell to the ground. Michael kneeled next to her, and put his hand on top of her wound. A soft glow appeared from his hand. When he removed his hand, the gushing wound was no longer there. Mother Michelle looked at him with startled but knowing eyes.

“I knew it. I knew you were an angel. A saint.” Mother Michelle smiled softly. Michael smiled back.

“Mother Michelle, I need you to leave this place and to not come back. I must apologize for this, but I will have to erase your memory so that you don’t remember anything you have saw tonight, alright?” Mother looked into his eyes thoughtfully.

“Alright. Go ahead.” Mother Michelle closed her eyes. Michael raised his hand to Mother Michelle’s head. But as the light began to flow from his hand, a flying object shot from behind him and into Mother Michelle’s forehead. Her life fleeting body slumped backwards and a pool of blood flowed from the back of her head.

“Well well well, what do we have here?” A sarcastic voice came from behind. Michael turned slowly towards the voice and saw a man in the center of an opening in the cathedral. The man had jet black hair and bright red eyes. His fangs peaked out from his ruby red lipstick.

“Well if it isn’t Michael, the archangel. I was hoping I would find you here.” The vampire said.

“…You killed Mother Michelle. You’ve killed her. Heaven will not forgive such an ungainly act. You will be punished.” Michael spoke coldly. The vampires eyes widen and he smiled, fangs showing in full view.

“Aw, little Michael is angry. You might want to change your attitude or you’ll become a vengeful spirit once you die.” The vampire said, sing-song like.

“Me? Killed by the likes of you? I will not be killed by a low life like you.” Michael said, death intent in his voice.

“Oh? Well then. I guess we’ll just see who goes first. Aurevoir, Monsieur Michael.”

The vampire shot out towards Michael, talons ready at hand. Michael swiftly avoided the charging vampire and threw a silver stake at the vampire. It pierced the vampire’s arm and he yelled out in pain. The vampire charged again, but this time Michael didn’t move. Michael took out another stake and plunged it directly into the vampire’s heart. The vampire screamed in agony and disintegrated, it’s ashes sprinkling across the floor. Michael let out a deeps sigh and walked over to Mother Michelle’s lifeless body. Michael kneeled down and closed her still eyes.

“I am so sorry. Heaven will love to have a wonderful person like you. Please accept my invitation and live in peace.” A ball of white light lifted itself from Mother Michelle’s bosom and reached to his face.

“Go enjoy Heaven. Please, serve us well, Mother Michelle.” The white light shot out through the cathedral’s stained glass and into the starry night sky. Michael looked down to the empty vessel.

“Now to make sure no demons use this woman’s body.” Michael lifted the vessel and took it to the yard of the cathedral where he burned the body into ashes.


The next to morning, Michael left the cathedral and found himself walking on Paris’s cobblestones once again. When he arrived back to his hotel, he packed his things and transported himself to Austria, vowing to never come back to Paris, for he cannot dear to remember the death of Mother Michelle. But Michael will come to find himself back in Paris once again, but this time with a child and the woman he loves. And as the angels of Heaven descend upon them, Michael will have save the child and find himself on the other side of the light.

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