Angel of Death

[Cover made by Secrets Unfold]
Yuki Fushijima is a Junior at Christopher Ayres High School when a mysterious red head comes into his life and turns everything upside. Now demons are after him controlled by the fallen angel Lucifer who wants him destroyed to carry out his sinister plans for a new war against angels. Now Yuki must decide who's side he's on and stop the world from chaos.


2. Levi and The Girl on the Side of the Road


~~As he walked away from the table, he couldn't help but feel some satisfaction as he heard the blonde yell out in irritation. He smiled to himself as he approached his black SUV. The group he had been with had disbanned and went their separate ways. He was all alone now. Levi got into his car and drove off to a place he called home.

       10 minutes later, Levi arrived at the West Norwood Cemetery that was established in 1837. The cemetery was encircled by two large towers with antique gargoyles on top, surrounded by a medal bar fence. The West Norwood Cemetery has been around for over 100 years and has a lot of history, sheltering bodies that souls had left from to different realms. Levi walked through the land of rotten gravestones and eroded platforms that left the ground bare except for occasional patches of grass. Beyond the graveyard was a small cozy house. The house showed signs of life as shadows danced in the lit windows and blueberry colored flowers surrounded the small house. Inside the house was André, his father, sitting on a comfy blue chair. André is a six foot one muscular but slim man with violet hair and deep gold eyes. The room had walls that was a bleaching white with light gray spades lining up vertically against the walls. Accompanying the walls was a white couch, several blue chairs, a flat screen TV, and four decorative lamps.

"Hello Leonard. How was your day?" André is the only person who uses Levi's actual name. Levi absolutely hated that name, especially since it meant "lion hearted" but he never had a lion's heart or whatever way Wikipedia said it to be. He preferred Levi because Levi was the third son of Jacob and Leah and was the founder of the Israelite Tribe of Levi in the book of Genesis. For some reason, that made Levi feel holy and spiritual and that made him feel good.

      "Father, its Levi. And my day was pretty good. I met Yuki Fushijima." André's eyes widen as he heard the name. Levi smirked at the look.

       "Y-you met him? How is he like? Is it true what the rumors say about him? Does he look like him? What does his mother look like?" André began to bombard him with questions but Levi quickly shot his father down.

       "Father, you know I'm not allowed to answer these questions but I'll rest assure you that you shall be meeting him soon." Levi grinned at his father's deflated face.

       "Oh well. Anyways here is your schedule for school tomorrow. You are now enrolled in Christopher Ayres High School."

Levi's eyes glittered with excitement as he looked at his schedule:

           1st period: Japanese 3   2nd period: AP U.S. History   3rd period: Dance 1   4th period: AP Physics    5th period: AP English 3    6th period: Photojournalism    7th period: PreAP Algebra 2      8th period: Advisory  

It's exactly the same as Yuki's to every last teacher. This is what Levi has been waiting for. He finally gets to be close to Yuki and have a chance to have him. Levi giggled like a skittish school girl. He hugged André very tightly.

"Thank you father. Now I'll be able to complete both my missions." Levi grinned. He couldn't wait for school tomorrow.


On his way to school, she would always follow him. Everyday she would walk silently behind him, with only the sound of her Toms hitting the pavement and her small voice constantly whispering that same word that sent ripples through Yuki's stomach. Death. Why is it that particular word concern him so much? Was he going to die? Is someone he loves going to hold hands with Death? Was he involved in any way? Whatever it may be, it made Yuki feel uneasy. The girl on the side of the road stopped at her usual place at the end of the road. At that end of the road was a white cross buried into the ground with fresh colorful flowers laying on the top. On the little cross was words written in calligraphy:

                                                                       Maria Higgins


             Rest in peace. Let God take you in his arms and spread your wings, my little angel.

                                                                     Mommy and Daddy love you.


Maria Higgins died on April 28, 2013. She was on her way to the park when a driver who was texting hit her, instantly crushing her fragile body. She was only ten years old at the time and that day was her 10th birthday. Her father had just come back from Iraq, expecting to find his little girl waiting for him but he never got the joy to see her smile again. The driver was charged with manslaughter and was sentenced to ten years in prison. Some thought it should have been longer. The driver known as Billy Carter, promised to pay for Maria's funeral but that wasn't enough for the parents to have closure.

Now little Maria follows Yuki down to her death place at the end of the road, afraid to move on because she fears that she won't be able to see her parents again.

But what does that have to do with following Yuki? Whenever the young girl comes by, Yuki quietly sings a song that soothes the restless soul. She has become attached to him and his singing. Every once in a while he would put purple flowers on the gravesite. Her parents said that was her favorite color.

Today Yuki walks to school, prepared to feel the hairs on the back of his neck stand as young Maria comes. But he doesn't. He can only hear her echoing voice in the wind. She does not speak of death but something more that sends chills down Yuki's spine.

      He's coming for you. The God of the Underworld. He seeks you. You must fulfill your destiny.

 Yuki's mind began to race. Who's coming for him? What does this person want? What is his destiny? The young soul's soft innocent voice became urgent and menacing. Yuki began to jog then sprint to school. Maria's voice surrounded him in a fog and he couldn't find a way out. It became suffocating, filling his lungs and clouding his eyes, taking away every inch of his breath. Yuki coughed violently and fell to the ground. He was engulfed in darkness, Maria's voice still echoing inside him.


Yuki woke up to a sound of a distant voice. Yuki groaned as he felt a heavy weight instantly dropped in his head, beating to the rhythm of his heart.

"Yuki, are you alright?" Yuki blinked his eyes, adjusting so that he can see who was talking to him. When Yuki's eyes finally focused, he saw a pair of blue and green eyes gazing at him. Yuki automatically knew who it was.

"Levi." Yuki whispered slowly. Levi brushed a strand of hair off his forehead. He gave him a gentle smile.

"Are you alright?" Yuki instinctively rubbed his forehead and looked at Levi's appearance. Levi was wearing a white leather jacket, a black tee shirt and white skinny jeans. He wore a cross necklace with a skull attached at the bottom.

"You look good." Yuki said, then realizing he said it out loud instead of in his head. He covered his mouth with his hands and turned bright red. Levi chuckled at his embarrassment.

"Your so cute, Yuki." Levi brushed his finger over Yuki's cheek. Yuki reflexively jerked back from Levi's hand. Levi chuckled again.

"Relax. I'm not going to try anything today. And besides, you have to show me around." Yuki looked puzzled.

"What do you mean?"

"Oh! Today I am an official student at Ayres High." Yuki's heart leaped out of his chest. Why does he feel so excited all of a sudden? It's just Levi. There's nothing really special about him, except those seductive blue and green eyes.

"Let me see your schedule." Levi pulled out a green sheet of paper and handed it to Yuki. Yuki's eyes almost popped out of his sockets.

"Y-you have every class I have." Yuki returned the paper to Levi.

"Yep. Now I can accomplish my goal to have you all to myself, princess." Levi put his hands around Yuki's waist and spoke softly in his ear.

"Do you want to be mines?" Levi slid his hand up Yuki's shirt, softly caressing his back. Yuki was going to let him continue but he remembered that he had a boyfriend. Yuki kneed Levi in his crotch and sent him on his knees. He let out a painful groan.

"Now Levi, if you're done playing around, we have to get to school."

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