Angel of Death

[Cover made by Secrets Unfold]
Yuki Fushijima is a Junior at Christopher Ayres High School when a mysterious red head comes into his life and turns everything upside. Now demons are after him controlled by the fallen angel Lucifer who wants him destroyed to carry out his sinister plans for a new war against angels. Now Yuki must decide who's side he's on and stop the world from chaos.


4. Hell Day

~~It was the week after the Winter Ball and everything had returned to normal. Yuki and Levi were walking to their first period when Will came storming up to them, obviously furious. When Will approaches them, Will punches Levi out of nowhere. Levi staggered back and looked at him bewildered. Will’s eyes were bloodshot red and his golden blonde hair had faded drastically. The hall began to fill with murmurs as an approaching fight might occur. Levi wiped his mouth of saliva.
“What the hell was that for?” Levi said. Will ignored him and lunged at Levi, knocking him onto the ground. Will sat on top of him and began to punch him. Will’s eyes once a crystal blue became coal black. Levi put his hands over his face to block then sucker punch Will in the jaw, knocking him off. Levi stood as Will got up and the two boys began to combat fight. Yuki couldn’t stand to see either boys hurt.
“Cut it out, you two!” Yuki shouted at them. Will stopped and turned to Yuki. His eyes turned blood red and he snarled at Yuki. Yuki stepped back in fear as Will began to approach him. Suddenly Will said words that sent ice down Yuki’s spine.
“You cannot escape the wrath of Lucifer. You shall be terminated and Lucifer shall reign.” Will said in an inhuman gurgle. Levi’s eyes widen.
“Yuki run! He’s a demon!” Levi shouted. Yuki didn’t need much to motivate him to get out of danger. Yuki sprinted down the hallway like a track star while the students ran into the comfort of their classrooms. Will began to chase Yuki with a snarling growl with Levi at his heels. Yuki continue to run all the way to the front of the school but Will caught up to him and knocked him into the flag pole. Yuki let out a painful groan. Will stood over him with his piercing red eyes staring him down.
“Now Lucifer can reign as thou has been holding back his plans with your mere existence. You shall perish by my-”Before Will could finish his sentence, all of sudden a sword plunged through Will’s abdomen. Will's eyes turned back to their normal blue but his hair turned a faded white as he crumbled to the ground in his ashes. Behind the ashes was Levi holding a glowing sword. He looked more mysterious now then when they first met.
“Yuki, are you alright?” Levi asked in concern. Yuki was too in shock to respond. He looked at Levi with bewilderment. Levi gave him a concerned look and sighed.
“That was not Will. Will is home sick. He drank too much last night and had a hangover.” Levi sat next to Yuki.
“Then what is-“
“That was a demon.” Yuki became hysterical.
“Why the hell would a demon be chasing after me and who the hell is Lucifer!?” Yuki shouted. Levi put his hand up to signal Yuki to lower his voice.
“I have a lot to explain to you. Come with me. We’re going to visit my father. He’ll answer all your questions.”

When Yuki and Levi arrived at the cemetery, Yuki stared in confusion.
“My house is beyond here.” Levi said. “Demons hate cemeteries because the dead comes back to haunt them.” He added. Yuki shook his head in clarification. Yuki and Levi walked through the cemetery until they reached Levi’s house. When they stepped in, Yuki was completely flabbergasted as he saw the décor of Levi’s house. On the outside it looked old and worn down but the inside was pure luxury.
“This way.” Levi ushered up the stairs that lead them down a cherry wood hallway. Down the hallway was a large wooden door engraved with strange words. Yuki approached the door and touched the strange words. “…. Our Father, who art in heaven,
Hallowed be thy Name.
Thy kingdom come.
Thy will be done,
On earth as it is in Heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread.
And forgive us our trespasses,
As we forgive those who trespass against us.
And lead us not into temptation,
But deliver us from evil.
For thine is the kingdom,
And the power,
And the glory,
Forever and ever.”
“Amen.” Levi finished. Yuki was not a religious person. He never read the bible, attend church or even involved himself in prayer.
“I knew you were the one when I first laid eyes on your beautiful face and now I know for sure that you are him.”
Yuki became confused. “What are you talking about? Who am I? What does this all mean?”
Levi held out his hand to Yuki while putting the other one on the door.
“Come. All your questions will be answered.” Levi pushed open the large wooden door and behind the wooden door was a mausoleum. Hanging on the ceilings were angels with weapons and armory. There were trophy cases with ancient books in them to be preserved.  Yuki couldn’t hide his amazement as he walked up to a large statue of a man who wore ancient Middle Eastern clothing with long hair while holding his arms out.
“Who is this?” Yuki asked, standing in front of the statue.
“That is our savior Jesus Christ. This is the man who died on a cross for our sins and then rose from the dead three days later for our salvation.” Levi said as he went to stand next to Yuki. Yuki looked at Levi with his clear gray eyes.
“I still don’t understand how I’m connected to this.” Yuki said. Levi put his hand on Yuki’s shoulder.
“It’s alright. Soon you’ll learn the truth.” Levi then called out. “Dad! I know you’re in here. Come out and meet him.” Yuki looked around to see a man with hair the color of violet and gold eyes that sparkled like the sun. The man’s eyes lit up as he saw Yuki and a big grin appeared on his face.
“Hello Yuki. It’s been a while since I’ve seen you. I’m Leonard’s father, André. A pleasure to see you again.” Yuki shakes hands with the man name André with a puzzled look.
“Your name is Leonard?” Yuki asked Levi. Levi blushed slightly at hearing his name fill Yuki’s mouth.
“Yes. My name is Leonard but I still want you to call me Levi. Alright?” Yuki nodded. Then he turned to André.
“And you said ‘meet again’? We’ve met before?”
“Now, now we’ll get to that later. Let’s have some tea and we’ll tell you everything you need to know, Yuki.” The three went into another room that was noticeably the dining room. In the dining room was a large maple oak table with cutlery on a dining cloth. The two boys took their seats as André fixed tea and set a plate of pastries in front of them. After drinking their tea and eating some pastries, André cleared his throat.
“Alright then boys. Let’s get started. What should we start with first?” André said.
“How about we start with the attack this morning.” Levi said.
Andre’s eyes widen. “Attack?”
“Yes. We were attacked by a demon that shaped itself like Angel's ex-boyfriend, Will. Luckily I was there or Yuki would have been dead.” Levi crossed his legs as André began to pace the room with his hand on his chin.
“This is not good. He has already sent demons after him. That means he’s setting his plan in motion. This is not good. Not good at all.” André mumbled to himself.
“Um… I’m still in the dark about all this.” Yuki chimed in. André turned towards Yuki.
“Oh yes. That’s right.” André sits across the table from Yuki.
“Well Yuki. Lucifer is a fallen angel who was banished from Heaven for not following Heaven’s rules. The angel Michael defeated Lucifer and sent him down to the underworld. Ever since he’s been there, he has been influencing humans to be on his side. We believe the reason he’s doing this is to create an army. It will basically be the next crusade and it seems as if he’s already set his plan in motion.”
Yuki looked quizzically at him. “But what does this have to do with me? Why am I involved in this?” Levi grabbed Yuki’s hand and led him to a portrait on the wall of a man and woman. In the woman’s hand was a child that looked a lot like…
“That’s me. That’s me!” Yuki exclaimed. Levi nodded solemnly.
“Yes Yuki. That’s you when you were just a newborn. The man and woman is your mother and father.  You father was an angel and your mother… a demon.”
Yuki stared at him in disbelief. “What does this mean?”
Levi looked Yuki straight in the eyes. “Yuki. You’re a Nephilim.”


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