Angel of Death

[Cover made by Secrets Unfold]
Yuki Fushijima is a Junior at Christopher Ayres High School when a mysterious red head comes into his life and turns everything upside. Now demons are after him controlled by the fallen angel Lucifer who wants him destroyed to carry out his sinister plans for a new war against angels. Now Yuki must decide who's side he's on and stop the world from chaos.


9. Gabriel's Punishment

~~The sound of thunder crackling in the sky drowned out the sounds of wet shoes hitting the pavement. Gabriel was laying on the the top of a drenched house. He was wearing all black, no color an Archangel like himself should be wearing. Gabriel slowly opened his eyes, blurred as it was, he could sense someone near him.

"Who's there?" Gabriel asked hoarsely. His body was stiff with pain, unable to move.

"My, my, Gabriel. You're Father will not be happy with you." The unknown man said. His voice was rich like velvet and dark like chocolate.

"My father? You mean God? Why will he not be happy with me? What did I do?" Gabriel asked in a worried tone. He could hear the man chuckle lowly.

"Why don't you stand and see what you've done." The man said. Suddenly Gabriel felt his body become light and free of pain. Gabriel stood and what he saw was only indescribable Hell.

There were buildings engulfed in tall flames. Millions of corpses scattered the streets like dead flies. The people that weren't dead screamed and ran in the streets from the demons that were attacking them. On one corner of a street, stood a little girl crying, holding a teddy bear covered in blood. She was crying out for her daddy, whose throat was being slit by a demon. The demon had red skin with horns sticking from the top of his head. After he finished off the father, his red eyes were fixed on the little girl. He slowly walked over to the little girl who still held tightly to the teddy bear. The demon raised his hand, making the girl rise in the air. She began to cough as he choked her. She cried and screamed, begging him to stop. But the demon showed no mercy. He slammed the little girl's head onto a building wall causing her skull to cave in. A pool of blood surrounded the little girl, her lifeless hand still clutching the teddy bear.

"What do you think of about this, Gabriel, strength of God?" The man said. Gabriel could feel the smile on the man's face. Gabriel smiled too.

"I think it's wonderful."

"Gabriel!" The sudden voice called out from the sky. Gabriel turned to see the man was gone. Gabriel smiled once more.


"Gabriel, wake up." Gabriel awoken to see Uriel standing over him with a concerned look on his face.

"Good morning, Sunshine." Uriel smiled, relieved that Gabriel is awake. Next to Uriel was a man with long red hair and blue eyes.

"Thank you, Raphael for patching me up." Gabriel said, sitting up. Raphael smiled and put his hand on Uriel's shoulder.

"No problem at all. By the look of your injuries, you must have gotten into it with Michael. You passed out in the middle of the hallway on the way over here to the infirmary." Raphael said. Gabriel clicked his tongue in disgust.

"Yeah. I'm ashamed. My younger brother is stronger than me. I'm not too happy about that." Gabriel said, scratching his head.

Raphael smiled. "Nothing to be ashamed of. When we saw you being brought in by Uriel all beaten up, well we guessed that Michael must be released from Hell. It was good news in a unsuspecting way." Raphael then looked at Uriel. "Well I'll see you two later. Jophiel was in a fight with a demon and he's hurt pretty badly."

"More and more demons are showing up in this area for some reason. I've never seen a demon come out in broad daylight. It must be because of him. This is not good." Uriel muttered to himself.

"What's that, Uriel?" Gabriel said. Uriel shook his head and smiled.

"Anyways, let's go Gabriel. He said to bring you as soon as you woke up." Uriel said, clapping his hands. Gabriel left the infirmary with Uriel and the two made their way to the Gates. The Gates are large, elegant golden bar gates that open to new souls entering Heaven and to be greeted by the arms of God. The Gates are guarded by two archangels, Chamuel, "He who sees God", and Haniel, "the Grace of God". Uriel nodded at the two and they opened the Gates. A bright light emanated from the Gates and flowed into the hallway.The two stepped inside the light. Then the two kneeled and put one arm behind their backs.

"I have brought Gabriel, strength of thee, brother of Michael, and third to be first made." Uriel said.

"Thank you Uriel. You may leave." He said.

"Yes m'lord." Uriel stood and walked out of the Gates. It was only Gabriel and Him left.

"Please stand Gabriel. I must talk with you." He said.

"Yes m'lord." Gabriel stood. "I am thankful to be in your presence."

"Gabriel, the brother of Michael and the third to roam the world that I have created. You have been with me for many, many centuries. You have watched the world change as have I and the rest of the Archangels."

"Yes, I have m'lord."

"So you've must of had some ideas of how I felt when Michael was sent to Hell, and then losing a very important aspect of him. Do you know what that is?" He said, eyeing Gabriel.

"Yuki, I assume, m'lord." Gabriel said, staring at his feet.

"Yes, that is correct. Now tell me Gabriel, why did you leave Heaven and tried to go out to retrieve that aspect without permission?"

"Well, I thought I would really check to see if he was actually alive or not." Gabriel's voice faltered a bit. He smiled.

"You're lying, Gabriel." He said.


"I see you had an encounter with Michael. What happened at that encounter? Remember, no lying." He said. Gabriel swallowed hard.

"I asked him where Yuki was, he didn't talk, so we fought." Gabriel said.

"Archangels are not suppose to fight amongst each other, Gabriel." He said.

"Michael is no longer an Archangel."

"He will repent and return to be an Archangel."

"Why?" He could hear the anger in Gabriel's voice.

"Because even though he was in Hell for sixteen years, he still has a pure heart. He still is very loyal to me and he still cares for all. He still has the qualities that I gave him when he was first made and he has not been corrupted. That is why I will let him repent." He said. Gabriel's anger turned to boiling hatred and fury.

"And what about me? Have I not been loyal? Do I not love all as much as him? Is my heart not pure!?" Gabriel said, his voice was loud with anger.

"Lower your voice when you are speaking to me, Gabriel." He said calmly.

Gabriel cleared his throat. "Sorry m'lord." He said but anger still boiled in his blood.

"Gabriel, I saw the fight between you and Michael. You sent many souls, innocent souls, to Purgatory, where they will forever drift in space with no ending. Then there was that incident ten years ago. So far since then, all I have seen from you is impurity." Gabriel gritted his teeth.

"You're angry with me. You're jealous and hate your brother, who only thought nothing but good of you. Who taught you these negative feelings that no Archangel should ever feel at his loved ones and the one who created you?" He stared intently at Gabriel, but Gabriel kept quiet.

"Is it perhaps that certain someone that you go visit at night in the forbidden areas?" Gabriel looked up at the question.

"Gabriel, I have eyes all around this world. I see all and know all. Even when my Archangels are being unfaithful."

"M'lord, I-"

"You have undermined me for ten years now since that incident and I have forgiven you and turned a blind eye to it. But now that you have betrayed me, my very own son, that is unforgivable. You will be punished. What excuse do you have for this treason?" Gabriel bent down his head and began to laugh but He was unfazed.

"M'lord, you have become so blinded. You are slowly losing influence and people are starting to turn their backs on you because they realize that you do nothing for them. What are you going to do when you lose your popularity? Face it, you're no longer the Cover Girl." Gabriel smiled and laughed.

"Gabriel, I come in many forms, shapes, and religions. Those who turn away from me, I pay no mind too because they are no longer my priority. I watch the ones that still believe in me and those that still do are always rewarded. And when they try to rise against me, I will take care of them. But I will cross that bridge when it comes. For now, your punishment." He said. Gabriel shrugged.

"What? Are you going to send me to Hell like Michael? I'll still have my powers and my wings." Gabriel said, holding out his arms. He smiled. Then Chamuel and Haniel came in with Uriel and Raphael behing them. Chamuel and Haniel grabbed Gabriel's arms, put them behind his back and knocked him on the floor.

"What's going on?" Gabriel said, trying to free himself from the Archangels' grasp.

"Gabriel, my son. As your punishment, you will be stripped of everything. Your powers, your title, and your wings will taken away from you and you will live the rest of your days as a mundane, banished from the Gates of Heaven." Gabriel's eyes grew wide in shock and terror and he began to struggle even more. But it was no use, he was held firmly by the Archangels.

"Uriel and Raphael, strip him of his wings." He said. Uriel and Raphael made their way to Gabriel's back as he screamed and struggled.

"NO! NO! You can't do this to me! You can't!" Gabriel screamed, but God was already gone.  Uriel and Raphael each grabbed onto Gabriel's wings. Gabriel screamed even louder.

"NO!" Gabriel screamed but it was too late. Uriel and Raphael ripped Gabriel's wings from his back. Gabriel howled as pain seered itself into his back and he fell out of consciousness and into the darkness. The hatred he once had has been fueled by this fire. Gabriel will remember this day and this will drive him to the depths of his dark endeavors.

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