That Girl

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  • Published: 18 Jan 2014
  • Updated: 30 Mar 2014
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In That Girl, a girl by the name of Bri finds out she is more than just a normal freshman in high school. With a new all-girls school, mean girls, and the fact she hides a secret only one person can trust. Who is that person, and who is Bri Olsen?


3. Them II


Friday, September 6th, 2013


     Today is another day, but I had the weird feeling feeling again that I was being watched. 

    "Mom!" I exclaimed, "I have the feeling of Bri-natural again!"

    "Coming sweetheart," I heard my mom shout from the kitchen downstairs, "it was about time for your daily shot anyway."

    I have to get a shot from my mom every day, I do not mind. As my mom finishes my shot, I start to feel as if someone was calling my name.

    "Bri..." the mysterious voice calls.

    "What, did you hear that mom?" I ask.

     "No Bri, it must be a side effect from the shot." my mom answers, "You should get some sleep, I heard you kicking in your sleep last night."

    "Ok," I admit, "I did have a really bad nightmare last night."

    As my mom leaves and I lay down again and I become frightened as I hear the voice again.

    "Bri... My name is Lia, I am not a ghost, spirit, or anything of the sort. I am asleep in real life, I go to school with you, but when I am asleep, I feel it is safe to talk to you.

     "Lia, Lia, OH! Lia Batisla, right?" I say.

     "Yes, meet me in front of the library tomorrow morning so I can show you." Lia says

     "Lia! No, do not leave me, Lia! No!" I exclaim, only to find it was a dream. 

     "I will still go the library tomorrow morning." I say to myself.

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