That Girl

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  • Published: 18 Jan 2014
  • Updated: 30 Mar 2014
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In That Girl, a girl by the name of Bri finds out she is more than just a normal freshman in high school. With a new all-girls school, mean girls, and the fact she hides a secret only one person can trust. Who is that person, and who is Bri Olsen?


5. The Plan, And the Girls

Sunday, September 8th, 2013


     Today, Lia is coming over to my house for some research about my Bri-natural. 

     "Bri!" I hear my mother shout, "Lia is here!"

     I run downstairs to find Lia standing in the front doorway with her messenger bag at her side.

    "Morning Lia," I say to the girl.

     "Hello Bri," says Lia, "I brought books possibly containing information about your... thing."

     "C'mon, lets set up in my room," I say, "and if we need to use the internet, I have my laptop."

    So, Lia and I lay all her library books onto my bed and looked in the index, glossary, table of contents of each book, then read all of them. About an hour and a half went by and I heard Lia exclaim:

     "Look! I found it!" she exclaims.

     We looked at the page Lia found and read the words:

  "Bri-natural, or Briuliam (Bri-u-lia-m) is the sickness that occurs only to girls by the name of Bri. In the ancient way of spelling it (Briuliam), the name of Lia is in it, meaning the sickness can only be cured by  a person named Lia."

     "" I sputter.

     "So, pretty much you moving to my school and me finding you was meant to be." Lia says.

     "How do you cure it?" I question.

     "There are potions we have to make to cure you, 5 potions to be exact, and we get the ingredients by gaining the trust of people we would usually noy trust." Lia answers.

     "Well, we will start tomorrow."  I say.


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