That Girl

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  • Published: 18 Jan 2014
  • Updated: 30 Mar 2014
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In That Girl, a girl by the name of Bri finds out she is more than just a normal freshman in high school. With a new all-girls school, mean girls, and the fact she hides a secret only one person can trust. Who is that person, and who is Bri Olsen?


6. Annie's Trust

Monday, September 9th, 2013


     Today Lia and I are going to try to gain the trust of a girl in out science class named Annie. 

     "Good morning!" the science teacher exclaims.

     "Good morning," we chant back.

     "Today we will split into study groups of three." our teacher states.

     As the class scrambles to get with their friends, I see Annie sitting at her lab table alone.

      I elbow Lia in the side, "now is our chance," I say

    We walk over to Annie's table where there are two empty seats and sit down.

     "Hi, Annie," I say, "Lia and I were wondering if you would like to study with us?" 

      "Really? Me? You must have the wrong Annie, I am Annie Cates and--"

      "You are the exact Annie we are looking for!" Lia interrupts.

      "Oh, wow! This must be a hoax, are you girls paid to do this?" Annie questions.

     "No," I say, "we thought yiu looked like a nice girl and decided to join you, if that is okay, of course." 

      "Yes!!" Annie says, "and do you guys want to hang out at lunch and after school?"

      "Of course!" Lia and I chime.

      So, Lia, Annie, and I did the study session, and it turns out science is Annie's best subject.

      After class, I whisper to Lia, "Trust gained!"


~end of chapter 6, thank you for reading and for over 100 reads! love you guys and happy valentines day! <3~

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