That Girl

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  • Published: 18 Jan 2014
  • Updated: 30 Mar 2014
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In That Girl, a girl by the name of Bri finds out she is more than just a normal freshman in high school. With a new all-girls school, mean girls, and the fact she hides a secret only one person can trust. Who is that person, and who is Bri Olsen?


7. Annie's Story

Tuesday, September 10th, 2013


     Lia and I met Annie at lunch again today, and we asked her to tell us about herself.

     "Hi, Annie," Lia says as we approach her.

     "Wait," I warn Lia, for I see Annie with her head on the table, crying.

     "Go away," Annie mumbles, "I know you guys don't want to be friends with me."

     "Annie, tell us what is wrong and maybe we can help you, because we really want to be your friend," I whisper to the crying girl.

     As Lia and I sit down, we notice that Annie's makeup is smudged all over her face and she is clutching a note.

     "After class, I went to grab my lunch and found this" Annie shoved a note into my hands, "it says you don't really like me and that you guys were dared to study with me yesterday, also it is from a kid from my old school."

     The note said:     Annie, I do not know if you realize this, but the girls you studied with yesterday did not really want to hang out with you, they were dared by Maddie, Amy, and Nicole, the popular girls at school. Hope this helps.

MaKenna S.

     "See?" Annie says, "This girl went to my old school and bullied me."

     "Well, whatever she did, that is wrong, not to get into a motivational  speech," Lia declares.

     "Uh oh, too late about the speech though," Annie and I laugh.

     "So, you guys still  are my friends?" Annie asks.

     "Yes!" Lia and I chant.

     "How can I ever repay you," wonders Annie, "Oh! I have just the thing," she pulls a little vile out of her bag, "here, take this, it is the Potion of Spirit Protectors" 

     "Thank you, Annie!" I thank the shy girl.

  *Riiiing!* the bell rang

     "Well see you tomorrow, Annie!" Lia says.

     "Okay, bye!" Annie calls back.


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