You Forgot, But I Didn't

Harry loved me. I think? He then goes off and forgets? Why should I love him again, for did he even love me. He did, but you just don't do what he did to me to a girl you just don't. You especially don't forget when I never did.


5. OK Then

Harry's POV

"Harry come here for a second!", yelled mum from downstairs. "OK mum!" So I ran down the hall then back and said who knows what to Delilah then ran downstairs. "We have to go so say goodbye to the new neighbors.

(A/N: IM SUPER DUPER LUPER CUPER sorry I haven't updated in almost a year! That's crazy, but I took a break from writing because of my grandfathers death but I'm back! No need to fear HazzaLover is here! Ok ok I know this is just a preview of next chapter (save your pitchforks and torches) I'm writing a humungous chapter!

~HazzaLover12 is out PEACE

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