You Forgot, But I Didn't

Harry loved me. I think? He then goes off and forgets? Why should I love him again, for did he even love me. He did, but you just don't do what he did to me to a girl you just don't. You especially don't forget when I never did.


2. Moving Far Away

Delilah's P.O.V

Today we are moving from Dublin, Ireland to Holmes Chapel in Chesire I think. I don't know, but mum says everything is gonna be perfect so why should I bother. "Delilah hurry up and pack the movers are coming in 2 hours!", my mum screamed from upstairs. I had barely even packed. Crap! I got some boxes from my little sister's room and quickly packed all my clothes in 3 boxes and other things in other boxes. "Delilah just because you're 15 doesn't mean you can come in my room!", my little sister screamed from her room. "Jasmine I'm 3 years older than you and we're moving does it matter?". I heard a groan come from my sister than I continued packing. I heard the doorbell ring and knew the movers were here. They better not scratch my piano! I have my baby grand piano in my room by the window and we have to get the movers to get it down send obviously I can't carry it. So I heard footsteps coming upstairs and just as I finished taping the last box shut the movers immediately went to work and took apart my piano and slowly moved it out of my bedroom door. I grabbed my iPhone and earbuds and yelled," Jasmine get your stuff in the car!" Then after I didn't hear an answer I looked outside the window and saw her already putting her stuff in. Wow! She may be annoying sometimes, but she is a pretty good kid. I walked outside after helping the movers a little. As I went into the car I fell asleep after 30 minutes listening to You & Me - Disclosure (Flume Remix). "Earth to Delilah! Hello?", my annoying sister said. "What?", I replied about to go to sleep again, but then I saw a 2 story house come into view. "Wait is that the new house?"  "Yah I can't wait to move in!". As we got closer I saw a 2 story house with a bedroom with a balcony and I soon knew I wanted that room!

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