You Forgot, But I Didn't

Harry loved me. I think? He then goes off and forgets? Why should I love him again, for did he even love me. He did, but you just don't do what he did to me to a girl you just don't. You especially don't forget when I never did.


3. Meeting Him

Delilah's P.O.V

Oh how did I become like a little kid in a candy store by running up to the house when my mom parked the car. I quickly ran up to the door and yelled for my mom to open up the house. When she put the key through the lock what I saw was amazing. It was beige in the living room than went to a brown-ish/tan-ish color while going to the dining room. It was beautiful! I ran up the stairs and went to the room with the balcony. Then I saw my sister in their and said," Whoa what are you doing here oldest gets first dibs!". She said," Nope I get this room!". I practically sprinted with all my might downstairs and asked my mom who's room was it. She said I could have it! Yes! So I went upstairs and told Jasmine that. She wasn't to happy with me, but she's 12 I think she will get over it! I quickly packed and got everything in my room like I want it. It was already painted purple my favorite color, so I just had to put my stuff in. I love everything except the see through curtains by the balcony, but I like the pattern so I'll deal with it later. I went to Jasmine's room to help her pack when she was already done and was on her iPhone probably texting one of her little friends. Haha being 12 oh those were the days! I looked at my clock and saw 18:43. WOW! Unpacking took longer than it felt! We came her at around 12 or so. I was interrupted by my thoughts when the doorbell rang. I went downstairs and mum said to get it so I ran to the front door of the house. "Hi you must be the new neighbors! We are the Styles family. This is Gemma, Harry, and I'm Anne. It's very lovely to meet you, and your name?" "The pleasures mine and my name is Delilah Harris. This is my sister Jasmine and my mum, Darcy." I was about to say more, but my mum and sister were by the door too, so mum invited them to come inside. Wow Harry is hot! That brown hair that goes to the side with the slightest curl perfectly styled. Those green eyes that shine in the light. "Delilah would you like to sit with Harry while Anne, Gemma and I chat?" "Uh yah mum sure!". Harry sat on the couch and I did too. He seemed to be I don't know curious maybe? "So I'm pretty sure your already know my names Delilah?!" "Haha yah by the way I'm Harry it's nice to meet you!" "So Harry what does that stand for Harold?" "Yes" "I like it maybe I'll have to call you that from now on?!" "Please don't Gemma does all the time to embarrass me!" "Oh I'm kidding!" "So Delilah you seem like a girl with many talents tell me about yourself?" "Why do you say that?" "Because your pretty cute so I was guessing...." "Well played Styles, well played. I actually play the piano would you like to hear?" He nodded his head so I got off the couch and told mum I was gonna show him that I play piano. So we went up to my room and I sat on the piano bench. "So Harry any songs I should play?" "Umm can you play 'Hey There Delilah' by the Plain White T's?" I nodded and looked on my phone for the sheet music. I tested a few notes and played a little bit of the first measure. So I waited a second then started and played. This was probably one of my best performances of all. Maybe Harry's my good luck charm? Haha who knows? So as I got to the chorus, I was suddenly joined by a voice singing 'oh it's what you do to me ohh it's what you do to me. A thousand miles seems pretty far but they've got planes and trains and cars.' He continued with the song and I stopped before saying..,,


Sorry about the wait I was trying to make this chapter perfect! Next update on Thursday or Friday!

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