Draco Malfoy Pov.

you know how in harry potter harry got to tell his side of the story, well It's draco's turn!!!!


1. draco malfoy pov.

when harry was born it was like a miracle happened right?.... wrong! I think when potter was born hurricane sandy splashed all over the place! what's so great about potter anyway? now that's what I want to know! so what if his parents died? well it's MY turn to tell the story!!! when I first saw harry in the wand shop I about gaged, his face was dirty and his weird round glasses and that lightning bolt on his forehead! he is just not right. he kept saying I was evil, but the truth is I have a very rough life with my dad always pushing me around and potter keeps talking bad about me!!! I'm just so sick of it. and the other thing is that I want to be friends with him but he just won't give the chance!

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