Age shouldn't matter

Harper met Noah when she was in the 6th grade, he was a freshman. She thought he was completely annoying and weird, but as the years progressed, people got older, more mature, and feelings change.


3. Shocker

When I get home I walk into my room and change. 

I feel my phone vibrate.

I look down and see it's a kik from Noah. I unlock my phone and the message reads "Happy now? :)"

I smile and reply "I guess lol"

We continue having a normal conversation. 

"Can I tell you something?" you ask

"Yea of course" I say

"Okay you have to promise not to tell anyone" 

"I promise" 

"Okay to be honest you looked cute today :$" 

At first I was taken aback because I looked horrible. My hair was thrown up into a messy pony tail that was falling out and my makeup was all smudged from lack of touch up and that day I forgot to pack an extra pair of clothes so I was stuck in my uniform.

"Thanks" I reply 

"So who do you like?" he asks 

"Uhm 2 juniors and someone in my grade."

"Well who are the juniors?"

By this time my mom was calling me to go to bed and when I go to bed she makes me leave my phone in the living room so I actually sleep

"Hey I'm really sorry but I have to go can we continue tomorrow?"

"Yea sure" He replies

"Bye" I say taking my phone out to the living room. 

I put my phone on the charger and go to wash my face and brush my teeth. 

I say goodnight to my mother and go to bed. I fall asleep thinking about what just happened to me.


*Beep Beep Beep*

I wake up and get on the same boring uniform as any other day.

I walk out and do my usual daily routine. 

I get in the car and we head off to school. I get to school and walk to the small gym. 

I see Nicole and tell her I need to tell her something on our way to choir. 

We get dismissed to our lockers. After I get my stuff for the day I meet up with Nicole at her locker and we walk to homeroom together. 

After attendance me, Nathan, and Sophia leave to go to assembly early so we can monitor the hallways. 

After assembly we are dismissed from homeroom. 

Me and Nicole walk to choir which is far away from our homeroom so I can tell her the whole story. Which I said I wouldn't. To be honest I felt horrible because I told Noah I wouldn't tell anybody. 

When I told Nicole she squealed because she got so excited. 

That day went by so fast after that. After study hall I go to my locker and walk out to the car line. I find my dad's car and get in. 

Once my little brother gets in we leave for home.

We pull into the garage and we all get out. 

I walk into the house and go straight to my phone.

I kik you saying "Hey"


"What's up"

"Nothing much. So last night you said you would tell me who you like" 


"Who's the 8th grader?"

"Anthonie Boles" 

"And the Juniors?" 

"Erm.....Brayden Long"







While he was gone I thought about what would happen if my mom found out he likes me. She would like cut off all communication and make me stop going to the CAP meetings. I get called for dinner and when I get back I see a kik from him. We start our conversation again and I ask how long he has liked me and he said since September-ish and by now it was mid October.

He asked how long I had liked you and I said in 7th grade I did but it went away then in late September I started liking him again then I had to shower and get ready for bed.

But before I put my phone down I deleted our conversations being my mom goes through my phone and I didn't want her to find out.

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