Age shouldn't matter

Harper met Noah when she was in the 6th grade, he was a freshman. She thought he was completely annoying and weird, but as the years progressed, people got older, more mature, and feelings change.


4. Next step

Lets skip forward a few weeks 

It's the day before Thanksgiving and Noah and I have opened up to each other and we have gotten closer. 

One day we are talking and he asks me 

"How much do you like me?"

I typed out a long paragraph like you see in pictures and I got kind of angry because I asked him the same question and all he said was "Dittio"

I told him he needed to say more then a one word answer. 

He then said "I like you more than pie"

That kinda made me mad cause I typed out a long heartfelt paragraph and he replied with a one sentence reply.

After that our conversations kept going

We talked all day everyday.

A few weeks later he asked me the same question 

I told him I wasn't going to type out another paragraph and for him to say he likes me more than pie again. 

"That's a really big thing" He said 


"Cause I love pie :$"


"How much do you like me?"

"Uhm...I like you more than I like to take pictures"

"How much do you like to take pictures?"

"A lot"


"But I love the pictures"


After that conversation we continued to talk day after day


I walk into homeroom on Monday December 16 and am greeted by a squealing Nicole.

We talk then me, Nathan, and  Sophia walk down to assembly. 

Assembly goes fast and so does 1st and 2nd period.

Then we have lunch...Yes we have lunch after 2nd period.

It sucks.

Me, Nicole, and Sophia walk out of the health room and to our lockers.

Once we get to lunch we start to talk about how Noah and I are basically dating but we aren't and how Sophia and this boy Daniel who is 17 are practically dating but her mom won't let her.

She asks if on December 30th Me, Nicole, and Noah waned to go see a movie with her and Daniel because her mom said she could go with friends but no with boys so we would just meet the guys there.

"Sure" Nicole and I say at the same time 

"And you can ask Noah to come?" Sophia suggested.

"Yea, I'll ask him tonight.'


After lunch the day flew by 

"Hey babe" I see on my phone after school.

"Hey" I say 

"What's up?"

"On my way home hbu?"

"Waiting for my mom"

"Fun fun"

"I guess lol"

"Hey I have a question"


"Nicole, Sophia, me, and Sophia's boyfriend, Daniel, are going to a movie on the 30th, and Sophia said I could bring somebody and I was wondering if you wanted to go?"

"Of course but I will have to ask my mom"


After that days dragged on. 

Sophia and I had a count down of days between each other. 

At one point over break she texted me saying "Most normal people are counting down until Christmas and we are counting down until the 30th"


It's December 24th and my parents are in bed, I'm grounded from my phone. 

I walk out to the living room and get on the computer to text Noah. 


"Hey babe"

"What's up?"

"Nothing much. Hbu?"

"Can't sleep."

"You're probably excited"

"Not really"

"Oh okay."

We start having a pretty deep conversation and we are talking about what it would be like if we did date.

"Are you as tired of all this wishing bullshit as I am?" he asks me 


"How about we make it official?"


"Harper, will you go out with me"

"Of course"


"Well I'm tired, I'm going to bed now"

"Okay night, love you"

"Love you too"


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