Age shouldn't matter

Harper met Noah when she was in the 6th grade, he was a freshman. She thought he was completely annoying and weird, but as the years progressed, people got older, more mature, and feelings change.


1. Flash-back

It's the end of my sixth grade year at this new school and there was this boy...his name is Noah he's completely annoying and creepy.

I don't like him at all I can't stand this boy. 

I want to kill him.

Every week I get to spend a few hours with him. 


Okay let me explain a few things. My name is Harper Lynn Moore.

I have dirty blonde hair that I dye brown. I have brown eyes with glasses 

I also just got braces.

Great total nerd right? 


I go to this military type style school where we wear an Air Force style uniform every Thursday, and a strict uniform every other day except Fridays. That's when we are able to wear spirit wear.

Every student is forced to be in this program called CAP (Civil Air Patrol), it's an Air Force auxiliary.

When you graduate middle school you are forced to be in JROTC. When yo go into high-school you can chose to stay in CAP or just do JROTC.

Every Wednesday night we have an after school CAP program where we build rockets, do p.t., train in drill, and have aerospace education classes. 

You know who shows up.......Noah. 


I have 1 little brother and he is in 5th grade.

I live with my mom, dad, little brother, grandmother, my cat Sassy, my great dane Daisy, and my yorkie Daffy. 

We live in a two story house in a small town in central Indiana.

I play softball and have since 2nd grade. 

My position is 3rd base, but I can play 2nd base, short stop, or 3rd base.

Now lets skip ahead a few years

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