Age shouldn't matter

Harper met Noah when she was in the 6th grade, he was a freshman. She thought he was completely annoying and weird, but as the years progressed, people got older, more mature, and feelings change.


2. 8th grade....lets do this

*Beep, beep, beep* 

Damn there goes my alarm clock 

First day of 8th grade. I get up and walk out to the living room in my pajamas. I pack my lunch and set that aside.

I pour a cup of coffee and take a sip. "Shit" I whisper to myself after I burned my tongue. 

I put that on the counter and walk to the bathroom.

I decide to leave my hair straight and natural today. I put on my makeup and walk back to my room. I pass my mom coming out of her bedroom on the way to mine. 

"You ready for your first day?" she asks with an evil smirk All I do is shoot her a glare and open my door 

I put on  tank top and deodorant. After that I continue to get dressed. I pull my grey polo over my head and put on my navy blue dress pants and tuck in my shirt. I slip my black belt through the belt loops and fasten it. I pull the navy blue wool sweater over my head.

I spray my favorite perfume which is Someday by Justin Bieber. 

I put on my black boot socks and slip on my black flats. 

Yep that's the middle school uniform. 

I walk back out to the living room and grab my phone. I put my bags in the car and slip my phone in my pocket. 

"Lets go" I hear my mom call.

I walk into the garage and get into the front seat of my moms car.

We drive off to the school. When we get there I step out of the car and walk into the building. 

I see new faces and old ones, new teachers and old teachers.

I walk straight into the small gym and I am greeted by a bunch of old friends from 6th grade. However some of them have left. 

My main friends are Nathainel (Nathan), Austin, Josiah, and Sophia. I see they are all in a huge group over in the corner, but there's a new face I walk over and join the circle "Hey guys" I say and we all greet each other with hugs and smiles. I notice the new girl standing awkwardly while we all are greeting each other 

"Who's this?" I ask 

"I'm Nicole." she answers 

"Oh well I'm Harper"

"Yea Nicole is a first year here and she's in all of our classes except the first one she's i in your rotation." Nathan says 

"Oh cool" I say 

Over the next few weeks Nicole and I continue to talk and we get very close. 

Everybody knows she is my best friend by now. 

*******Wednesday night***********

"Miss. Moore where are your p.t clothes?" Captain Henderson asks 

"Sir I was not informed of p.t. tonight"

"Well we are only playing wiffle ball so if you want to play in your school uniform you can."

"Okay thank you sir"

"You're welcome"

After that I walk into the gym for opening ceremonies. Everybody's in formation. We recite the Pledge of Allegiance and our cadet oath. 

After that we play wiffle ball. Time went by faster than I thought. Before I knew it we were in the lobby waiting for our parents.

My mom's friend works at my school and her son, Mason, and I have been friends for 5 years now so Mason and I were talking about random stuff. Like the game we just played when Noah walks up.

Last year we started talking but not much and I admit I started to have a small crush in him in 7th grade but I quickly got over that.

Anyways he walked up and I don't know what had gotten into me I blurted out "You never text me anymore like you used to text me all the time and you just suddenly stopped."

"It's because my phone got stolen."



"Well my mom's here so I'm going to go now. Bye" I said 

"See you next week" Mason said

I walk out to the car and climb in.

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